LWS V5C55 Why Should He Wait?

Su Yan and Nie Chang both halted and listened for any further exclamations before turning to look at each other. Su Yan seemed confused while Nie Chang seemed embarrassed.
Heavens! Just looking at his little darling’s face it was obvious that Su Yan didn’t understand what was going on in that room. What was he supposed to do if Su Yan asked? He couldn’t explain, could he? Nie Chang rubbed the space between his brows. Forget it. Even if Su Yan asked, what was the big deal when he told him? They were already a couple and had decided to have sex themselves. Whatever happened in that other room, it wasn’t a problem to talk about it.
He cleared his throat and motioned to the other door. “Let’s go to our room? I think we shouldn’t disturb them.”
Su Yan nodded and followed him but his expression still showed how lost he was. He sat down on the bed and put his chin into his hands. “Ah Chang, say do you really think they will get closer? I mean it’s good that the Sect Master understood that he made trouble but what if Elder Yue really punishes him? With the Sect Master’s character, he probably won’t like that.”
Nie Chang sat down next to him. Ah, how honest of his little darling to admit he wouldn’t accept to be punished even if he himself asked for it. Unfortunately, he had clearly misunderstood the Sect Master. Nie Chang wouldn’t tell him though. “I think we’ve done enough. It’s up to them to get closer now.”
Right on cue, there was the sound of something heavy dropping to the ground next door.
Su Yan and Nie Chang both tensed.
“That … What do you think happened?”
“If they were very slow, then Elder Yue dropped the Sect Master. If they were fast … then Elder Yue was defeated by the Sect Master’s shamelessness and fell to the ground in defeat.” Or maybe this was the beginning of the ‘punishment’ the Sect Master had asked for. Who knew if Xue Chang Fu was the kind that would prefer the ground over the bed? Well, it probably didn’t make much of a difference. Beds in ancient times weren’t that comfortable anyway.
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded and fell silent again. “Then do you think we should go and see what happened? Maybe they need help.” He looked up at Nie Chang and found his boyfriend smile wryly. “What?”
“I don’t think they need help. In fact, I think Xue Chang Fu would get angry if you went in now.”
Nie Chang looked up at the ceiling, searching for inspiration on how to explain this.
Right then, Xue Chang Fu piped up again. “Ah Gang … Don’t be like this! I said I already know my fault! I won’t do it again.”
Unfortunately, only silence answered his pleas. Yue Mu Gang obviously wasn’t impressed. Well, he had experienced this too many times. One moment, Xue Chang Fu would cause trouble, then he’d cling to him and apologize, promising this and that. He wouldn’t fall for that again!
Xue Chang Fu watched the person that had turned to the window and refused to look at him. Ah, what was he supposed to do now? He had already said all that but Yue Mu Gang was still being like that! Mn … He pursed his lips and sat up on the bed. Maybe … he needed to be more direct.
Behind Yue Mu Gang, clothes rustled and then a slender body pressed up against his back while a pair of arms hugged his waist. “Ah Gang, stop being angry at me, alright? I was … I was just restless and couldn’t take it anymore. Every day, I try to win your favor but you always ignore me and brush me off. Can’t I be fed up for once?”
Yue Mu Gang stiffened. So Xue Chang Fu had acted out because of him? Because of how he behaved? He looked down at those familiar hands. Xue Chang Fu had hugged him so desperately that his sleeves weren’t even properly covering his arms anymore. He wanted to pull them back into place but couldn’t convince himself to move.
Why should he correct this? They were alone. Nobody was there who could see. For the moment, he could enjoy it. And maybe Grandmaster Ziju was right. Maybe there was no reason to fear. Even if there was, how long did he want to run from this?
Xue Chang Fu obviously wouldn’t put up with it forever. He was handsome and had high cultivation. Even though he could be demanding, his personality could also be lovely if he was in a good mood. Would this kind of person need to wait for someone like him? Certainly not. If Xue Chang Fu really grew tired of clinging to him, then a few words of him would suffice to send a hundred cultivators to his doorstep that wanted to become his dao partner.
And even if he waited even longer, there would always be people that gossiped. He couldn’t erase his dark past. So whether he accepted Xue Chang Fu’s advances now or in a few years … it didn’t make a difference. So why should he wait?
Yue Mu Gang finally moved and covered those hands with his.
Behind him, Xue Chang Fu’s eyes flew open. Was he imagining things? Was this really the always stoic Yue Mu Gang who touched him of his own accord? He lightly exhaled and rubbed his cheek against Yue Mu Gang’s back. “Ah Gang? Does this mean you forgave me?”
“En.” Yue Mu Gang squeezed those hands before prying them off his waist.
“Ah! No, don’t! I —” Xue Chang Fu wanted to protest but Yue Mu Gang shushed him.
“It’s alright. I think … maybe I was too adamant about refusing you before. I always thought of your status and reputation but … I failed to take your feelings into consideration.”
Xue Chang Fu blinked. Eh? This sounded a bit too good to be true. Was he imagining things after all? He wanted to inconspicuously pinch himself but unfortunately, his hands were still being held by Yue Mu Gang so he could only endure. Well, even if it was an imagination, he didn’t mind listening to it a while longer.
Yue Mu Gang took a deep breath. If he wanted to do this, then he had to do this right. He should tell him the whole truth. “To be honest, all these years, I’ve never once stopped loving you. I’ve always thought about you. So, let’s —” He turned around and his eyes widened. “Fuck! Why are you naked?!”

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