LWS V5C83 Not That Easy

[There are different ways to earn money through writing. Which ways are available to you and which of those will benefit you the most, will depend on how far you have gotten in terms of the size of your reader, as well as how much effort you want to invest outside of writing.]
Su Yan frowned. He didn’t want to put in effort outside of his writing at all! If he wanted to, then he could get a job where he wasn’t paid by Nie Chang and do that one. He wanted to just write and get money for that. Was that so hard to understand?
He wasn’t happy with what the system had shown him but he still read on. Who knew? Since there were several ways there should be at least one that fit his purpose.
[Judging the host’s skill level and the size of his readership it is suggested to start with the simplest way: Gaining a percentage of advertisements shown on the website where the host’s stories are being displayed.]

This time Su Yan’s eyes widened. Such a thing was actually possible?! No wonder there were so many ads around … Well, actually, it wasn’t that many but Nie Chang had no ads at all when he visited sites so why did he have so many? Su Yan could only shake his head. In the end, it was good if he got to see many ads, right? After all, he should earn a lot if there were a lot of ads!
[As long as a reader opens a chapter and sees an advertisement, the host will earn a percentage of the fee the company pays to display it. If a reader disables advertisements, the host won’t earn money even if the reader reads the whole novel.]
In the kitchen, Nie Chang flinched and almost dropped the bowl he had wanted to put on the table. This … Had his darling really turned into a little emperor? Or had the system done something to set him off? Ah, he’d better finish with making breakfast fast so he could cheer him up again.
Meanwhile, Su Yan clicked for the next part of the text. He could only hope that this would be better. It absolutely wasn’t alright not to pay him just because someone didn’t look at the ad! They were still reading the novel, weren’t they? Ugh, and to think that Nie Chang was one of those readers who didn’t see them. Didn’t that mean that Nie Chang didn’t want him to earn money with his writing? He should talk to him about that! Not now though. He still had something more important to do.
[Earning through the advertisements that are being displayed isn’t always reliable since the host’s income will vary depending on the fee that is being paid to display it, as well as the percentage of the readership that sees the advertisements. It is a good way to start out though and will allow the host to be paid just by posting and having your readership follow each new update.]
Su Yan pursed his lips. Well, it seemed like earning money through writing wasn’t that easy. But this was at least a starting point. Even if he didn’t earn a lot, with how many readers he had, this should still be enough to buy a small house, right? Well, at least it would be after a few months, right?
He pondered. He had several thousand followers after just a few days and with time, there should be even more. He also updated every other day so there should be a lot of ads to see. If he got one yuan for every ad a reader saw, that’d be …
Su Yan blinked. He had no idea how much that would be. And how many yuan would he even need to pay for a decent house? Ah, wait! He didn’t need to pay for the whole house. He only needed to pay for one half. After all, there was still Nie Chang to take care of the other half. In that case, it shouldn’t take too long.
Hah! Su Yan happily read on. He only needed to find out how to get the money for the ads and then he should upload the next chapter to see how much he’d actually get. Ah, he couldn’t wait to see all those yuan landing on his bank account!
[On the website where the host is uploading his stories, the option to earn money through advertisements can be toggled on after reaching a follower count of at least one thousand.]
Su Yan broke out laughing. One thousand? He had reached that long ago! The system should have told him about this kind of thing a lot sooner. He had actually wasted so many days when he could have earned money already. He shook his head and skimmed the rest of the text. Ah! There! The system had actually provided a button that would lead him to the website where he could turn that option on. Naturally, he clicked on it.
The website opened in front of the system and there was indeed such an option! Su Yan raised his brows. How come he had never seen this? He had published on this site for many years. Shouldn’t he have gotten this option back then too? Why had nobody notified him? He furrowed his brows but toggled the button from [off] to [on].
Ah, great! Now he could start to earn money. He grinned to himself but still opened his other account to check if it was there too. It was indeed but the button he’d have to switch over was grayed out.
Huh? Why was that? Don’t tell him he didn’t have enough followers? But he should have! He had written for so long, after all. Sure, it had gone down after he didn’t post regularly anymore but there were still a lot of followers left. The website shouldn’t bully him.
He scrolled down to see if there were any clues as to what had happened. In the end, he didn’t need to look for long. The website had left a note below the other explanations of the program.
[Please note that the advertisement program isn’t available to authors of fanfictions since they don’t hold the copyright over all the elements of the story.]

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