OMF V2C5 New Developments, a Blessing in Disguise

Back in the Nine Heavens, the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao unfurled that troublesome scroll of fate once more while standing in front of the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. He watched the characters that appeared one after another.
How Zhong Jing Yi approached that disciple, how he took that test, how he finally followed him back to the market square after talking to his mother … Everything he did brought him one step closer to that future that couldn’t be undone should it come to pass. Seriously, what had driven the crown prince to enter a deity sect? How bothersome!
Shun Tao kept the scroll of fate with a sigh. He really needed some assistance on this assignment. Never mind Longjun who might or might not heed the Heavenly Empress’ advice. After such a big ruckus, it was possible that more people knew about this than they could handle. They had to prevent any further accidents. And even if nothing untoward happened from outside, there was still Zhong Jing Yi’s fate that needed to be brought back on track. He could write it but it would be best to have someone helping from the inside. He wasn’t sure if the guards from the God of War’s palace were the right ones for this task though. This was something that needed careful planning. Well, it wouldn’t do harm to talk it through with somebody else.
Shun Tao finally did as the Heavenly Emperor had told him and went to the God of War’s palace, following one of the guards to his study.
Qiang Yan raised his brows when he saw the person that stepped in. “I thought the Heavenly Emperor had ordered you to reflect in your palace. How come you suddenly ran over here?”
Shun Tao nodded. “That is indeed the case. Unfortunately, there was some change to the situation yet again. His Majesty allowed me to come here to ask for assistance.”
Qiang Yan nodded and pointed to the chair in front of his desk. “Please, have a seat.” He threw a pointed glance at the two guards standing at the side. They were precisely Li Yin’s son Ru Zhen and his lover who had been at fault for allowing Hong Bao to steal the soul-devouring dagger. “The two of you, scram! Don’t let me see you slacking off on your punishment or I’ll double it!”
Qiang Yan tightened his lips. He might not have given their involvement away in front of his brother-in-law because of Li Yin but he wouldn’t let them get away just like that. Especially not Ru Zhen! Wasn’t all this his fault in the first place? That lover of his had been such a good Heavenly Guard! Responsible, dependable, always observant. How had he turned into an idiot that would leave his post without leave? Ah, it was all that Ru Zhen’s fault … But he couldn’t even go and complain about him because of who his father was!
Qiang Yan grumbled but finally calmed down after taking a deep breath. Well, that matter had been resolved. Jing He wasn’t in danger any longer and he’d just pay more attention to where he stationed these two. There were places where they couldn’t ruin anything regardless of how they behaved.
Shun Tao sat down and glanced at the other person still inside the room. It was actually the same Leng Jin Yu who had found out about his troubles and then set everything into motion by involving Qiang Yan. It seemed his own plans where close to coming to fruition too.
Seeing Shun Tao look over to his guest, Qiang Yan waved Leng Jin Yu to the table. “Leng Jin Yu played a vital role in solving this case so I wanted to have him involved in wrapping it up too. Since there are new developments he should also know about them.”
Shun Tao’s brows raised. This guy had indeed managed to get the God of War’s attention. Finding his place in this palace shouldn’t be much of a problem now. Well, he had done the right thing when he insisted on bringing this up with somebody. Otherwise, this plot around the soul-devouring dagger might have never come to light. His part in this might have been cut short since everything turned out not to be the kind of conspiracy they had expected but he had tried and everything else would probably be considered slowly.
Shun Tao nodded and turned back to Qiang Yan. “I don’t know how this happened in the short amount of time since I looked at the scroll of fate the last time but His Highness entered a cultivation sect. If we don’t prevent him from stepping onto the path of cultivation, he might ascend one day and then … Well, you know how difficult that would make things. ”
Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brow. Even though he had tried to learn as much as he could about the Nine Heavens since he had become a deity, there were still many things he didn’t understand and only got to know bit by bit.
For example, he hadn’t understood why the king of the dragon race would interfere in the crown prince’s trial but after he heard him calling the Heavenly Empress ‘mother-in-law’ more than once everything started to make sense. Surprisingly, the dragon king had done the same as Hong Bao. Because of love, he had done something stupid and caused all this chaos. Really, what was it with people in love? If he considered what he had seen in the Nine Heavens, maybe he didn’t want to fall in love after all.
Seeing Leng Jin Yu’s frown, Qiang Yan smiled. Actually, this new development might be a blessing in disguise to him. Now, he had the final test he needed. “Leng Jin Yu, I want you to take charge of this. You’re going to help the Fate’s Scribe. If you’re doing a good job, you’ll have a place in my palace in the future.”
Leng Jin Yu looked up, surprise flashing through his eyes. But after a moment, it was already gone. Leng Jin Yu nodded and turned to Shun Tao. “Fate’s Scribe, I’ll certainly meet your expectations.”

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