OMF V1C138 That Servant Girl Is too Vicious

Rong Su took a trembling breath. Could it really be? Had his son already … No. This couldn’t be. He forced himself to calm down and think things through.
It had been more than a week since Jing He left. For that time, the Fate’s Scribe had already scheduled several trials. So even if Jing He’s mortal reincarnation had been killed and his trial cut short, Heaven wouldn’t punish him too harshly. At the very least, he wouldn’t end up dead. And anyway, Heaven’s punishments weren’t the silent kind. If it had really been issued already, then the whole capital would have known about it.
Thinking of that, Rong Su furrowed his brow. This Yin Lin Lin! What was she even saying?! Obviously, nothing had happened to his precious son!
“Yin Lin Lin.”
“Yes, Your Majesty?” Yin Lin Lin smiled happily. Finally, she had his attention! Now that Fate’s Scribe could see how he got out of this!
“Do you know what happens if you lie to your sovereign about such an important matter?”

“What?” Yin Lin Lin froze. “Your Majesty, what are you talking about? I’m not lying! I came here to report to you!”
“So you want me to believe that something happened to my son? As if I wouldn’t know about this!”
Yin Lin Lin gritted her teeth. This guy! “I wasn’t talking about your son at all! I was saying a servant girl killed the mortal reincarnation of a god. Your son was just an example!”
The Heavenly Emperor frowned even more. “What kind of example is this? Do you want my son to die?!”
Yin Lin Lin clenched her hands into fists. She really wanted to scream at him that she didn’t care about the son he had with that bitch but she held herself back. This was her plan to get back at Shun Tao and get rid of his little lover. She couldn’t risk that just because the Heavenly Emperor irked her so much.
She took a deep breath and restored her previous smile. “Your Majesty, you’re absolutely right. That wasn’t a good example. I apologize. But you see other people also have children. The parents of the poor god whose reincarnation was killed must be so sad now.”
Rong Su leaned back on his throne and sighed. “Isn’t it just cutting a trial short? It’s despicable to do something like that but nothing that warrants bo—” He coughed. He probably couldn’t say that she was bothering him. Uh … “There’s no need to bring this up here. You can just go and report to the God of Justice. Tell him who that servant girl is and he’ll punish her accordingly. It’s commendable of you to try so hard though.”
Yin Lin Lin smiled serenely. “Thank you for your praise, Your Majesty. Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered you about this.”
So she did know that she was bothering him … Rong Su forced himself to smile. “Ah, but you’re not bothering me at all. I am very happy to see that worried about your fellow people. It’s just that I can’t decide on something like this. It’s the God of Justice’s task, after all. Heaven wouldn’t tolerate me getting involved in such a simple case.”
Yin Lin Lin continued to smile. “Ah, but this case isn’t that simple, Your Majesty. We got sidetracked before so I didn’t mention it yet but … That servant girl is really too vicious. As I said she got this idea because she fell in love with the Fate’s Scribe.”
“Yes, yes.” Rong Su rubbed his temple. He really didn’t want to hear this kind of sob-story. Couldn’t she get to the point already?
“Seeing that he was so troubled by that god not managing to pass the trial he had written for him she felt that just ending that trial wouldn’t be enough. What if that god attempted another trial and failed again? Then wouldn’t people blame Shun Tao?”
The Heavenly Emperor sighed. If that god didn’t manage to pass that trial because of the trial the Fate’s Scribe had written, then people would be right to scold him for it. If he wasn’t able to come up with anything worthwhile, he should just leave that god’s scroll blank and leave it to fate. After all, who wouldn’t encounter trials while living in the mortal world? Such a scroll of fate was just useful to make sure a god could attempt a certain trial or finish a number of trials in a certain time to fulfill Heaven’s requirements. If something like that wasn’t important, a scroll of fate wasn’t even required.
“So she felt insecure. Did she steal that god’s scroll of fate? Then why are you here and not the Fate’s Scribe?”
Yin Lin Lin shook her head. “No. If it were just that, I wouldn’t have bothered His Majesty. It’s …” She sighed. “Ah, I don’t dare to speak about it.”
“You already came here so there’s no need to hold back anymore.”
“That girl, she thought that Shun Tao would only be safe from any harm if she made sure that that god wouldn’t attempt another trial.”
Rong Su snorted. “How did she want to accomplish that? It’s not like Heaven will make an exception if she begs.” He froze. “Wait. She wouldn’t have done something to that god’s immortal body, would she?” He gulped. In that case, the soul might not be able to return after the trial. Oh no. This wouldn’t have been his son, after all, would it?
Yin Lin Lin already shook her head though. “No, Your Majesty, but what she did wasn’t any better. She …” She took another deep breath and lowered her head. “She stole the soul-devouring dagger from the God of War’s palace! I’m afraid killing that god’s reincarnation wasn’t enough for her. She didn’t even want to leave him with his immortal life and actually eradicated his soul!”

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