OMF V6C99 They’d Make a Nice Couple

Jinde watched the fallen god next to him look at his husband with starry eyes and raised his brows. That … was absolutely not what he had had in mind. He reached out and gently ruffled his hair. “Aiya, you have good eyesight. My husband really is very good. But you know what? Even though our Xin Lan over there can be a bit grumpy, he’s also very nice. He cares deeply about the people that are important to him. He’s just very bad at showing his feelings.”
Xiang Yu glanced over and harrumphed. That fake dragon’s previous lover was too nice of a person. Even though he had found a much better match, he still talked about him this nicely. That fake dragon should feel blessed that he had been able to spend even a single day with a person such as this!
Leng Jin Yu finally found one of Jinde’s green robes and heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t think it was that important which color Jinde wore considering that he looked great in all of them but since his husband insisted … He got up and showed the robe to him. “Is this one alright?”
“Mn … I guess it’ll suffice for now.” Jinde got up and reached up to push Leng Jin Yu’s outer robe from his shoulders.
His husband hurriedly leaped forward and caught his waist. “Then let’s go change behind the folding screen, alright? I’m sure Xin Lan can take care of our guest for a moment.”
Xiang Yu pursed his lips. Ah, this man was so enviable! His husband took such good care of him! Just where did these two meet?
Xiang Yu watched on as Leng Jin Yu gently pulled Jinde behind the folding screen. He had never seen such a great couple before! This man was so gentle, so caring, so …
“Heh!” Xin Lan grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him around. “Those two are married already. Don’t get any idea.”
“I’m not!” Xiang Yu lashed out again, his nails scratching Xin Lan’s arm, making him curse.
“Why are you being so difficult?”
“I’m not.”
Behind the folding screen, Jinde raised his brows at his husband who was busy putting him into the robe. “Don’t you think those two are a lovely couple?”
Leng Jin Yu glanced at those golden eyes before getting back to smoothing out the inner robe. “I don’t think you can call them a couple.”
“Aiya, not yet but … maybe they could become one.”
“Are you sure both of them will survive that?” He couldn’t help but think back to how the two of them had just gotten into conflict after not even spending ten minutes here. And if this fallen god hadn’t hidden behind Jinde out of all people, things might have escalated further.
“Aiya, Xin Lan is strong and that boy is a fallen god. What could happen?”
“Well …”
“See? It’s a very safe combination. And that child is really pretty too. I think Xin Lan would appreciate it.”
On the other side of the folding screen, two people exchanged a glance before looking away.
Xin Lan couldn’t help but clench his fists. His Master had never concerned himself with whether he had a partner or not. Maybe he’d casually ask sometimes but that was only something he would have done at the side and not anything he regarded to be of importance. But now … he was actually considering whether he and this fallen god … Could it be that he had seen something before?
Xin Lan’s gaze slid to the bed where he had rested before. With Jinde’s fragrance all around him, it wasn’t surprising that he had been aroused. Honestly, he had guessed that something like that might happen even before he lay down. But his Master had been adamant about having him rest for a while so he gave in. Now … it seemed that this short episode where he lost control hadn’t been without consequences.
The sound he had heard should have been his Master and even though Jinde’s perception might not be as sharp anymore since he was injured, his eyesight was still very good. He probably hadn’t had any trouble to spot the telltale signs of his arousal. And Jinde … even though he had never talked about it and might not have noticed for the most part, he wasn’t stupid. He could put two and two together. Especially since he knew about everything that had or … hadn’t been between them.
Xin Lan stared at that folding screen, his heart squeezing painfully. His Master knew. He knew and he tried to set him up with somebody else first thing after he found out. This was … rather cruel. It wasn’t like he had tried to force himself onto him, was it? No, he had just … loved him from afar. Was that really asking too much?
He took a shaky breath and turned away. “I’ll wait outside.”
Xiang Yu was pulled out of his own thoughts and turned back to the door. He only managed to catch a glimpse of Xin Lan’s dark robe and light-colored hair vanishing behind the door. He tilted his head and pondered. Finally, he leaped from the bed. “I … I’ll also let you have some privacy.” Then he hurried after Xin Lan. Even though he wouldn’t consider this fake dragon … he didn’t have to be too mean either. He should go and keep him company.
He reached the corridor just in time to see Xin Lan step into the courtyard. With silent steps, he followed him but when Xin Lan stopped right behind the door, he also paused. What was going on?
In front of him, Xin Lan furrowed his brows, asking himself the same question. He had wanted to be alone for a moment to calm down. So how come there was already somebody else waiting here?
Qiu Ling turned around with a flower in his hand and blinked. “Why are you here?”
“That’s what I’d like to ask you. Didn’t you want to go and gather those ingredients?”
“Ah? Sure. I already did. So I came to see my father and the old geezer. They first wanted to say their farewell though so I had to wait outside. Did they finish yet? Great! Then we can finally leave!”
Qiu Ling wanted to go back inside to get Leng Jin Yu but Xin Lan reached out and barred his way.
“You’d better stay here.” Not that he wanted to spend time with him but knowing his Master, he still hadn’t managed to get dressed yet. And while he could accept that man seeing his Master naked, he definitely wouldn’t allow anyone else to do so.

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