LWS V5C62 Master of Love

Nie Chang stared at the numbers for a moment longer to make sure that he hadn’t looked at them the wrong way. No, it was really true. They had somehow managed to fill the last seven percent with these two milestones.
Nie Chang wanted to rub his brow but he still had to hold onto Su Yan. Thinking of his darling, his lips twitched. Su Yan’s system had brought them here and Su Yan had been so afraid when he finally realized that they couldn’t return just because they wanted to. And now that they finally reached the next level … he was actually asleep. This truly was too ironic!
He sighed and looked back at the system. “System, Su Yan should have reached the next level now. So can you bring us back to the special dimension?”
The system kept quiet for a moment before the pink bar with the numbers vanished and a row of words appeared.
[The host has not yet confirmed that he achieved level five and can’t use the privileges of the level.]
Nie Chang sighed. Well, that would have been too easy. Now, what to do? Wake up Su Yan? But he had slept very soundly. Never mind whether he could wake him up or not, he didn’t want to anyway. Su Yan had had to put up with so much in the last few days. It was good if he could rest for a while.
In the end, he didn’t try and instead reasoned with the system. “Show me the notification about the level up then. Otherwise, I can’t confirm it, can I?”
The system kept quiet for even longer this time before finally displaying another line of text:
[The host is the one leveling up so the host has to confirm that he reached the next level. Other people can’t confirm.]
Nie Chang frowned. The system couldn’t be serious! It really wanted to stop him now that they were this close to returning? Well, not that it would be that much of a problem. He could also search for a place where they could stay the night and then tell Su Yan that they could return when he woke up tomorrow. Then Su Yan could give the system the confirmation it wanted and nothing would hold them back.
Unfortunately … he had already given all of Ziju An’s money to the waiter in the Jin He City and if he was honest, he wanted to return as soon as possible too. Being in a novel wasn’t comfortable at all. Well, it wasn’t as bad as he had feared but he’d much rather live on earth again. So he wouldn’t accept this!
“System, are you being serious? Su Yan already told me about you, I can even see you, and Su Yan needs me to reach those milestones. You’ve also been showing me the tasks and I read one of the stories to Su Yan which counted as accomplishing it. Don’t you think it’s rather hypocritical of you if you don’t let me confirm that Su Yan reached the next level now?”
The system kept quiet.
Nie Chang sighed. Well, he could understand this. The system was like a program. If someone had written into the code that only the designated host could confirm a level up, then only the host could do it. There was no way around it as long as he didn’t wake up Su Yan. Ah, pulling him out of his dreams just so he could click one button …
Nie Chang paused and glanced at Su Yan’s hand dangling in front of him. Hm … “System … I get that I can’t confirm for Su Yan but you should be able to show me the message, shouldn’t you?”
The characters on the bracelet slowly vanished and a new one appeared.
[Congratulations! The host managed to gather enough experience points for an advancement! The host’s rank is promoted from ‘Expert of Seduction’ to ‘Master of Love’.]
Nie Chang burst out laughing. What? ‘Master of Love’? Those titles really were too strange! No wonder Su Yan always complained about this system.
He suppressed his laughter to make sure he didn’t wake up Su Yan accidentally and looked at the bracelet. Below the message was a confirmation button. As soon as Su Yan clicked it, they would be able to return home.
Nie Chang pushed Su Yan up on his back and held him up with one hand as well as he could and grabbed Su Yan’s arm with the other. Then … he dragged it over and pushed Su Yan’s finger against the button.
The message didn’t change as if the system hadn’t counted this. Just when Nie Chang wanted to speak up, the characters finally disappeared and another row came up.
[Issuing rewards.]
[With the promotion, the host receives the following rewards:
Special Dimension: crafting complete settings
Special Dimension: crafting advanced scenes
Experience Exchange Point (EEP)]
Nie Chang only glanced at the rewards and pushed Su Yan up on his back again. Ah, balancing him on there with just one hand wasn’t that easy. They really needed to return home soon. He once again lent Su Yan’s hand and confirmed the list of rewards.
The system reverted back to showing him the main page.
“System, since Su Yan has reached the fifth level now, you can send us back home, can’t you?”
[The host can travel to different dimensions from the Special Dimension upon reaching level 5, Master of Love, and return to the Special Dimension from there at will.]
Nie Chang stared at the bracelet and furrowed his brows. What was this supposed to mean? Su Yan had reached that level, hadn’t he? He thought back to what he had just read but he was sure he hadn’t read wrong. Su Yan already had that level. So something else had to be the matter if the system didn’t send them back. It shouldn’t be that the command hadn’t come from Su Yan either. Otherwise, the system should have told him.
“Return to the Special — Ah!” Nie Chang heaved a sigh of relief. “I understand. Then send us back to the Special Dimension.”
Right when the last syllable fell, the ground below them ripped open and they were once again transported to the Special Dimension ruggedly.

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