OMF V2C42 How about We Wash It?

While Yuchi Bing Xia quietly led Yu Jin to a house on his own peak, Wu Min Huan stayed back with Jing Yi. Seeing the small boy in front of him cry bitterly, Wu Min Huan’s heart squeezed painfully. Right now, he felt even worse that he wasn’t able to take this child in as his disciple. If he did, then something like this certainly wouldn’t have happened.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do. There was just no way to justify taking somebody with full spirit veins in. After all, there had been several outstanding talents among the children the sect accepted this year. Even if his Master accepted it, the Elders wouldn’t. Sure, he could still insist but that would only strain the relationships of the people in the inner sect. He didn’t want that either. After all, they needed the support of the Elders. And if they didn’t have it, then the one who would have a headache dealing with it would be his Master.

Wu Min Huan sighed when he thought of all this. Well, even if he couldn’t take the child in, he could still try and care for him at least his once. Thus he patted Jing Yi’s back. “Jing Yi, ah, what happened to you? Did somebody bully you?”

Jing Yi just continued to sob. He just couldn’t shake the feeling of the disgusting mud clinging to his hands. He looked at his fingers and even though he couldn’t see anything, he still felt that there had to be something left over. He should wash it off! He once again put his hands into the bucket with the ice-cold water, hoping that he would be able to get rid of whatever was still clinging to his skin.

Wu Min Huan furrowed his brows when he saw him behave this way. Just what had happened? Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do if Jing Yi didn’t explain. He could only continue to sit next to him and rub his back. “If you want to talk about it, then I’m here you know? And if you need any help, you can also tell me.”

Jing Yi still didn’t answer him even though he knew that senior martial brother Wu wanted to help him. Actually, he liked Wu Min Huan. This person had been so nice when they met in the capital and he had still wanted to use the opportunity to ask him about how he had become a hero and what one should pay attention to when becoming a hero. But right now, he couldn’t concentrate on any of that.

Seeing the boy reach out to the bucket once more, Wu Min Huan frowned even more. He still didn’t know what was going on but he didn’t think that it was good to let this small child get into contact with the cold water any longer. He pondered and finally took out a cloth from the pouch tied to his belt. “Jing Yi, is something wrong with your hands? Come, let’s dry them off first and see what’s wrong, alright?” He didn’t wait for Jing Yi to answer and caught his wrist, pulling his hand over and wiping it dry.

Looking at that small hand, there was nothing he could see. Nothing was out of the ordinary. He raised his brows and took Jing Yi’s other hand, drying it off in the same way. There was nothing strange about this hand either. “Oh … Did you hurt your hands?”

Jing Yi furrowed his brows. He had already dunked his hands into the water several times and now senior martial brother Wu had even wiped them clean. There shouldn’t be any mud left right?

He looked at his hands and couldn’t see anything dirty. It seemed it would be alright for now. He couldn’t help but look at his clothes though. They were drenched in water and some dirt was clinging to the hem. Jing Yi’s eyes teared up once again at the sight.

Wu Min Huan saw Jing Yi’s gaze toward the dirty hem of his robe and he felt like he had a revelation. Could it be? Had he been crying because he had gotten himself dirty somehow? Looking at Jing Yi’s drenched appearance, it wasn’t completely impossible. And considering how he had put his hands into the bucket before, he had probably tried to wash them now that he thought about it.

Thinking of that, Wu Min Huan smiled and grabbed Jing Yi’s hands before he could try and dump even more water on himself. “Aiya, you wouldn’t be crying because of that bit of dirt, would you? Don’t worry about it! We can just wash it off.” He first pulled the child back to his feet and then poured the old water out of the bucket and got fresh water. “Do you have a second robe in your room?”

Jing Yi nodded. Every disciple had gotten two robes after they entered the sect. The disciple in charge of giving them out had told them that they could get new ones if they grew taller or get an additional one if they earned merits for the sect.

Jing Yi didn’t know what exactly those merits were but he had thought that two robes would be more than enough. Who could have known that one of them would already get dirty this soon? What should he do now?

Wu Min Huan smiled and took Jing Yi’s hand, carrying the bucket with the other. “Then let’s go to your room first. You can take off the dirty one, wash yourself in case any dirt is left and just put on the other. And then we can wash the dirty robe. How does that sound?”

Jing Yi pondered. Would it be enough to wash the dirt off? Well, his mother wasn’t even here and thus hadn’t seen that it had gotten dirty. And even if she had, it should be alright as long as he washed it all off and made sure that his robe wasn’t dirty anymore. After all, it wasn’t as if he had asked her to wash the robe. Thus Jing Yi nodded and followed Wu Min Huan back into the house.

The tree not far from the well earned itself another claw mark. That bastard! He actually dared to take his beloved’s hand and even shamelessly followed him into the house! He also needed to be taught a lesson! Just wait until his trial was over, then he would pay all of these people back!

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