OMF V6C75 Why Hadn’t He Thought of That Sooner?

Qiu Ling deflated. Unfortunately, everything he brought up was rejected right away. Was this guy even giving him a chance?! He harrumphed but still continued to ponder. This was his cousin-in-law, the prized son of Jing He’s one and only uncle. He couldn’t let him be unhappy! Jing He’s family was his family. And naturally, he would take good care of his family.
He pursed his lips. He did understand that they couldn’t stay in the human realm and that the demon realm was too dangerous. But what was the problem with the Nine Heavens? There should be some way around ascending. After all, Bai Mu’s father was the God of War! Couldn’t he just allow them?
Qiu Ling glanced at Leng Jin Yu but his father wasn’t helpful. Hmph. Why had he even brought him? Anyway, the Nine Heavens till seemed like the best bet. After all, those cultivators wouldn’t be able to find them there and the gods wouldn’t make trouble for them if they knew that Bai Mu was the God of War’s son. Well, all that would only work if the two of them could indeed enter and stay there without ascend—
Eh? Qiu Ling eyes widened and he slapped the table. “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?! You can just come to the dragon realm! You don’t need to ascend for that and the dragons won’t harm you either. Honestly, they won’t even be able to tell whether you’re demon or dragon.” After all, wasn’t this how he had managed to slip by all these years? He had much more demon blood in him than Bai Mu and he was even the dragon king!
Bai Mu looked at him and this time there was nothing he brought up against it. Instead, a faint trace of hope flickered in his eyes. The dragon realm? He had never thought of going there but, yes, that might be an idea. Just like the demon realm, it could be entered by everyone without the need to ascend and as far as he knew, the dragons weren’t as hostile as the demons. They might indeed be able to carve out a living for themselves there.
He finally nodded. “Yes, that could work.”
“Mn!” Qiu Ling broke out into a smile. “See? I told you I’d find a way!”
Next to him, Leng Jin Yu put down the teacup. “There is something else.”
“Ah? Don’t tell me this doesn’t work either?”
Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “Not that. I’ve never been to the dragon realm before but if it doesn’t differ too much from the Nine Heavens and the demon realm —”
“We can’t be compared with those guys! They’re much worse! And much uglier!”
“Yes, but their realm is filled with spiritual energy just like the Nine Heavens. The dragon realm shouldn’t be different in that regard, should it?”
“Uh … that’s right.” Well, it seemed there was indeed that one thing they had in common.
Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Other than the natural talent that is higher in the immortal races compared to humans, this is another reason why someone who grew up there would have a very high cultivation base. What I’m saying is: If we indeed collected the materials for a pill that can carve out spirit veins in Miss Nie’s body, then she might have the chance to reach the third stage before her death if she settles down in the dragon realm and concentrates on nothing else. Maybe those ten years the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation needed might be enough so she wouldn’t be that old either.”
Bai Mu nodded. “That’s true. And I could teach her about cultivation … With my help …” He nodded again. This could work!
Bai Mu got up and bowed. “Thank you, Longjun. Thank you, Grandmaster Leng. I should go and see Nie Huang then. The sooner we depart the better.” He wanted to leave but Leng Jin Yu raised his hand.
“Don’t be too hasty. You’ll need to explain to Miss Nie properly and Longjun has to inform someone to find a place for you to stay. If she is supposed to focus on cultivation, she can’t be disturbed at all.”
“Mn, that’s true.”
“Then I’ll contact Xiang Yong and tell him to arrange things. And then I can go and search for the ingredients.”
“Contact him, yes but I’m afraid gathering the ingredients won’t be as easy.”
“Why? I already did once. It shouldn’t be hard to do so again.”
“Yes but the Amethyst Lightning Pill you gave your lover is used to change spirit veins, not to create them out of nothing. You’ll need something else for that.”
“Then … does Grandmaster Leng know what kind of pill that would be?”
“I don’t but my lover should. How about this? I’ll go and speak to him. Meanwhile, Longjun can contact that Xiang Yong. After that, he can go to the teahouse and ask Miss Nie over. Considering that we don’t know if someone from the Chun Feng Sect is in the capital, it’s better not to risk anything. We wouldn’t want things to go awry now that we figured out a way for you to be together.” He smiled at Bai Mu and got up. “Explain to her in detail. She will have to leave her family and friends behind if she wants to be with you. There’s also no guarantee that she will gain immortality and even if she does, she might be old by then while you …” He tightened his lips but didn’t speak further. This was something only the two of them could decide. Anyway, asking Jinde wouldn’t cost anything. It would be another thing altogether when the pill had to be refined. That was also something he should discuss with him.
Bai Mu bowed again. “Thank you, Grandmaster Leng.”
“There’s no need to thank me. You agreed to help me and my lover. It’s only natural that I’m doing this bit when it could allow you and your lover to stay together. Grandmaster Bai.” He also bowed, nodded at Qiu Ling and left the teahouse. Now, he had to hurry over to Jinde. It wasn’t like every second in the mortal world would count but it was still better not to waste time. Who knew what else would happen, after all?
Just when he left the street with the restaurant he came face to face with a familiar person. Seeing that mask his brows unwittingly twitched. Ah, it seemed the sentiments from his past life had truly carried over.

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