OMF V2C18 Walking Temptation

There it was! Fu Min and Ai Hua heaved a sigh of relief. So their king was still normal, after all! Well, his kind of normal. He hadn’t suddenly changed his personality. As difficult as he was, it was still better he stayed like this. That way, they would at least know what to expect. A sane king would just be too much of a change. They’d need time to get used to that!

While the two of them were occupied, Qiu Ling hurried to the door, intent on saving his beloved from any type of martial brother out there. Who cared whether they had Masters or not or who those Masters were? If they were ogling his beloved, they deserved a beating!

The sound of the opening door pulled Ai Hua and Fu Min out of their thoughts. They leaped to their feet and hurried after him, barring his way in the corridor outside of the room.

“Ah, Your Majesty, wait!” Fu Min grabbed his arm but Qiu Ling wasn’t that easily handled. He twisted out of the hold without any problems and glared at Fu Min.

“What are you trying to do?! I have to go and make sure that Jing he isn’t being taken advantage of!”

Ai Hua smiled wryly. So much for it being better if their king was his usual self. He probably just hadn’t understood what this was about before and now that he had, he was back to his unreasonable self. Holding him back wouldn’t be too easy.

Fu Min also felt like crying. Why was their king so difficult to handle? First, he took everything in stride, now he suddenly erupted. “Your Majesty … Please listen to the rest before you run away. You can still —”

“Hmph. Listen to yourself, Fu Min! My beloved might be taken advantage of and you want me to stay put?! Get out of my way!” He kicked at Fu Min who was smart enough to duck out of the way. He wanted to hurry down the stairs but Ai Hua had already made her way over and spread out her arms.

“Don’t be hasty, Your Majesty. There is still something you have to hear.”

“Then get out with it!” Qiu Ling frowned. Why were these two talking so much? Time was of the essence! He had to go and save his beloved now! If he waited any longer … with how beautiful his Jing He was, wouldn’t these martial brothers be all over him?!

“Yes, yes, you’re completely right, Your Majesty. But how about we go back inside? You do remember that we said somebody could be around who wants to spy on you to get valuable information he can use to get to your beloved, don’t you?”

“Yes, but —”

“Aiya! It’s not as urgent as you think. His Highness hasn’t been gone for long. He shouldn’t have been able to get a Master yet and if he doesn’t have a direct Master, the chances that something will happen are much lower. Furthermore, he’s still young. In those deity sects, things often develop only in later years when the disciples are older. So you can still rest easy for now.”

“Indeed!” Fu Min also hurried back over. “There is no reason to worry just yet. In fact, Ai Hua and I have already come up with a plan on how to counter those vicious senior martial brothers. With this plan, you will not only be able to eliminate your competition but also capture your beloved’s heart once again at the same time.”

Qiu Ling straightened up. Not only eliminating his competition but also winning Jing He’s heart back? That sounded fantastic! Qiu Ling cleared his throat, straightened his robe and walked back into the room, sitting down at the table once again as if nothing had happened. “I’m all ears.”

Fu Min and Ai Hua heaved yet another sigh of relief and followed him inside. Ah, now they could only hope that they’d be able to get the rest out at once this time. Otherwise, who knew if they would be able to lure him back into the room again?

The two of them sat down opposite him.

Fu Min put his hands on the table and took a deep breath. “Before we get to explaining the plan, Your Majesty, there is something else we should talk about. This pertains to the Masters.”

“What’s with them again?” Qiu Ling pursed his lips. He wasn’t interested at all. As far as he remembered from the stories those Masters were all old men with gray or maybe even white beards and a myriad of wrinkles in their faces. That was not the type of man his beloved could fall in love with. So what was the problem? They were just the link between Jing He and those martial brothers. What else could there be about them that he needed to know?

Fu Min could also hear his disdain but he didn’t mind. Their king never cared about anything other than the Son of Heaven. Why should that be different now? “Mn, well … while most of those Masters are already old and not a problem there are some exceptions.”

Qiu Ling tensed and looked up at Fu Min’s face incredulously. Exceptions? Nobody had ever talked exceptions!

“Mn. There seems to be a rule that every sect that is part of the first tier has to have one incredible genius that manages to cultivate quickly and thus becomes immortal at a rather young age, their appearance staying that way forever. Somehow, these geniuses are always extremely handsome too, resulting in that sect having one potential Master that is even more dangerous than any senior martial brother could ever be.”

Ai Hua nodded solemnly. “The worst is: These geniuses manage to attain the greatest heights in cultivation but hold back on ascending because of some complicated matters that are mostly tied to the sect. So these men aren’t only handsome but also powerful.”

Fu Min sighed. “Yes. That combination is extremely appealing. These men are walking temptation for any disciple they might take in.”

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