LWS V5C63 He Regretted It

“Umph!” Nie Chang grimaced but didn’t dare to do anything more to complain about the pain. Shit! He suddenly understood very well why Su Yan always said that the system bullied him. This thing certainly lacked some common sense! It had a special dimension but even at the fifth level it still couldn’t transport people gentler?
Before he could figure out how to get up without waking up Su Yan, the person on his back expressed his dissatisfaction. He grumbled and slapped his boyfriend’s back.
Nie Chang grimaced again and also made sure he didn’t curse out loud this time either. Gosh! Being a good boyfriend really wasn’t easy. Now, how could he get up without waking up Su Yan?
He looked around but there was only the table he had seen in Ziju An’s study. Right. Su Yan had planned it here in the Special Dimension and it was still there. Well, he shouldn’t have expected anything else. After all, this had been the place from where they traveled to the world of Su Yan’s novel.
Anyway, what was he supposed to do now? He tried to glance up to the person that seemed to sleep on his back very soundly. It didn’t seem like Su Yan would wake up anytime soon.
Nie Chang sighed and gentled pried off one of the arms that had wrapped tightly around his neck. He stared at the bracelet and gave a wry smile. “System, since you already brought me back here, sent me to Su Yan’s apartment.”
The system didn’t waste time and threw the two of them out. Nie Chang braced himself with another harsh impact but nothing happened. He cracked his eyes open and was faced with the table in Su Yan’s living room.
Oh? He blinked his eyes in surprise before carefully pushing the little cat off his back. Su Yan grumbled in complaint and reached out, grabbing onto Nie Chang’s shirt. Nie Chang could only sigh. He pried Su Yan’s fingers off again and picked him up again. Ah, well, they were finally at home. They should go to sleep and tomorrow, they could start their normal life again. Mn, it was a pity though that they had missed out on their date scheduled for Friday. Who knew if Su Yan would insist on waiting until next Friday because that was the weekday they had agreed upon? He chuckled and carried Su Yan to the bedroom only to jerk to a halt in the doorway.
This … What was this? The room looked like it had been hit by a bomb! How come there were clothes lying around everywhere?
He stared at the heap on the bed and the floor and tried to remember what had happened before they used that dimension ticket. Hadn’t they just come home from their date in the park? But then why …
Nie Chang’s face lit up. Right! Hadn’t his darling been furiously packing clothes because he had somehow come up with the idea that his boyfriend didn’t like his apartment and had only been pretending up till now? Well, luckily, they had clarified that already. Now he regretted not taking care of the chaos immediately though. He had wanted to go on their date as fast as possible but now it came back to bite him. What was he supposed to do now?
He pushed Su Yan up on his arms and still walked over to the bed. Never mind the clothes for now. He couldn’t keep carrying Su Yan or he might drop him. He carefully put him down and snatched a pair of pants from under his head and a pullover from below his leg and opened the wardrobe. He took a look at the clothes inside that Su Yan had managed to make a mess out of and sighed. Ah, he couldn’t take care of that now. He should just collect everything that was lying around and then put it together. He could still fold everything up tomorrow.
Thus Nie Chang went to roll Su Yan around on the bed and picked up the clothes there before hurrying through the room and gathering the others too. Finally, he put everything down in a corner. Ah, this should be enough for now. He’d take care of everything else tomorrow morning. Now …
He turned to the bed and smiled. Su Yan had curled up, probably feeling cold. Nie Chang sighed and went over, slowly peeling Su Yan out of his clothes and covering him with the blanket. “How are you still one using that’s so thick? We already have August.” He shook his head, slipped out of his own clothes and under the blanket.
Su Yan grumbled and shifted into his arms, pulling over half of the blanket to his side.
Nie Chang chuckled. “That cold?”
“Mn …” Su Yan reached up and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him closer.
“I guess that’s a yes.” Nie Chang hugged him to his chest and closed his eyes. Even though they hadn’t been a couple for long, he still felt that this kind of evening was very familiar. Mn, in the future, this would probably become normal.
Nie Chang soon fell asleep. He didn’t stay asleep for long though. He felt like he had only slept an hour when something started squishing his lungs. He furrowed his brows and tried to shove it off but it persistently continued to rest on his chest.
Nie Chang sighed and opened his eyes. A pair of big brown eyes peered back at him, making him freeze. “Ah Yan … What are you doing?”
Su Yan furrowed his brows. “What are you doing? It’s Friday already! Did you forget what we agreed on?”
“Friday?” Nie Chang wanted to rub his face but his arm was trapped under Su Yan’s body. Ah, why did this seem so familiar?
Su Yan wasn’t happy when his boyfriend didn’t understand immediately what he meant. “Don’t tell me you forgot! I thought this was important to you too. But now that it’s Friday, you don’t even remember!”
Nie Chang grimaced in response. “That’s not it. Isn’t today Saturday?”
“Ah? How could today be Saturday? We didn’t have sex yet!”
Nie Chang stared up at his little darling doubtfully. Su Yan wouldn’t think that time only passed after they had sex, would he? Maybe letting him stay in a world he had created and where he had the biggest cheat at his side hadn’t been such a good idea. It seemed like his little emperor syndrome had gotten even worse. Well, that was also his fault. Unfortunately, he was powerless to set things right.
Nie Chang smiled. “Well, if you say so, then today is definitely Friday.”

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