OMF V1C137 Punished by Heaven?

While Qiu Ling tried to recruit his mother-in-law as a helper to seduce his beloved once again, a storm was brewing elsewhere in the Nine Heavens.
In the night, several of the guards in Yin Lin Lin’s palace had vanished without a trace but she hadn’t noticed. When she got up in the morning, her lips curved into a brilliant smile and she carefully chose her dress and jewelry for the day. Ah, she couldn’t wait to go and expose that Fate’s Scribe! He’d see what he got for rejecting her.
Three hours later, she finally left her palace and made her way over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace, her lips still holding a charming smile.
The Heavenly Guards smiled wryly upon seeing her. Just why had this person come? Wouldn’t the Heavenly Emperor be angry if they let her in? Unfortunately, they couldn’t turn her away either.
Yin Lin Lin stopped in front of the gate and raised her chin. “Announce me to the Heavenly Emperor. I have come to report a serious issue to him!”
“Mn.” One of the Heavenly Guards nodded and stepped inside and bowed. “The idle goddess, Yin Lin Lin, came to report to the Heavenly Emperor.

Rong Su who had been sitting on his throne and reading through some documents. Hearing the Heavenly Guard, he froze. His gaze flitted through the room. Could he still pretend not to be there?
Unfortunately, it was too late already. Before Rong Su could answer or the Heavenly Guard could step put, Yin Lin Lin hurried forward.
“Your Majesty!” She passed by the Heavenly Guard and only stopped several steps from the throne, curtsying. “Yin Lin Lin greets His Majesty Tianjun!”
“Mn.” Rong Su waved. He didn’t bother to reply to her any further. Wouldn’t that woman blabber on endlessly anyway? It was better not to encourage her!
“Your Majesty!” Yin Lin Lin cried out again, furrowing her eyebrows. Why did it seem as if he wasn’t really listening to her? Ah, she’d like to see if he would dare to be like this after he found out how valuable her information was! “Normally, I wouldn’t dare to disturb you just like this but I became aware of a shocking incident and couldn’t keep this information to myself.” Yin Lin Lin took a deep breath, looking as if she could hardly cope with finding out about this news.
Rong Su looked at the gate behind her and wondered if anyone was scheduled to bother him today. Then he’d have an excuse to leave. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like that. Ah, just when would his precious son return from his trial? Jing He had come by regularly and he was great at making people stop bothering him without anyone feeling slighted. Quite the contrary, people always felt great after seeing his son. Ah, Jing He … Just when would he return?
While the Heavenly Emperor indulged in thoughts of his son, Yin Lin Lin finally started to tell him the ‘shocking information’ she had found out.
“You see today, a servant girl came to me because she had heard of my splendid reputation and thought that I might be able to help her with her problems. She had fallen in love with a man who had gotten into trouble because of his position. It seems he had met with some problems in regards to the task he was supposed to do which has something to do with the trials of us trueborn gods.
“Anyway, he had told everything to that servant girl and since she was in love with him, she naturally wanted to help him. So she finally went and killed the reincarnation of that god in the mortal world! She didn’t know how to proceed after that though and thus came to confess to me. She still thought she should do something else for the man she loved. As if killing a trueborn god’s reincarnation wasn’t bad enough! I really can’t understand what was going through her head!” Yin Lin Lin looked at the face of the Heavenly Emperor only to find out that he seemed utterly disinterested. Tch. She’d see if he would still be so calm if she made this seem even more important!
She cleared her throat and put a hand to her chest, sighing. “Ah, just imagining this had been someone important … What if that had been me? Or maybe …” Her lips curled up in a sinister smile. “What if the person killed had been your son?”
“What?” Rong Su who had nodded before to make it seem as if he was listening was pulled out of his thoughts. What had she just said? It seemed it had something to do with his son? “What did you say?”
Yin Lin Lin blinked her eyes innocently. “What does Your Majesty mean? Didn’t I just tell you about the confession about that servant girl?”
The Heavenly Emperor frowned. “Just repeat your previous words for me!”
Yin Lin Lin pursed her lips. She didn’t like the way the Heavenly Emperor was talking to her. But what could she do? They might have been engaged once but that was long past. Now that hateful Bai Fen was the Heavenly Empress while she … She was still just an idle goddess. But she still couldn’t be taken lightly. She’d show them!
“I said a servant girl came to me and confessed that she killed the mortal reincarnation of a trueborn god. Ah, that poor god. He was just attempting one of his trials but he must have crossed the Fate’s Scribe. It truly is such a pity.”
Rong Su didn’t listen anymore. He only heard that someone who was currently attempting his trial had been killed. Didn’t this mean … his son had been killed? Then … then he should have returned! But … but why hadn’t he come by yet?
Rong Su clenched his hands into fists. “That …” He took a deep breath. “When was that god’s reincarnation killed?”
Yin Lin Lin blinked. “Sometime this night.” But what was he getting so anxious for? Wasn’t it just some lowly god who couldn’t even pass some trial? It truly wasn’t a loss to the Nine Heavens to get rid of such a person.
Rong Su’s hands trembled. In the night already? Then didn’t this mean … his son hadn’t woken up even though his reincarnation had died? In that case, he had probably been punished by Heaven for not finishing his trial.

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