LWS V5C85 He’d Rather Be Taken into Custody

In the kitchen, Nie Chang paused with the towel in hand. Who could this be? “Ah Yan?”
“You go and take a look!”
Nie Chang frowned. He wasn’t really sure if he had heard that but even if it wasn’t, he should do so. Most likely, Su Yan still hadn’t crawled out of bed for breakfast. He should just check who it was and sent the person on their way again. It was probably just one of the neighbors who had run out of salt or something.
He wanted to grab a shirt first but it seemed their visitor hadn’t brought much patience with them. The doorbell was rung again. Nie Chang sighed. Well, there was nothing to be ashamed about having a well-defined body.

In the bedroom, Su Yan hurriedly changed accounts again. If the Internet police had really come to get him, he had to unlock the support option fast. After he did, they shouldn’t be able to take it away from him, should they?
He reloaded the site and the grayed out switch finally turned white again. Ah, so it had worked! This was proof that he hadn’t done anything forbidden, right? Su Yan didn’t ponder it any longer and clicked the switch as fast as he could. It was still better to be safe than sorry! Now, nothing could happen to him. He could finally start to earn a lot of money for their house!
He relaxed a bit and closed the website again to get back to the system.
Meanwhile, Nie Chang walked to the door. He put the towel over his shoulder and opened. His face paled at the sight of the person outside. This … wasn’t too good, was it? He gulped and forced himself to smile but the other man’s eyes still bulged.
“You … What the fuck are you doing here?! And why aren’t you wearing a shirt?! Where’s my son?!” Mister Su didn’t wait for Nie Chang to explain himself. He pushed him to the side and stormed into the apartment, looking around wildly. “Xiao Yan! Xiao Yan, where are you?!”
In the bedroom, Su Yan let go of his phone in fright. How come his father had come?! He’d much rather be taken into custody by the Internet police than having to face him!
He threw the phone out of his cocoon and to the ground and pulled the blanket further above his head. He definitely didn’t want to see his father right now!
“Xiao Yan!” Mister Su stormed into the kitchen. He had had somebody to watch Su Yan for a long enough time to know exactly how his apartment looked from the inside so he just waltzed in as if he owned the place.
The first thing he saw when he stepped through the door were two bowls of egg-fried rice with steam wafting from them on the table, a frying pan on the stove, and a bamboo basket on the cupboard. This guy! He was bribing Su Yan with food! What an underhanded trick! Hmph! Well, he had always known that this bastard wasn’t anything good.
“Mister Su —”
“Don’t talk to me!” Mister Su stalked past him again and went to the living room. Unfortunately, that one was empty as well. Just where was his son? He furrowed his brows, glared at Nie Chang and went to knock at the door to the bathroom. He didn’t get a response. That only left one possibility …
Mister Su turned to the bedroom. The door was still open since Nie Chang knew that Su Yan loved to call out to him when he wanted something. He always feared he might not hear so he never closed the door. Now, that seemed to have become incriminating evidence for his misbehavior if judging from Mister Su’s expression.
Nie Chang gulped. Well … Su Yan should be … up already, right?
Mister Su walked over to the doorway and peeked into the room. Clothes were strewn over the ground, including something that looked suspiciously like underwear. As for his son … He glanced at the bed and his expression darkened further.
There was a big, shivering heap of blanket lying on the bed. Three brain cells would be enough to figure out that his poor son was lying below it! He whirled around to level Nie Chang with a death glare. This guy! What had he done for Su Yan to shiver in fear under the blanket?
Mister Su frowned and stalked over to the bed, pulling the blanket away.
What was brought out … was a butt sticking into the air.
Mister Su stared at it. Nie Chang stared at it. The butt shivered stronger.
Nie Chang broke out laughing and held onto the door frame. Hadn’t his darling heard his father screaming outside? How could he have continued to stay in bed? Why hadn’t he at least picked up and worn his underwear? And what had given him the idea that rolling up with his butt sticking out the furthest would be the best thing to do?
Mister Su wasn’t as amused. He turned to Nie Chang and pointed at him with a trembling hand. “You … You bastard! What did you do to my precious darling son?!”
Nie Chang couldn’t stop laughing even though he knew that this was supposed to be a serious conversation. He gasped for breath. “I —”
“I don’t care for your excuses!” Mister Su shook. This bastard still dared to laugh at his poor son! “I … I’m going to call the police!”
Finally, the head that went with the butt appeared too. “No! Not the police! I only used my second account!”
Mister Su froze with his hand reaching for his pocket. Huh? What did he mean he only used his second account? Someone kindly explain! He didn’t understand this youthful slang!

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