OMF V6C116 I Want Something in Return

Xiang Yu stared incredulously at the dragon that was still half-naked. The rebuttal hadn’t registered at all and he didn’t know what else to say either. He only … continued to stare with wide eyes, his thoughts already come to a stop a long time ago.
Xin Lan’s brows twitched. Dragons weren’t shy about exposing their naked skin and he wasn’t an exception to that. In fact, he liked to show off his body. Why shouldn’t he? He had always had a good physique and the scars lining his body spoke of the fights he had experienced and how he always returned victoriously. It was worth admiring.
So why … did this fallen god look like he didn’t think so at all? He rather seemed … put off. As if he thought that something was wrong about his body.
Xin Lan looked down at himself and raised his brows. He really couldn’t see how anything was bad about him. He had clearly visible muscles in all the right places, a faint tan that made his scars shimmer enticingly and his size wasn’t to be scoffed at either.
Xiang Yu reached out and grabbed the sides of the robe before Xin Lan could ask. He tried to pull it close but in his rush, he tugged too hard. His nails ripped the fabric apart, making it awkwardly fall back into place, now revealing even more.
Xiang Yu covered his face and turned away. “What are you doing?!”
“That’s what I was asking you.” Xin Lan went to pick up his belt in a bad mood and secured his robe again. It hadn’t been that easy for him to follow his Master’s advice and take a break. When he came to the capital and looked around … he was suddenly faced with a lot of happy couples. And even if somebody wasn’t in a relationship yet, the person didn’t meet his eye. He wanted someone beautiful, someone alluring, someone who could make him forget about his unrequited years of millennia and just make him indulge in pleasure. And when he finally found a woman that fit the bill and followed her home to go through with it … this stupid fallen god interrupted them halfway.
He was frustrated, to say the least. And now this guy dared to act coyly with him as if he was a despicable ruffian violating moral conduct.
Xin Lan pushed Xiang Yu out of the door, not even bothering to check if the woman had recovered from the fright of seeing a fallen god. Why should he? It had been fun while it lasted but he wasn’t going to cry for this kind of lost opportunity. He just had to look again a little later and he might actually find something even better. He would need to get rid of this person first though.
Xin Lan kicked the door shut and pulled Xiang Yu around the corner. The fallen god didn’t raise a fuss this time, making him take another glance. It seemed he was still in a daze? Xin Lan raised his brows but didn’t say anything. There was no need to bother with what this guy thought. He only needed to find out if he had come back to finally help his Master.
He stopped when they were out of sight from the street and took two steps back as a precaution. This guy would certainly attack him as soon as his thoughts caught up with him. He crossed his arms and waited.
Xiang Yu didn’t seem as if he would snap out of his daze anytime though. In his head, the scene of Xin Lan with that woman replayed again and again. Just what … had he seen there?
Xin Lan finally couldn’t take it any longer. He scowled and reached out, grabbing Xiang Yu’s arm and shaking him. “Heh! Wake up already! I don’t have the whole day.”
Xiang Yu shuddered.
Xin Lan used the moment to back off and waited once again.
Xiang Yu’s eyes cleared and he looked at Xin Lan accusingly. “What were you doing?”
“Did you just come here to interrogate me about my private matters? Nobody asked you to step in just like that.”
“Didn’t you pretend to like that golden-haired man? Why would you …”
Xin Lan snorted. “In case you didn’t notice, he’s already married. There is no use in me yearning for him if it’s that obvious that he will never requite my feelings. So what did you come here for originally?”
Xiang Yu pursed his lips. Maybe he had hoped for too much again. This man … obviously didn’t take feelings seriously at all. Could he really give him what he wanted? But if it wasn’t him … who else was there that he could ask? Xiang Yu sighed. “I got the things I need to help that man recover his soul.”
“Great. Then let’s return to the Yun Zou Sect.” Xin Lan wanted to push off the ground and leave but Xiang Yu still remained at the same spot, not looking as if he was ready yet. Xin Lan frowned. “What is it?”
“I …” He hesitated but still cleared his throat in the end. “This is very important to you. I’m doing you a large favor.”
“Yes.” He didn’t see why they weren’t leaving already though.
“I … I want something in return.”
“Come again?”
“I want something in return.” Xiang Yu repeated his words with more fervor this time. Right, he wanted something in return. He deserved it. He deserved it as much as everyone else. “That person is nice. He deserves to have his soul healed but I’m doing this for you. It’s not wrong to request you to do something for me in return.”
“Alright.” Xin Lan didn’t think twice about it. Whatever this fallen god would think of, it couldn’t be too difficult. “Did you decide what you want already?”
Xiang Yu nodded. “Yes. I want to do another trial in the human realm. And you’ll accompany me.”

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