OMF V2C17 More Dangerous Than Girls

Fu Min was taken aback. His Majesty was really surprisingly … normal right now. Was this still the same person that had stormed into the teahouse and bothered Madam Zhong just a few moments ago? Ah, well, whatever. It was better if he was this way. Maybe they could even get through this while he was like this. That would make things so much easier.

“To summarize it the Yun Zou Sect consists of an inner and an outer sect. In the outer sect, there are outer sect disciples who don’t have privileges for the most part while the inner sect is made up of inner sect disciples that will enjoy more benefits. The most privileged are the disciples of certain Masters.”

“This isn’t a problem on its own,” injected Ai Hua. “We haven’t heard from Qiang Wei yet but considering that His Highness is a trueborn god he should still have retained some of his spiritual strength even now that he has been reincarnated. He will be in a good position in the sect.”

“Mn.” Qiu Ling gave a noncommittal grunt. After what he had heard in the Nine Heavens, he really doubted that Jing He would have it easy with getting a good position in that sect. Maybe he wouldn’t even make it into the inner sect, not to talk about getting a Master. Expecting the opposite … would be stupid. Ah, it really was a pity. He deserved so much better.

“Uh …” Ai Hua looked at Fu Min questioningly. Just why was their king being this strange? He was like a totally different person from before! In the end, she could only clear her throat. “Well, the important thing to notice is that there are different relationships between disciples because of these Masters. In regards to His Highness you should take note of one sort of relationship especially: The relationship between junior and senior martial brothers.”

Qiu Ling frowned. “What does that mean?” This wasn’t what he had expected at all and he didn’t understand either. He might have heard of these sects and their inner workings but that had been in his childhood several tens of thousands of years ago. Nobody could expect him to remember this much from back then, right?

The only thing he could vaguely recall was that the people in these stories grew stronger each day through hard work and some lucky encounters and that they always had some sort of Master that helped them. What was this about junior and senior martial brothers? Could it be they were called ‘brothers’ but were actually against each other? Would his beloved in danger?

He clenched his hands into fists. He wanted nothing more than to hurry over and make sure his beloved would be safe! But unfortunately, he couldn’t. His mother-in-law had warned him. Being in danger and suffering was what Jing He had to do in this stupid trial. He couldn’t step in every single time. He would have to endure this. Ugh, the gods were too vicious, actually inventing something like these trials. Hmph. He’d make sure to take Jing He away from the Nine Heavens as soon as he finished this trial! His beloved definitely couldn’t be left in that kind of environment any longer.

Ai Hua and Fu Min exchanged another glance. Here it was. Their king’s expression had already darkened. He probably had an inkling what this was about even though he had asked. Now, they couldn’t withhold this information any longer. They had to spill the beans.

Fu Min sighed. “His Highness just entered the sect so when he is taken in by a Master he will be a junior martial brother to all other disciples of this Master. In fact, in most sects, every younger disciple may be counted as a junior martial brother if they have a Master in the same generation as their own Master. As a result, this means that every male disciple of His Highness’ Master or a Master of the same generation as his Master will be His Highness’ senior martial brother.”

Qiu Ling nodded slowly. This wasn’t that hard to understand. He still didn’t see where the problem was though. Were senior martial brothers dangerous now or weren’t they? Not that he could intervene if they were. Ah, it really was a pity … He sighed and raised his brows. “Why are you telling me this?” Hadn’t they understood yet that he couldn’t do anything either? Wasn’t Fu Min something like his … information person? Why hadn’t he known about the trials and warned him in the first place? Then maybe his beloved’s trial could already be over!

Fu Min flinched when he saw Qiu Ling’s angry expression. He looked at Ai Hua pleadingly, hoping that she would take over this disagreeable task. Wasn’t it better if she said it? She didn’t have to work as closely with him! As soon as her son succeeded in wooing that mortal boy in one of the following days, she would be free to return to the dragon realm. While he … Who knew what kind of task His Majesty would assign him?!

Yi Zan’s sister sighed and faced their king. She also knew why Fu Min didn’t want to bring it up. And, well, maybe it would be better if their king heard this particular piece of information from a woman. “The thing is: Those senior martial brothers are quite devious. While researching we found many different stories about them and most of them told of how these senior martial brothers dared to seduce their juniors!”

“What?!” Qiu Ling leaped to his feet. This couldn’t be! There was actually something more dangerous than little girls in the mortal world! No, he couldn’t wait any longer. He had to go to this mortal sect and make sure that none of these senior martial brothers would get any ideas in regards to his beloved! Never mind the trials. Being seduced by some random mortals was definitely something different than any attempts on his life! Nobody could fault him for trying to prevent that!

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