OMF V6C98 Your Husband Is Really Very Nice

Jinde’s interest was already piqued. He looked at the fallen god’s face and couldn’t but feel … that this one was rather adorable. Never mind the intricate mark between his brows, if you didn’t pay attention to that, then he was totally the type of beauty anybody would like. He had a pair of big black eyes, a small nose, and a pair of pouty lips. There was a hint of maturity in the way his dark brows arched above his eyes and if you looked closely enough at his eyes, then you could see that there was something beneath that innocence.
Jinde watched him and his heart couldn’t help but squeeze. He knew that kind of gaze. He himself had often had had it in the past. This was a deep sadness, something born out of regret, out of helplessness. Whatever this fallen god had gone through, it had hurt him deeply. No wonder … that he had reacted instantly when he asked whether he was Xin Lan’s lover.
Jinde lowered his gaze, not in the mood to tease the child any longer. He did feel that this type of person might be a good match for Xin Lan considering that he was special in all the immortal races but a couple could only work if both partners were open to it. And Xin Lan … He obviously wasn’t open to even considering this fallen god.
As for this person himself … He didn’t look like he thought too much of Xin Lan but that was good. Xin Lan hated how everyone deemed him special just because he was the only one who wasn’t afflicted by Tian’s curse. Having somebody treat him as if he was a normal person would be a nice change of pace for him. Maybe … that could even help him fall in love.
Jinde’s smile returned at the thought. He should keep an eye on this. If things turned out nicely, this might just be the opportunity he had looked for. He prepared to get serious when his husband pulled him up against his chest and started to wriggle out of his outer robe.
“What are you doing?”
“What is he doing?” Xiang Yu also didn’t like what was going on. He hid behind Xin Lan again and tugged at his robe, demanding an explanation.
Xin Lan harrumphed. Why did he have to explain these lovers’ actions?
Leng Jin Yu took off his outer robe and wrapped Jinde into it. “We should get you your clothes before we talk about this any further. Put this on first. I’ll get you one of your robes.”
“Of course, my dear.” Jinde very obediently put on the outer robe and slipped from Leng Jin Yu’s lap to let him go search for something to wear. He rubbed the sleeves of the robe and lowered his head. Mn, the robe actually smelled of his husband.
Xin Lan tightened his lips at this sight. Those two … were really very happy. He should be overjoyed for his Master but instead, his heart squeezed painfully. Did he really have to see this? He would really love to get this done and leave. As much as he loved to spend time with his Master, he didn’t want to have to see too much of this.
Xiang Yu peeked out from behind him again and blinked at the person that was now sitting on the bed covered in his husband’s robe while the said husband had knelt down in front of a chest and was searching for a robe his lover would like. Xiang Yu couldn’t help but purse his lips at the sight. These two … They were exactly how he imagined a good couple to be. Taking care of each other, cherishing each other … This was how a relationship should be.
He looked up at Xin Lan’s face that barely hid his displeasure. “It’s no wonder he left you. His husband is very nice. Much better than you.”
Xin Lan glared at him. Never mind the comparison, just why did he have to say that in front of his Master?! Wouldn’t he —
“Oh?” Jinde stopped harassing his husband and turned to Xiang Yu and Xin Lan. “I wonder what he could mean by that?”
“It’s nothing!” Xin Lan tensed and whirled to Xiang Yu, trying to prevent him from saying anything else. Unfortunately, he had forgotten that this fallen god didn’t like it when he came too close.
Xiang Yu hissed at him and lashed out, his hands drawing black lines in the air and finally ripping into his sleeves. Xin Lan tsked but still reached out and tried to grab onto his arms.
“What do you think you’re doing?! Leave me alone! I don’t even like you!”
“Fuck! Will you shut up?!” Xin Lan finally grabbed his shoulder but Xiang Yu squirmed free.
“Fake! Fake dragon! You better forget about me!”
“You!” Xin Lan reached out again but this time, Xiang Yu didn’t fight back.
Xiang Yu sidestepped his attack and then dashed to the bed, finally hiding behind Jinde. Peeking out behind his veil of golden hair, he glared at Xin Lan. This fake dragon! He’d like to see if he dared to come over!
“You!” Xin Lan gnashed his teeth. How dare this guy get so close to his Master?!
Jinde couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the two of them like this. He ignored Xin Lan and instead turned to the fallen god who looked up at him with watery eyes. “Aiya, poor child. Did my family’s Xin Lan bully you? Tell me all about it.”
Xiang Yu pursed his lips. “I really don’t understand. How could you have been with someone like him?”
“Oh? Did Xin Lan say we were a couple before?”
Xiang Yu nodded, looking at Jinde in contemplation. “He’s no good. Even Tian said so. And you can obviously do much better.” He glanced at Leng Jin Yu who finally found the robe he had been looking for.
He straightened up and showed it to Jinde. “Is this one alright?”
“Ah, but it’s so blue …”
Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. “Didn’t you say yesterday that you’d like to wear the blue one today?”
“But that was yesterday, my dear. How about a green one instead? I like wearing green. That always reminds me of —”
“Yes, yes, I know. I’ll … I’ll find you a green one.” He awkwardly cleared his throat and put the blue robe aside just in case Jinde would change his mind again when he found a green one. Then he went back to searching for the right clothes.
Jinde smiled and turned back to Xiang Yu. “You were saying?”
“Your husband is really very nice.” He was … a bit envious. If it was that kind of person who had fallen in love with him, he might not even insist on him being a dragon. He might … just fall in love like that.

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