OMF V6C88 Too Heartless!

Xiang Yu stared into that pair of dark eyes and nodded in a daze. Right. If Tian said so, then it had to be true. “Then … then what am I supposed to do now? Really just wait?”
Tian straightened up again and finally freed his robe from Xiang Yu’s grip, smoothing out the fabric. “What else do you want to do?”
“But … what if that fake dragon … What if he ruins things for me?”
“Mn. What if the love of my life sees him pursuing me and gives up? Then I’d have to wait even longer!”
“Then …” Tian thought back to that face with the insufferable arrogant look and tsked. “That would be a shame.”
“It would be a disaster!”
“In that case, you should go and make it clear to him that you won’t be with him no matter what.”

Xiang Yu nodded. Right. What Tian said was right. He should do that! He turned around to go and tell him outright when he remembered that he had originally come here for another matter. He faced Tian again and pursed his lips. “There’s someone else.”
“Someone else that fell in love with you? I didn’t know you were so popular. Congratulations.”
“No. He’s somebody else’s lover.”
“Then why do you care?”
Xiang Yu blinked his eyes and turned to look at where he had come from. Why did he care? “His lover is from the dragon race.”
“I see. And what’s the problem with him?”
“His soul has cracked. He … might fall if nothing is done.”
“So you brought him here.”
Xiang Yu nodded. “That should heal his soul, right?”
Tian sighed. “It can, for now. Whether that kind of repair will be permanent is hard to say though. There has to be a reason for his soul starting to fracture. Repairing the soul is easy but … As long as the reason it fractured in the first place isn’t taken care of, things might return to how they have been before.”
Xiang Yu nodded. “But after it’s repaired, there wouldn’t be any problems for now. And I already told him what the problem is so he should be safe.”
“Mn. Then don’t worry about it anymore. Just take care of yourself.”
Xiang Yu nodded. “Alright. Then I’ll go and tell that fake dragon off first.”
“Mn.” Tian watched him turn around and leave. His lips couldn’t help but twitch. He really wanted to see that guy’s face when he got rejected. Mn, how had he fallen in love with Xiang Yu in the first place?
Tian sighed and shook his head, returning to the palace. It wasn’t his problem. He would help Xiang Yu if he needed help but he couldn’t live his life for him. He already knew how that would turn out. No, this was something Xiang Yu had to get through by himself.
At this time, Xiang Yu had already arrived in the capital of the Long kingdom. Finding out where Xin Lan was hadn’t been difficult. But now, standing on the streets, he felt a little lost. There were … so many people all of a sudden. Well, not that there weren’t many demons in the demon king’s palace too. But these were … all humans.
Everyone who passed by him started to exchange hushed whispers but naturally, he could hear them. Who is that? Why is there a mark on his brow? Look at that black robe! He —
Xiang Yu furrowed his brows and tried to blend those voices out. He took a step in the direction where he had felt Xin Lan.
The whispers turned louder. Did you see? You can’t even hear him walk! Is that a demon?!
Xiang Yu’s hands clenched into fists. Why were they whispering so much? Nobody had the right to whisper about him! He reached up and touched the mark between his brows again, trying to get a better feel for where Xin Lan was. It shouldn’t be far, just down the street.
He cracked his eyes open and looked over. There. That house. A … restaurant or something of the like. He should be there. He should —
Somebody crashed into his back. Xiang Yu whirled around to defend himself but the other person had already fallen to the ground. She looked up, flustered.
“Ah … I’m sorry! I was in a hurry and …” She stopped when Xiang Yu only looked at her blankly. “Uh … Are you alright?”
Xiang Yu blinked and turned around. He didn’t help her up or say anything in return. He just walked away toward that restaurant. How strange. That woman seemed not to have feared him but she was clearly just a mortal. Very strange …
He reached the door of the restaurant only to notice that the woman was still behind him. Xiang Yu turned around with an incredulous look. Why was she following him? “You …”
“Ah. I … I’m supposed to meet somebody here.”
“Mn.” Nie Huang nodded with a wry smile. “To be honest, I also don’t know who exactly that is supposed to be. But it sounded very important when I was called over so … that was why I hurried. I should actually be working right now so … I should really go.” She nodded and hurried past him into the restaurant. She had been here more than once so the servants knew her and only smiled when she walked in.
Nie Huang didn’t know who the person she should meet was and where exactly she was supposed to find them but since it had been Madam Zhong’s son-in-law who brought the message, the person should be important. That type of person should be in one of the private rooms on the upper floor. She turned to the staircase and walked up, not noticing at all that somebody was behind her.
Xiang Yu couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Going up … That was where that fake dragon was. It couldn’t be … she wanted to meet him too? So he was … two-timing on him before he had had the opportunity to reject him? He truly was too heartless!

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