LBM C7 The Very Best Cultivator (2): Senior Martial Brother Mei!

Yun Bei Fen followed his Master and his three senior martial brothers to the venue of the competition. When he had come to the sect he had seen the inner sect competition that would determine who could advance to the inner sect. But that was nothing in comparison to the competition of the Northern Gate.
The whole valley swarmed with cultivators dressed in robes of all different colors, carrying different types of weapons. Yun Bei Fen curiously looked around but soon enough, he focused on the people in their Teng Yong Sect’s white robes. Where was senior martial brother Mei?

He looked up at his senior martial brothers but Zhi Guan was clutching his sword and staring at the other cultivators as if he was searching for an opponent, Yan Hong Min was sorting through a stack of talismans, and Luo Lin brushed through his hair with his fingers, smiling at the cultivators from the other sects. Yun Bei Fen felt that he couldn’t disturb the three of them while they prepared for their fights this intensely. He should go and search for senior martial brother Mei himself. Thus a certain little bunny ran off unnoticed by his Master and senior martial brothers.
Yun Bei Fen didn’t need more than a glance to determine whether a person was his senior martial brother Mei or not. Even looking from behind, his senior martial brother Mei looked much more handsome than anybody else! He was very heroic. Just look at that person’s straight posture! The way he carried that simple but elegant sword with one hand! The way his dark hair fanned out behind him with each step and his white sleeves fluttered in the breeze!
Senior martial brother Mei!
Yun Bei Fen hurried forward until he walked about ten meters behind him. He didn’t dare to approach him any further than that. He didn’t want to disturb senior martial brother Mei either when he prepared for his fights. He couldn’t distract him! What if senior martial brother Mei lost because of that?
In the front, Mei Chao Bing inclined his head. Somehow, he felt like he was being observed. Don’t tell him somebody thought of him as such serious competition that he was trying to gauge his strength even before the fights started?
He turned around to see who this person was but instead of the young man he had expected, he found a child of not even ten years looking at him. The boy was wearing the same white robe as him and had even pulled back his hair with a wooden hairpin just like him. Mei Chao Bing blinked. This was … Elder Baili’s disciple?
Yun Bei Fen also blinked. Uh … Senior martial brother Mei was looking at him? Don’t tell him … he had really distracted him?!
He flinched and ran away, leaving Mei Chao Bing to stare after him dumbfounded.
What had happened just now? Why had the boy followed him and then run away? Was something wrong with his face today?

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