LWS V5C79 You’re Bad at This

Nie Chang laughed despite himself. In fact, once he started he couldn’t even stop. He doubled over and put his forehead against Su Yan’s shoulder, his body shaking with laughter until tears welled up.
“What … What are you laughing at?!” Su Yan slapped his boyfriend’s shoulder but Nie Chang still didn’t stop. “I’m saying the truth! You can try it yourself if you want and see if it feels better for you!”
“I’m … I’m sorry … darling.” Nie Chang said so but he still continued to laugh. Ah, he wasn’t doing this on purpose! He just couldn’t get over it. Why did his darling have to be so blunt? Everyone would have to laugh in this situation!
“Hmph! If you’re like this, I don’t want to continue. You better take your bird out!”
Nie Chang lifted his head, showing his tear-streaked face to his darling.
Su Yan blanked. “You … You can’t want it this much, can you?! Why are you even crying? I wasn’t that serious! You … you can keep it in there for now.”
Nie Chang took a deep breath to make sure he didn’t laugh out loud again. His shoulders still shook though.
Su Yan’s guilty conscience grew even more when he saw his boyfriend like this. He reached up and patted his head. “You don’t have to cry. Really. I’m not that angry. I guess it’s very hard to take if your boyfriend says you’re not good at this kind of thing. But it’s probably not because anything is wrong with your bird. It’s just …”
Nie Chang grabbed Su Yan’s hand and nodded. “Darling, you have a very unique talent.”
“Why? Do you feel better already? Ah, I always knew I have a very soothing personality. I can comfort anyone and anything in less than a minute.”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. His little darling had a strange perception of himself. “You know how to take the last bit of romance out of something.”
Nie Chang sighed. “It’s alright. I’m sure we’ll figure out how to make this better for you in the future. At the very least it doesn’t hurt. That’s good already.” In hindsight, he shouldn’t have expected anything else. Su Yan might have wondered every now and then how having a girlfriend might be but … hadn’t the extent of his thoughts been along the lines of ‘we could go out and she’d do all the household chores’? He had never talked about having sex. So it was safe to say that Su Yan hadn’t spent much thought on this and probably hadn’t looked forward to it as much as he did. Well, contrary to him Su Yan hadn’t been in love anyway or at least he hadn’t known. In that case, it wasn’t too strange.
“Eh?” Su Yan blinked. He had no idea what was going on. Why was his boyfriend first laughing then crying and finally complaining that it was all his fault? He definitely wasn’t at fault here! “How can you say it’s because of me? I don’t even understand why you’re behaving so strangely.”
“That …” Nie Chang smiled. Never mind. “So, would you continue with me even though it feels like … taking a dump?”
Su Yan blinked. “What are you talking about? Didn’t we agree to have sex? We can’t be finished already, can we?”
Nie Chang shook his head. “No, we’re not.”
“Then why are you even asking? If we haven’t even finished, we should do that first.”
“Wasn’t that what I asked about?”
“Didn’t you talk about continuing in the future?”
“Uh … not really.”
“You’re really strange today. Are you sure you know how this works? Actually, I don’t think it’s supposed to be like this. Isn’t it supposed to be fun? Maybe —”
“Maybe we should just try some more. Sooner or later we’ll find out together what exactly we like. Isn’t that right?” Nie Chang smiled and leaned down to kiss Su Yan. “Let’s continue then.”
“Mn.” Su Yan still wasn’t too sure why Nie Chang was acting strangely but he decided not to mind. He hugged his boyfriend’s neck.
Nie Chang picked up his pace again. He hugged Su Yan’s waist and his lips roamed over his body, leaving traces everywhere.
The blanket had long fallen to the ground but neither of them noticed. With his boyfriend’s body above him, Su Yan didn’t feel cold at all. On the contrary, his body slowly heated up. His brows twitched and he couldn’t help but gasp for breath.
“Ah Chang.” He tightened his grasp around Nie Chang’s neck.
“Mn. It’s alright.” Nie Chang smiled and continued to leave kissed everywhere on Su Yan’s body. Mn, it seemed his darling liked this. And after the initial uncomfortable feeling, he also seemed to have gotten used to this. Would they actually have a romantic first time after all? Well, it might be a little too late for that but at the very least, it wouldn’t be that bad. It was … very unique. Just like Su Yan. “I love you.”
He whispered into Su Yan’s ear, his breath tickling his boyfriend’s hot skin. Su Yan shuddered and his fingers tightened around his neck again. Nie Chang smirked and gently bit his earlobe.
“I love you a lot. You’re my most important person.”
Su Yan wanted to complain about that bite but he didn’t get the words out. In his anger, he bit back. Unfortunately, he only reached Nie Chang’s neck. Hmph. This was also good! He should bite more! Su Yan opened his mouth and bit into his boyfriend’s shoulder.
Nie Chang chuckled. “Ah, this feels like being bitten by a little kitten, darling.”
“You! Hm—” Su Yan wanted to harrumph but the sound turned strange and he shut up. Uh … maybe he should wait until they finished before scolding him.
“What about me? You like it?” Nie Chang happily kissed him again, leaving Su Yan breathless.
“No! I already told you: You’re bad at this!”
Nie Chang just laughed and quickened his pace. He’d like to see how long his darling would pretend to be unmoved!

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