OMF V2C43 Spying on Martial Sisters?

Qiu Ling wanted to do nothing more than to storm into the building after them and watch whatever was happening in there. How could he leave his beloved alone with another man?! This couldn’t happen! What if that guy tried to do something to him?! Unfortunately, he also knew that he couldn’t just barge in. After all, his beloved hadn’t met him in his real appearance yet. He wouldn’t even know who he was!

Qiu Ling grumbled and continued to scratch at the tree. What should he do? He couldn’t go in there but he couldn’t just stay out here either, could he? He glanced around the road leading past the buildings and his brows rose. Come to think of it … There was nobody around. So … If he went to take a peek, then nobody would know, right?

Qiu Ling looked around to make sure again and then rushed to the building, jumping up from the ground and onto the roof. Unfortunately, he didn’t know which room his beloved was in. But it couldn’t be too hard to find out, could it? He walked to the edge of the roof and hang down head-first to look into the window below. The room was empty.

Qiu Ling pursed his lips. It seemed his beloved wasn’t here. Would he really need to look into all these rooms just to find him? He tilted his head in thought. That would be so much work and take so much time. What if that despicable bastard did anything untoward to his beloved in that time?

Qiu Ling straightened up, blinking his eyes in surprise. What was he even doing?! As if he needed to look into all these rooms! Hadn’t he left his mark on his beloved’s body for exactly such a case?

Qiu Ling smiled to himself and extended his senses, accurately spotting his beloved on the other side of the building. His smile instantly crumbled. These guys! How could they have put his beloved into the back of the building? He didn’t deserve this treatment! Well, he couldn’t do anything about this yet. For now, he’d have to accept the fact that his beloved was in bad circumstances. But this would come to an end soon. He just needed to wait for a bit. Ah, his poor Jing He! He really hoped that he would be able to hold out for that long!

Qiu Ling shook his head in pity and marched over the roof to the other side of the building, hanging down once more to peer into the window below. Ah, look at that! It really was his beloved’s room. It had really been the right call back then to give him the mark.

Just when Qiu Ling wanted to take a closer look at what was happening inside the room, an enraged voice sounded from the street “Fuck! What do you think you’re doing there, pervert! Spying on some junior martial sister?! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Qiu Ling turned around to look for this pervert who dared to spy on other people. If there really was such a person around, then he couldn’t hold back this time! There was no way he would let somebody endanger his beloved’s chastity! Even that stupid trial couldn’t keep him from doing so. Unfortunately, he didn’t see anyone. He only saw an enraged martial sister rushing right at him. Qiu Ling blinked. What was she doing? Could it be …

Qiu Ling’s expression darkened. So she was that type of shameless woman! She would actually bring up some righteous sounding excuse, but she just wanted to try and seduce him! He wouldn’t let that happen! Especially not in front of his beloved!

Qiu Ling jumped to the side, just when the martial sister had almost reached him. The poor girl smashed into the window and came face to face with Wu Min Huan who had been lured over by her angry yell.

The girl’s eyes widened. “Senior martial brother Wu?!” The shock of seeing him made her unable to react and she fell down to the ground, landing with a thud. She didn’t even remember to look at the supposed pervert in anger. All her thoughts were occupied with trying to comprehend what she had just seen inside the room.

Wasn’t senior martial brother Wu the head disciple of Sect Master Yuchi? Then what was he doing in the outer sect? Could it be he had visited someone? But even if he did so, why would he be in their room? Could it be?!

The girl’s expression derailed even more. So maybe that person from before hadn’t tried to spy on a martial sister at all and had instead tried to find out what was going on with senior martial brother Wu! There really had to be big news behind this! Before she could find an answer, steps sounded close by.

The person that had come running over was none other than Wu Min Huan. He knelt down beside the girl and helped her up into a sitting position. “Are you alright? I heard you yell before. Was somebody else here?” He looked around again but still couldn’t see anyone. Could it be that the girl had been mistaken?

The martial sister tensed when she saw him looking around. Could it be that senior martial brother Wu was afraid of being caught in his clandestine love affair? In that case, she should better not mention that other person! Otherwise, the poor guy might get into trouble simply for witnessing something he shouldn’t have. She couldn’t do that!

She hurriedly shook her head and jumped to her feet. “No, no, it’s nothing, senior martial brother Wu. Nobody saw anything. I didn’t see anything either. I should better be on my way now.” With that, she whirled around and rushed away as if the ground was on fire.

Wu Min Huan looked after her in a daze. Just what had happened? Could somebody explain to him?

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