LWS V5C65 You Did Very Well!

Nie Chang went to work with dressing his darling while Su Yan opened the system. Seeing the big five on the main screen, he grinned happily. Ah, he was too great! It had not even been two weeks yet since he got the system and he already advanced by four levels! If this was expressed in cultivation terms, then he was definitely a peerless talent that was only seen once every thousand years!
Su Yan laughed, prompting Nie Chang to raise his head and look at him questioningly. Unfortunately, a certain someone was so immersed in his own happiness that he didn’t notice. Instead, he looked for that ominous point-thing Nie Chang had told him about.
He didn’t need long to find it. The system had been nice for once and put his newest achievement right below the special dimension.
“Experience Exchange Point …” Su Yan mumbled the name and pursed his lips. So … was this a place where he could exchange his experiences with others? A venue where the hosts of systems would meet? Then … would they all have a Lovely Writing System or would they have other systems?
Su Yan frowned and lowered his phone. “Ah Chang, I think this point-thing might be something like the special dimension just that it’s not only for us but for other people who have systems too. If they all have a Lovely Writing System and not something, then … does that mean I’m not special? A lot of people actually get a system?”
Nie Chang looked up with the fluffy socks in his hands and felt like leaning over and patting his head. Just how could Su Yan go from foxy grin to sad puppy eyes this fast? It really wasn’t fair!
He cleared his throat and continued to unfold the socks. “Well … You don’t know yet whether they have the same system, do you?”
“No, but why would the system want me to meet people with other systems? That doesn’t make sense.”
“Mn, that’s true.” Nie Chang pondered and put one of the socks onto Su Yan’s foot.
His darling wiggled his toes in response, making his fingers itch to tickle them. Nie Chang barely held back and busied himself with the other sock.
“Maybe their system is still somewhat different from yours.”
“But how?”
“Well, maybe there are different types of systems. There could be writing systems and cultivation systems and … sports systems. There are a lot of possibilities.”
“Yes, but then there would still be a lot of people with a writing system.”
“Mn.” Nie Chang nodded and put Su Yan’s second sock on. “But they won’t necessarily have a Lovely Writing System, will they?”
Su Yan furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?”
“Well, you’re learning how to write bl novels. There are certainly a lot of things similar to other genres but there will also be things that differ. So maybe other people will have writing systems for another genre? Mn, maybe there’s a Spooky Writing System or a Futuristic Writing System. Don’t you think that’s possible?”
Su Yan blinked his eyes. That sounded indeed possible. “Maybe you’re right. Then I guess meeting with them will be alright.”
“Mn, but before you do that you should wear all your clothes. Give me your arms.”
Su Yan obediently stretched out his arms and Nie Chang pulled the sweater over his head, giving him a quick kiss on the temple while he was at it.
“Has the system explained everything about that EEP to you already?”
“Ah, the system showed that as an abbreviation for the Experience Exchange Point yesterday. It’s shorter, isn’t it?”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded and picked up his phone again. He wanted to click onto it when he remembered that Nie Chang hadn’t finished yet. “What about my pants?”
Nie Chang coughed. “Yes, yes, I’ll be done soon.” Once again, he climbed below the blanket and helped his darling get dressed.
Su Yan leaned down and cupped his cheeks when he finished. Just when Nie Chang raised his brows and wanted to ask what he wanted to do, Su Yan gave him a kiss. “You did very well!”
Nie Chang really laughed out loud this time. “It’s good that I satisfied Your Majesty. Then this servant will take his leave now.” He still chuckled but Su Yan didn’t seem to get the joke.
He blinked and looked through the room before turning back to him. “Ah Chang, what are you saying? We’re already back home and Dou Fang Hai was Ziju An’s disciple. They were also both cultivators. So what are you bringing the emperor up for?”
Nie Chang leaned over and kissed him. “It’s because I love you as much as people loved their emperor in ancient times. If you were one, then I would definitely willingly serve you for my whole life until we die together.”
“Aw, Ah Chang! You’re so nice!” Su Yan once again cupped his boyfriend’s cheeks and gave him a kiss. Afterward, he even generously patted the spot next to him on the bed. “How about we look at that exchange point together? You’ve helped me so much with the tasks, you’re also a little bit like the host of a system so you should also get to know the other hosts.”
“Alright.” Nie Chang sat down beside his darling, leaned over and put an arm around his shoulders.
Su Yan took a deep breath, raised the phone and clicked on the icon of the Experience Exchange Point. He waited for the system to transport them over but instead, it opened another window and even showed a second one in the front.
[Welcome to the Experience Exchange Point (EEP), host! You have reached the last level the system provides. This means you have learned the basic theories of writing in general and the bl genre specifically and have put your knowledge to the test. You are now able to write convincing stories and become a successful bl author.
Naturally, constant effort is needed to reach the final goal. Thus the system will continue to provide you with tasks and further assistance. The excess experience points you gather after reaching the last level can be exchanged for various useful resources in the EEP.]
Su Yan mechanically turned to his boyfriend. “This means … there is no meeting with other hosts?”
Nie Chang smiled wryly in return. “Seems like it. Well, getting dressed wasn’t wrong though. Now we can get up if you want.”

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