LWS V5C84 The Internet Police

Su Yan felt like crying. So his problem had been that he wrote the wrong thing? Thankfully, the system had asked him to write bl novels! If he had continued to write fanfictions, they would never manage to buy the house! Ah, at least it had turned out well in the end. Now, he could earn money. Their house shouldn’t be far away anymore.
He closed the website and returned to the system. It was great that he could earn money with those ads but if this way wasn’t reliable like the system had said, then it would be better if he had another way to earn money. After all, he didn’t want to wait forever until they could buy the house. A few weeks were alright, maybe he would even be able to wait a few months, but more than that wasn’t okay! Nobody could expect him to put up with that!
He clicked for the next part of the task.
[The usefulness of advertisements depends on many things and may not be high especially in the early stages of your writing career. Earning a few yuan might already be an achievement.]

“What?!” Su Yan sat up with the blanket still wrapped around him. “I’ll only earn a few yuan with this?! That … that can’t be! Our house …” He furrowed his brows and pursed his lips. This couldn’t be true! It definitely wasn’t the truth! It would definitely be different for him.
Ah, most likely, this was only because the system had calculated this with only the thousand readers that were absolutely necessary to activate the option to earn from the ads. But he had a lot more readers so he would also earn much more money! To be honest, he didn’t know how many more people were following him by now but it should be a lot …
He wanted to take a look but finally shook his head. No, no, it was better if he finished this part of the task first. The system should tell him at least one more way to earn money, shouldn’t it? Then he would definitely earn a lot more! Thus he continued to read.
[If you truly want to rely on your writing to earn your living, utilizing other channels available on the website where you post your stories would be the best way to earn additional income.
One of those ways is to let your readers support you directly. In comparison to earning through advertisements, this method has the advantage that the option to support the author will be displayed for every reader. Furthermore, readers might be more inclined to support their favorite author by voluntary means that don’t compromise their reading experience.
Support works differently from site to site. To find out more about the support program of the site the host works on, click the button at the bottom. If the host doesn’t wish to activate support or hasn’t reached the minimal threshold of five thousand followers account-wide, the host can also start the next part of the advanced taskline.]
Su Yan shook his head. This voluntary support sounded a lot better than the advertisement and since he could earn money for their house from it, he’d have to be an idiot to ignore this! He clicked on the [more details]-button and impatiently waited for the website to open again.
When it finally loaded he didn’t take the time to read through all those explanations. He scrolled down to toggle the option on. When he finally found the switch … it was grayed out.
Su Yan’s eyes widened. How come it was gray?! Don’t tell him this was something only for fanfiction authors to balance out that they couldn’t get money from the advertisements? But this was unfair! The system should have known about it. Why did it still tell him about it? He needed that money, ah!
Su Yan furrowed his brows and skimmed the text on the website to see whether there was such a term. He didn’t find one but the website helpfully reminded him that he needed five thousand followers on his account. Maybe … that was the problem? He didn’t have that many followers yet?
Su Yan pursed his lips again and opened his account in another tab. Looking at the number of his followers … he grimaced. Four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine? Was the counter kidding him?! There was one measly reader missing from his goal?! This … this was unacceptable! But what should he do now? He couldn’t activate the support without that one reader and he really needed it.
Su Yan rolled around on the bed. Wasn’t there someone he could ask? But most of the people he knew probably wouldn’t like this type of novel. The only one he did was Nie Chang. Eh? It couldn’t be …
Su Yan deflated again. Ah, no, Nie Chang had already followed his new account right at the beginning, hadn’t he? After all, he was the first person that knew about everything. But then who? His previous readers wouldn’t want to read this kind of thing. They were all for a harem with hundreds of women or just no romance at all. He couldn’t just log into his old account and ask —
Su Yan blind. Eh? Come to think of it … He might not be able to ask them but it shouldn’t be forbidden if he himself followed his other account, should it?
He grinned and sneakily logged into his old account. He only hesitated for a moment before he followed his new account and watched the follower account of Lao Gong Says I’m the Best reach five thousand.
Ah, how great! Now, he finally had the qualifications to switch the support on. And it shouldn’t be a problem that he did this himself, should it? That was still an account that followed him, even if it was his own account! There was no reason to feel bad about it. After all, he couldn’t be expected to quietly wait until somebody else decided to follow him, could he? That would be totally unreasonable! If someone found out and thought differently, they could send the Internet police to knock on his door. He’d gladly welcome —
The doorbell rang, scaring Su Yan back into his blanket. Oh no! He didn’t want to welcome the Internet police after all! Please go away and leave him alone!

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