LWS V5C54 Knowing His Fault

In front of them, the last demonic cultivator finally fell to the ground. Coincidentally, it was the man that Xue Chang Fu had chosen for his previous plan. Yue Mu Gang looked at him with a dark expression and kicked him in the side.
This bastard! He had actually dared to touch Xue Chang Fu like that!
He continued to stare and finally stomped on that hand, the bones breaking with a loud crack. Ah, call him childish but just remembering that moment, his blood seemed to boil. He turned away forcefully, his expression still dark.
The Sect Master carefully retracted his head behind the table. Uh … maybe he should let Yue Mu Gang calm down first. He really seemed very angry. Mn, maybe he had overdone it a bit before? Ah, but what should he do then?
He furrowed his brows and finally, his expression lit up. When accidentally angering a man like this one had to divert their attention!
He peeked out behind the table and cleared his throat. “Ah Gang?”
Yue Mu Gang turned around to him, his expression still as dark as before.
Xue Chang Fu gulped and his gaze flitted around before returning to the Elder. “Ah Gang … Are you alright? They didn’t injure you, did they?” He tried to look worried even though he had seen that those attacks hadn’t even grazed Yue Mu Gang.
The person in question tensed at his question and his expression lightened up. Ah, he had gotten angry but Xue Chang Fu was already regretting what he did before. Most likely, it had just been because he was drunk. Who knew what had been going through his head then?
Yue Mu Gang found himself an excuse for the Sect Master’s behavior and shook his head. “I’m alright.” He uncomfortably shifted on the spot. “How about you?”
Xue Chang Fu smiled in delight. Mn, look at this! Ah Gang really cared about him! He lowered his head to make sure his expression didn’t alert Yue Mu Gang.
Unfortunately, it was too late. Yue Mu Gang had seen his smile and even if he hadn’t, those sparkling eyes were a dead giveaway. Damn. He had almost gotten tricked by Xue Chang Fu! He furrowed his brows and stalked over, grabbing Xue Chang Fu by the arm.
“Ah Gang!” Xue Chang Fu gave a yelp but was still pulled to his feet. “Ah, don’t be like this! I’m all doing it because I love you so much!” He tried to cling to him but Yue Mu Gang slapped his hands away.
“Causing trouble and still not repenting! Never mind your image as the Jin Shan’s Sect Master, you also almost made the mission fail! What if innocent people had gotten injured because of your behavior?”
“Ah? But —”
Yue Mu Gang tsked and grabbed him around the waist. “Next time, don’t drink so much! How disgraceful to get to a state where you can’t even use your spiritual energy. Aren’t you at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage? How come three flasks threw you for a loop?”
Xue Chang Fu blinked. Eh? That was indeed a good question …
Before he could ponder it, the ground below his feet shook. Ah, no, it wasn’t the ground that shook. That was his body. He gave another yelp and was faced … with a butt? Uh! That was a nice butt! He even knew whose butt this was.
Xue Chang Fu unabashedly patted it and smiled happily. “Ah Gang, what do you want to do? Bring me somewhere where we’re undisturbed?” Mn, he had to say he really liked this style of just being thrown over one shoulder and carried off! That was the way a man should act!
Yue Mu Gang grunted but didn’t answer. He really had enough of Xue Chang Fu’s antics for the day. He carried him over to the counter where one of the waiters had taken cover and knocked on the wood. “We’ll compensate for the damage. Give us two rooms for now.”
The waiter hurriedly nodded and pointed to the upper floor. “There’s … there’s two at the end of the corridor.”
“Mn.” Yue Mu Gang nodded and proceeded to carry Xue Chang Fu up the stairs while doing his best to ignore the hands that were exploring his back.
In the room on the first floor, Su Yan tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. “Should we also get a room?”
“I’m pretty sure the second one is for us. Yue Mu Gang probably won’t leave him alone until he’s sober so that something like this won’t happen again.”
“Oh.” Su Yan pondered before tugging at Nie Chang’s sleeve again. “Then should we also go up? We only have a day to accomplish that special mission.”
Nie Chang nodded. “Yes. There’s no need to return to the sect yet anyway.” He pulled Su Yan with him but stopped at the counter. Taking the spirit stones out of his spatial ring that were left after his stroll with Su Yan, he nodded at the waiter. “Take this as compensation first. If you need more, you can ask my junior martial brother tomorrow. I’m sorry for the commotion but these four were demonic cultivators and needed to be apprehended.”
“Apprehended?” The waiter looked at the four bodies lying on the ground that hadn’t moved since Yue Mu Gang struck them down.
Nie Chang froze. Uh … “Well, considering all the innocents around we couldn’t drag matters out so, unfortunately … Alas, the clues we wanted to obtain are now lost but at least nobody was injured. The other damage can still be taken care of. Please do us a favor and keep these bodies for now. We’ll bring them back to the sect tomorrow to see whether we can still obtain some clues from them.”
The waiter hurriedly nodded and Nie Chang led Su Yan up to the second floor. He just wanted to heave a sigh of relief when Xue Chang Fu’s voice sounded from one of the rooms.
“Ah Gang, I already know my fault! Please, punish me!”

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