LWS V5C57 He Took His Bird out

In the adjourning room, Su Yan’s eyes widened and he turned to look at Nie Chang incredulously. “The Sect Master is right. Elder Yue really knows how to sweet-talk someone! How is the Sect Master good-looking? You’re much more good-looking than him!”
Nie Chang reached over and ruffled his darling’s head. “Seems like Elder Yue isn’t the only one who knows how to sweet-talk someone. You also said that quite nicely just now.”
Su Yan beamed. “Naturally! I’m a naturally sweet person.”
“Mn. The best boyfriend I could have found.”
Su Yan’s lips curled up even further and he leaned over to give Nie Chang a kiss. Just when their lips were about to touch the people next door spoke up again. Or, well, Xue Chang Fu did.
“Mn! Ah Gang!”
Su Yan stopped and waited for what else he would say but there was nothing. Su Yan frowned. “What are they doing? Do you think things are progressing? Will we finish the special mission until tomorrow?”
Nie Chang looked away. This Sect Master … Couldn’t cultivators put down some formation that would block sounds? Why hadn’t they done that if they really wanted to start things? Weren’t they afraid of people hearing them? Nie Chang only considered that question for a moment before rubbing the spot between his brows. Naturally, Xue Chang Fu wasn’t worried about such a thing at all. He might be like Su Yan a lot but he was even more prone to stirring up trouble and felt like the whole world should follow his words. Coupled with the fact that he didn’t seem to think clinging to a man and making hidden insinuations all day was shameful, he would probably feel that this wasn’t a big deal. In fact, with that kind of personality, he’d probably laugh if someone asked him and respond that he had such a nice voice, it was only natural people wanted to listen to it.
“Ah Chang!” Su Yan tugged at his boyfriend’s sleeve again. “What are they doing? Do you think Elder Yue really wants to punish the Sect Master? Then shouldn’t we go and intervene after all?”
Nie Chang turned back with a sigh. “Darling, that’s —”
“Ah!” A yelp from next door interrupted him. “Ah Gang! Mn … Yes!”
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Uh … It doesn’t sound like he’s being punished.” At least not in the way Su Yan thought he was.
Su Yan blinked and tilted his head. That had really not sounded as if the Elder was punishing him. But what were they doing then?
Nie Chang could already see the impending question. Now, what was he supposed to do? Tell him that Elder Yue had taken his bird out right after Xue Chang Fu asked him to punish him? He really was afraid what kind of thing his darling would come up with. But he couldn’t lie either. After all, Xue Chang Fu was so talkative. Who knew what he would be saying tomorrow on the way back to the sect? If he gave things away, Su Yan would be angry. And he would be right to do so. He shouldn’t lie to him just to make things easier for himself. That left the question of what he should do instead though. He didn’t want to start a lengthy explanation either.
“Ah Gang …”
Nie Chang stood up and grabbed Su Yan’s hand. The longer they stayed here, the more likely it was for him to ask anything. He better shouldn’t risk it. “Uh … Let’s go for a stroll.”
“Ah?” Su Yan looked to the window and frowned. “But it’s already getting dark.”
“That …” Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Taking a moonlight stroll is really romantic. I’m sure the system will count it as a milestone of our relationship.”
“Really.” Nie Chang didn’t wait for Su Yan to decide and pulled him out of the room. Unfortunately, the corridor was right outside of the rooms and the door wasn’t thick enough to prevent sounds from leaking out. Xue Chang Fu’s voice could still be heard clearly.
“Ah Gang! Mn! Faster!”
Su Yan stopped and turned to the door.
Nie Chang suppressed a curse. “Darling …”
“What do you think they’re doing inside there?” Su Yan turned back and looked at him curiously.
“Ah, let’s leave them to themselves. Didn’t we want to go out and —”
Xue Chang Fu’s yelp was followed by Yue Mu Gang’s groan and a heavy thump. Those two had probably rolled off the bed.
Nie Chang covered his face with a hand. Great. Now he definitely wouldn’t get around explaining this thing to Su Yan.
Before his darling could ask, Yue Mu Gang spoke up again. “Are you alright?”
“Ah Gang … mn … Stop talking. Continue.”
From outside, the two of them could be heard panting.
“Chang Fu …”
“Chang Fu.”
Something was knocked over and shattered on the ground but the two people didn’t seem to care.
“Ah Gang!”
“Chang Fu!”
“Ah Chang?” Su Yan turned to his boyfriend in confusion. Just what was going on in there?
Nie Chang grabbed his shoulder and pulled him away. “Ah Yan … Let’s not talk here.”
“Oh.” Su Yan didn’t think any further about it and followed Nie Chang back down.
The waiter had been putting the tables and chairs back where they belonged and thrown out what couldn’t be used anymore. He had just come back but stopped right in the door, his gaze traveling to the ceiling. Uh … What was going on there?
Seeing the two cultivators from before coming down, he called out. “Ah, Daoist Master! Say … What is going on up there?”
Nie Chang hurriedly shook his head and pushed Su Yan past the waiter. “Don’t ask. Don’t go to look either. Just leave them to themselves.” Then he hurried around the building into another street where the Sect Master and Elder Yue couldn’t be heard anymore.
Su Yan looked up at him and blinked. “Ah Chang, why are you being like this? Just what did Elder Yue do to the Sect Master in the end?”
Nie Chang rubbed the space between his brows and finally turned to Su Yan. He rubbed his head and sighed. Well, what was there to hesitate about? Sooner or later, Su Yan would find out anyway. “He took his bird out.”

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