LWS V5C56 Let’s Make Love

Yue Mu Gang stared at the person in front of him incredulously before looking behind him. Indeed, Xue Chang Fu’s robe had been discarded on the bed and he wasn’t wearing anything. Yue Mu Gang closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. He should have expected this when he heard those clothes rustling.
The Sect Master only blinked in response and followed his gaze to the robe before looking back and hugging Yue Mu Gang’s waist again. He even gave a brilliant smile. “Do you still need to ask? Naturally, I wanted to seduce you.”
“Xue Chang Fu …”
“What? Didn’t you say you love me? Then let’s go to bed and forget about everything else!” He hooked a finger behind Yue Mu Gang’s belt and stepped back, trying to pull him to the bed.
Yue Mu Gang didn’t want to follow but then thought of the window behind him. It was opened halfway. If someone coincidentally looked up, wouldn’t they see Xue Chang Fu naked when he wasn’t covered by his body? He gritted his teeth. He definitely wouldn’t let that happen! Thus he followed him over to the bed.
Xue Chang Fu beamed when his lover actually did what he wanted for once. Did this mean they would finally get intimate again? Ah, he had always known that being persistent was the right way! Now, his wished were about to be fulfilled! He sat down on the bed and slipped back, making place for Yue Mu Gang to sit down too.
Yue Mu Gang looked at the person that was clearly excited about what was happening and then glanced at the open window. Finally, he sat down, once again covering Xue Chang Fu’s body from any prying eyes. He picked up the robe and put it around Xue Chang Fu’s shoulders.
The Sect Master pouted. What was this supposed to mean? They were finally on the same page regarding their feelings, sat both on the bed, and he was even naked. Why was he picking up the robe again?
Xue Chang Fu couldn’t come up with any explanation but he didn’t care anyway. Whatever the reason was, he wouldn’t tolerate it! He grabbed the robe and flung it away.
Yue Mu Gang stared at him incredulously. “What are you doing?”
The Sect Master smiled happily and opened Yue Mu Gang’s belt. “What are you doing? I want to finally get intimate with the man I love. So what do we need those robes for?” He flung the belt aside and grabbed the lapel of Yue Mu Gang’s outer robe, trying to pull it apart.
Unfortunately, the Elder caught his hands before he could do anything. “Stop this. The window is open.”
“Who cares? Don’t let me wait any longer.” He ignored the robe and slipped closer, craning his neck to finally reach Yue Mu Gang’s lips. “You said you love me. I also love you. So stop being such a worrywart and let’s make love.” He tugged at the robe and Yue Mu Gang fell forward, trapping the Sect Master below his body.
His eyes widened and he wanted to apologize and retreat but Xue Chang Fu had grabbed his robe tightly and pulled him back.
“Where do you want to go? I’m right here. You can’t talk about loving me and then recoil when we’re finally in bed. You’ll hurt my frail little heart if you do.”
Yue Mu Gang wanted to retort but finally kept quiet. Yes, why was he trying to retreat? He had decided to accept Xue Chang Fu’s feelings and be with him from now on. In that case, this kind of thing … There was no need to abstain any longer.
His lips curled up and he let go of Xue Chang Fu’s hands, letting him push the robe from his shoulders. “At least let me close the window.”
“Why do you care so much about that?” Xue Chang Fu didn’t think of letting him get up again. He already started to open Yue Mu Gang’s inner robe.
This time, the Elder didn’t refuse. He let him do whatever he wanted while he examined his face. Ah, he could hardly believe how long it had been since they were together the last time. Would it still be the same?
Xue Chang Fu finally noticed the other person’s gaze. He looked up and blinked in confusion. “What?” Was something wrong with his face?
Yue Mu Gang smiled in response. “I don’t want anyone else to see you.” With that, he pushed Xue Chang Fu’s hands away and got up. He walked over to the window, slammed it shut and walked back, kneeling down above Xue Chang Fu. “Are you sure you want this?”
Xue Chang Fu stared at him. Was this … really the same guy that had refused him so many times? Why did it seem as if he was looking forward to this? He lowered his gaze from Yue Mu Gang’s face to his hips. His lips curled into a grin. Sure enough, he was looking forward to this.
“Well … If I said no now … would you be able to take that?” He reached up and this time he finally wasn’t held back when he started to tease the other person.
Yue Mu Gang even smiled in response. He let Xue Chang Fu do what he wanted before leaning down and kissing him.
At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel like an idiot. Why had he waited for so long? He could have had this much, much sooner.
“What are you thinking of?” Xue Chang Fu reached up and grabbed his hair. He definitely wouldn’t let him get distracted now!
“I was … thinking how lucky I am.”
“Oh. Who would have known? Elder Yue is actually a sweet-talker.”
Yue Mu Gang just smiled. “You don’t like it?”
“Mn, I like it. How about telling me how good-looking I am?”
Yue Mu Gang earnestly examined his face and nodded. “You truly are good-looking. In the future … I’ll have to pay close attention to you, lest somebody snatches you away and I’ll be left heartbroken.”

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