LWS V5C64 I Know What Happened

Su Yan grinned. “I know! So do we start now?”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. He really didn’t know why Su Yan thought it was Friday and not Saturday yet but it sure was interesting that he still had the same expectations as in the world of his novel. “Ah Yan … I don’t think this is the way it’s supposed to be.”
Su Yan froze. What was Nie Chang saying there? Don’t tell him … “You mean this is something you wouldn’t do first thing in the morning?”
Nie Chang raised his brows at Su Yan’s sudden display of insight. “Yes, exactly that.”
“Hah!” Su Yan slapped the chest below him. “I knew it! You know I had a very strange dream yesterday. We were on a date and then I finished that task and got some kind of ticket and then we ended up in the world of my novel and couldn’t go back because the stupid thing forgot to tell us beforehand that we needed another ticket to do that. So we had to reach milestones in our relationship and set up the Sect Master of my story with one of the Elders because the system thought this would be some kind of a special mission I could learn something from. Oh, right!” Su Yan grabbed Nie Chang’s shoulder. “Do you know? The Sect Master I made up is actually really mean. Maybe I should put in another person?”
Nie Chang really wanted to ask if Su Yan thought so because Xue Chang Fu was the only person who didn’t do what he said and just acted as entitled as Su Yan but he didn’t dare to. “Well … If you want to, you can naturally do so. I think your readers would like Xue Chang Fu though.”
“Ah? Why do you think so? You don’t even know him!”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Actually, I do.”
“Oh. So you read the first chapter? But he’s absolutely not like that! He seemed nice in the chapter but he’s actually really mean. He bullied me all the time!”
“Mn. I saw that.” Nie Chang expanded some effort and finally freed his arm from under Su Yan’s body. He heaved a sigh and hugged his waist.
“What do you mean? You saw?” Su Yan furrowed his brows. “You’re not taking this seriously at all, are you?”
Nie Chang laughed. “I am —”
“No! You even laughed!” Su Yan wanted to get up but Nie Chang pulled him back.
Ah, thankfully, he had had enough foresight to hug his darling. Otherwise, he might have run out and sulked for the next few hours. “It’s just that I really saw. Wasn’t it that we landed in Ziju An’s study first thing and then wondered what happened? And later, we tried to take in spiritual energy and you remembered you had written something about a chaos constitution so you went outside to figure it out and when you came back you brought a little snail with you? And when we went to the city with Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang, Xue Chang Fu got drunk and went to bother some demonic practitioner and the Elder had to sort those guys out?”
Su Yan’s eyes widened further with every sentence until Nie Chang couldn’t help but fear that they might plop out.
“What is it, darling? Did I say something wrong?”
Su Yan pressed his eyes shut and shook his head before returning to stare at Nie Chang. “Ah Chang, you … you had the same dream as me?!”
Nie Chang stared back at him, trying to figure out Su Yan’s thought process. Naturally, he failed miserably. “No. It wasn’t a dream. It really happened.”
Su Yan snorted. “How could that be? The special dimension is already like something out of a novel. Do you think I’d believe you that people can really transmigrate? And if we could transmigrate, then why into my novel? I did nothing bad! And only bad people are forced to transmigrate into their novel.”
“Uh … Well, it was because of the system, wasn’t it? So you could do more tasks and learn?”
“This doesn’t make sense.” Su Yan finally got up, letting Nie Chang breathe again. “The system could give us tasks here. Why would it send us to another world for that?”
Nie Chang also sat up and rubbed Su Yan’s back. “Don’t think too much about it. There are probably some tasks that can only be completed inside a novel.”
“Oh. That might be true.” Su Yan still pursed his lips and pondered the issue. “Then … then how did we get back? Did you find a second dimension ticket?”
Nie Chang laughed. Was his darling thinking those things were lying on the road? “No. You reached the next level so I asked the system to send us back.”
“Just like that? But I didn’t do anything! How could I have reached the next level?” Actually, he seemed to remember that he had fallen asleep while Nie Chang brought them to whatever he had thought of. “Eh? Right! Where did you bring us in the end? Did we reach that milestone?”
Nie Chang nodded. “Yes. That’s what made us gain those last percents. Ah, right, it seems the system updated the special dimension and you gained something new. It’s called ‘Experience Exchange Point’ but the system didn’t explain what it was for and I didn’t look either since it was late.”
“Then let’s look now!” Su Yan pushed the blanket away and froze. He grabbed onto it, pulled it back and lay down. “You go and get my phone!”
Nie Chang laughed and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “Alright. Do you also want something to wear?”
“Mn!” Ah, he really had the best boyfriend! Nie Chang always knew what he needed!
Nie Chang went to pull some clothes out of the pile in the corner and then fished the phone out of Su Yan’s pocket. “Here.”
Su Yan ignored the clothes and just grabbed the phone, grinning like a fox. “Don’t you think it’s very important to find out what this thing is about?”
“Uh … certainly?”
“Then how about I look what it is and you help me get dressed?” Su Yan’s eyes sparkled. He definitely felt that he had engineered this very skilfully.
Nie Chang gave another laugh and nodded. Ah, his darling really was like a little emperor that was being served left and right. Even asking for something like this didn’t seem strange to him.

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