OMF V6C53 Trust Him

The fallen god poked Jing Yi’s forehead. “See? That’s what I was talking about. You clearly love him but you don’t trust him.”
“You thought you couldn’t trust him. But you love him and he’s a dragon. He even bound his soul to yours. What more can you expect? If you can’t trust that person, then you can’t trust anyone. Not even yourself.”
Jing Yi just stared at him. So his thoughts had been this obvious …
“Dragons are good people. The only good people around. If they fall in love with someone, they will love them forever.”
“Qiu Ling … loved Jing He very much.” Jing Yi couldn’t help but think back to those moments in Qiu Ling’s inner self. That square filled with people who he obviously couldn’t remember, their faces blurred, their voices a constant chattering without actual words … And that one person whose every detail was engraved in his mind. From the blue robe he wore, to the way his hair fell down his back, to the lights sparkling on it. Every last bit was as clear as day. Qiu Ling hadn’t forgotten about this moment even though a lot of time had to have passed since then.
The fallen god poked his forehead again, pulling him out of his thoughts. “What are you thinking? What past self? What true self? This is still you.”
Jing Yi smiled wryly. “How could that be? I was born a human and while I live … Where is he now? What happens to him while I’m here?”
The fallen god furrowed his brows. Why were people so stupid? Ah, there really was no way helping them. He turned away, not bothering to answer and left his chambers, leaving Jing Yi alone with his thoughts.
For a while, Jing Yi didn’t know what to do. He just thought of that moment in Qiu Ling’s inner self and then remembered those times Qiu Ling had called him ‘Jing He’ and looked at him that lovingly. In the end … How much of this was about him? And how much was about his previous self?
He finally closed his eyes and rubbed his face. What was he even thinking about? That man just now was right in one point: If he loved Qiu Ling, he should trust him. Even though it seemed that Qiu Ling’s feelings really had a lot to do with his past life, he shouldn’t overthink until he was back at his side. At the end of the day, the only one who could tell him the whole story was Qiu Ling.
Jing Yi lowered his hands and shook his head. His whole day seemed to be spent worrying over things he couldn’t figure out on his own. First, it was because of what the demon king had said, now, because of that man’s words. It seemed he really didn’t trust Qiu Ling enough.
“This is the last time. I won’t question you again after this. After all, it was me who made so much trouble before.”
Jing Yi’s eyes opened but his expression was blank. Right. Now that he thought of it … If this was really just about his past self, then why would Qiu Ling keep following him like this? In the end, he would return to being Jing He after his death, wouldn’t he? So Qiu Ling could just wait. He didn’t have to be with him. So maybe … maybe there was more to Qiu Ling’s feelings for him than he had given him credit for just now.
Jing Yi sighed. He really was too distrustful. In the future, he should think things through slowly and talk about it with his fiance. Otherwise, wouldn’t some grave misunderstanding occur again? He couldn’t let that happen. Regardless of how Qiu Ling felt, he couldn’t bear to see him suffer.
With that thought in mind, Jing Yi closed his eyes again and went back to cultivation. Whatever the truth of the matter was, he should stand by his original decision. He had to become strong for Qiu Ling. Nothing had changed about that.
While Jing Yi cultivated, the fallen god made his way through the dungeon. He glanced at An Bai but didn’t go over in the end. A lone dragon … how pitiful that was. And he didn’t even want to leave. How sad.
He made his way up the stairs and roamed through the palace, just like on any other day. Following a corridor, taking another way so that he wouldn’t have to see the patrols … He stopped when steady steps sounded from the corridor in front.
Fake dragon.
How strange to see him here again. Hadn’t he left before? But it seemed he was in a hurry.
The fallen god tilted his head and silently followed him.
Xin Lan stopped in front of the door to Jin Ling’s chambers. Looking at it, he furrowed his brows. Jin Ling was his best choice if he wanted to find out about that fallen god. Unfortunately, this might put his Master at risk. Jin Ling wasn’t stupid, after all. With enough clues, he might be able to piece everything together. He couldn’t let that happen. Then again the information about the fallen god would lead him to the Son of Heaven and bringing the Son of Heaven back to that idiot would get him the information he needed to save his Master from his worry of being found by Jin Ling.
Xin Lan took a deep breath and pushed the door open. He just had to take a gamble on this. If he found the fallen god and with him the Son of Heaven soon enough, then even if Jin Ling figured things out, his Master would be safe.
“Your Highness.” Xin Lan forced himself to smile and stepped closer. Taking a look at Jin Ling’s face, he couldn’t help but curse inwardly though. “You’re not looking too happy. Did something happen?”
Jin Ling didn’t answer his question but he tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “Xin Lan, say … Do you think Jinde would like to see me again?”

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