OMF V6C97 Your New Lover?

While Leng Jin Yu tried to figure out just what this was supposed to mean, Xin Lan and Xiang Yu finally arrived at the Yun Zou Sect. Xin Lan landed in front of his Master’s house and turned to look at the fallen god. “I’ll go in and explain. You wait here until I call you in.”
Xiang Yu blinked and watched as Xin Lan turned away and entered the house. He tilted his head. Hadn’t he said that this was his previous lover? And that he was happily married now? How could he just intrude? This guy was too much!
Xiang Yu stood in front of the house and looked around. He deeply felt that … he couldn’t let things go on this way! It was bad enough that this fake dragon had dared to pretend to be in love with him. He definitely couldn’t let him try and separate a loving couple!
Xiang Yu slipped through the door and followed Xin Lan down the corridor.
Right now, Xin Lan was standing in front of the open door, his gaze lowered to the ground and his hands clenched into fists. Even though Leng Jin Yu had already put on his clothes again and his body was covering Jinde for the most part, those slender legs and arms could still be seen and even his bare shoulder was exposed thanks to the way he had planted himself on his husband’s lap.
Was it really necessary to greet him like this? Xin Lan took a deep breath and cleared his throat. “Your Majesty …”
Jinde only glanced over when Xin Lan spoke up. His thoughts couldn’t help but flow to what he had seen before but he pushed the memory aside. Leng Jin Yu was right. Whatever had been in the past, Xin Lan would know about his feelings. And he would soon have the chance to find somebody he liked. Somebody who was free to love him back.
“Xin Lan.” Jinde smiled brightly and clung tighter to his husband, making sure nothing that shouldn’t peek out could be seen from the door.
Even though he didn’t mind letting Xin Lan see, with how Leng Jin Yu regarded this kind of thing, it was better not to let anything happen. After all, this man wasn’t his son but somebody who was likely interested in his lover and Leng Jin Yu hadn’t even liked the idea of Qiu Ling seeing him naked.
Xin Lan nodded. “I …” He cleared his throat awkwardly, shifting to the side. Sometimes he really wished his Master would be a little less daring. But as a married dragon who had already found his other half, there was no need for him to consider anything else. Naturally, he wouldn’t mind being seen by anybody else. In fact, he probably rejoiced every time somebody saw the marks left on his body.
Jinde motioned to the corridor behind him. “You came to pick up the list. I should have left it in the study. Why don’t you get it yourself? I was just … bidding farewell to Jin Yu. You know he promised to accompany Qiu Ling for a while.”
Xin Lan glanced up, his gaze brushing those naked legs again. Mn, bidding farewell … His eyes narrowed and he propped himself up on the doorway. “To be honest, that’s not why I’m here. I might have found a way to heal your soul.”
Jinde tensed and finally forgot about the bit of modesty he had left. He scrambled to get up from Leng Jin Yu’s lap and wanted to hurry over to Xin Lan’s side to demand more information.
Leng Jin Yu hurriedly caught his waist and pulled him back. He definitely wouldn’t let Jinde go over there! Never mind the dragon king who was in something like a happy relationship already, there really had to be a limit to showing off his skin. Did it really need to be in front of a single man who might like him?
Jinde grumbled but finally stayed put on Leng Jin Yu’s lap. Well, he had already slit halfway down, exposing more than he had wanted originally.
Xin Lan gulped and looked back at the floor, nodding curtly. “Yes, it’s just that the person who —”
A head peeked out behind him, taking in the scene on the bed.
Jinde’s golden brows shot up. “Oh, wow. I’ve never been surprised by a fallen god while naked in bed.” His fingers curled into his husband’s black hair, making sure he wouldn’t turn around. This situation … it wasn’t too good. Just what had Xin Lan thought? “Xin Lan, why don’t you tell me why you brought this person over here?”
Xin Lan turned to Xiang Yu with an angry expression, ready to scold him. Hadn’t he told him to wait outside until he explained? Why had he rushed in here already?
Before he had time for even a single word, Xiang Yu’s eyes widened and he hurried behind Xin Lan’s back, even going so far as to grab onto his robe. “Why is he naked?!”
Xin Lan harrumphed. What was he getting upset for? “Didn’t I tell you to wait outside?”
Xiang Yu leaned to the side, peeking at the bed. That couple was still sitting there. Why was that man still not getting dressed?
Jinde watched with interest how the fallen god retreated behind Xin Lan’s back again almost as if he was taking shelter. What was this child hiding from? Although it was rather curious that he hid behind Xin Lan of all people … Come to think of it … “Xin Lan, this person … wouldn’t be your new lover, would it?”
“What?” Xin Lan forgot about the person sticking to his back and stared at his Master. What was he saying there? Even if he didn’t reciprocate his feelings, did he have to pair him up with a fallen god of all people?!
Xiang Yu peeked out behind Xin Lan’s arm and furrowed his brows. “No!”
“No?” Jinde smiled. That had sounded rather certain. But why did this fallen god still stick to Xin Lan this closely? Was there really nothing more to this?

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