OMF V2C3 The Same Type of Man

Bai Fen wasn’t one to let things go just like that though. At least not in this case. After all, the person in question was her son’s future husband. If there was something wrong, she’d rather know beforehand to make sure that there wouldn’t be another disaster happening in the future. “Qiu Ling, you —”
“Ah!” Qiu Ling morphed his expression into a curious one and smiled brightly. “How was Jing He as a child?”
Bai Fen frowned at his diversion. It seemed there really was something wrong. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure how to get him to confess the matter. In that case, it might be best to let Jing He handle this when he got back. Until then, Qiu Ling shouldn’t be able to stir up more trouble, should he? After all, he had just been warned.
She sighed and didn’t ask further, patting his arm in reassurance. Then she turned to look at the flowers. This was one of her son’s favorite places. His love for plants had probably been inherited from her and she could imagine him standing here even though his soul was far away. “He wasn’t that much different from how he is now. Very quiet, a bit reclusive. At the very least, he was like that when he became a few years old. Before that, he was quite clingy and much more curious than now. I don’t know when he lost that trait.” She sighed. That cute son of hers … How had he grown up so suddenly? “It feels like it hasn’t been that long since I took him here for the first time.”
Qiu Ling smiled. “That must’ve been nice.”
“Mn! It was. He was laughing the whole day. Now … I can’t remember when I saw him laugh the last time.”
“In the mortal world.”
Bai Fen looked up at Qiu Ling. “You’re still hung up over that? He’s a child now. Who knows if he won’t turn out the same way there as he did here?”
“His father isn’t as bad there.”
“You! That’s still my husband you’re talking about!”
Qiu Ling turned around and smirked. “I wonder what made you marry him though. You’re not the type to go after power.”
“Well, he was quite handsome back then …”
Qiu Ling’s brows lifted. “Oh?” He certainly couldn’t say that he found the Heavenly Emperor to be particularly good-looking. And with Bai Fen being a beauty … Just what was it she had found great about his appearance?
“Mn …” Bai Fen thought back to those days before her marriage and smiled. Rong Su always tried to seem stern in front of other people but he had a completely different side to him. Speaking of which … She turned around and sized up Qiu Ling. Her son-in-law tensed under her stare.
“I apologize!”
Bai Fen tilted her head. “What for?”
Qiu Ling’s gaze darted around. “Whatever it is I did wrong. You know you’re the second most important person in my life, mother-in-law!” Qiu Ling gripped her sleeve once again.
Bai Fen sighed. Yes, they really resembled each other. Surprisingly, her son had fallen for exactly the same type of man as she had back then: A handsome sweet-talker that seemed serious on the outside but was secretly fawning over their beloved on the inside.
She wasn’t sure if her son managed to see that side of the dragon king though. He probably still thought of him as that infallible, powerful sovereign that could solve every problem with a snap of his fingers.
Mn, love really made blind. When her son found out one day … it’d probably be too late to return him. That man wouldn’t let Jing He just walk away. He’d probably chain them together before that could happen.
Bai Fen shook her head and patted Qiu Ling’s shoulder. “It’s nothing. I just thought … I don’t mind giving my son to you. So work hard, young man. You should probably return to the mortal realm.”
“Mn. I want to see him again.” Qiu Ling’s gaze turned gentle. Yes, he really, really wanted to see him again. Him, the one carrying his soul. Not just the body staying here in the Nine Heavens. Though that was the one he had fallen in love with, it was just a depressing sight as long as his soul wasn’t there. It would be best if this trial was over soon. Then he would be able to pull the absolutely real him back into his arms and they could finally get married.
Qiu Ling smiled at the thought. He couldn’t wait to see Jing He in such a bright-red robe. He should be stunning with his black hair falling over his shoulders. Ah … He sighed and nudged one of the flowers that had been nurtured by Jing He before his trial. “Is someone taking care of them? Maybe I should water them first?”
Bai Fen smiled wryly. If she let him do that, would there still be a garden her son could return to? “You don’t worry about that, Qiu Ling. I’ll make sure his flowers are all at the right place when he returns. You just go and accompany him. And don’t forget not to interfere! The worse you feel while watching him, the less you should be doing anything against it. His life and your life together as a married couple depends on this.”
Qiu Ling straightened up at those solemn words and nodded gravely. “Don’t worry, mother-in-law. I haven’t forgotten any of your words. I’ll do exactly as you said.”
“Alright. It’s good if you know.”
Qiu Ling nodded again. “Then I’ll better go. It’s been some time in the mortal realm. He’s probably grown taller and more beautiful by now. I should take a look as soon as possible!” He smiled and then returned to the mortal realm once more.

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