LWS V5C53 The Damsel-in-Distress and the Hero

Yue Mu Gang pulled the Sect Master out of the way and ducked behind a table. The ball of energy smashed into the chair next to them, sending splinters flying through the air.
Xue Chang Fu’s eyes widened. Black energy? He looked at the cultivator. Fuck! He had just wanted to make Yue Mu Gang jealous. How come the guy he chose was a demonic cultivator?! He had only made that excuse up when they set off! They weren’t any demonic cultivators supposed to be around at all!
He furrowed his brows and lifted his hand to throw some spiritual energy back at the guy. His hand moved and then stopped. As for the energy …
Xue Chang Fu blinked and looked at his hand. Eh? What about his spiritual energy? He looked at Yue Mu Gang who looked back at him incredulously.
“How much did you drink?”
“Uh …” Xue Chang Fu pondered. “It shouldn’t have been so much. Just that flask Xiao Hai brought for me. Oh. And maybe I drunk Xiao Hai’s flask too because he’s still young. Ah, and senior martial brother doesn’t drink so —”
“I see.” Yue Mu Gang pushed him off. “Stay here then. I’ll take care of it.”
“Ah? But —” Xue Chang Fu reached out but the hem of Yue Mu Gang’s robe slipped through his fingers. Ah, damn it! If he had known, he never would have drunk! Then they could fight together now. Who knew? Maybe exercising together would entice this person? He rubbed his chin and pondered. Mn, he could still try that the next time …
Meanwhile, Yue Mu Gang jumped back into the fray. He didn’t hold back. Never mind that there was a drunk Xue Chang Fu behind him that he couldn’t let get hurt, this inn was also frequented by commoners. The Jin Shan Sect wouldn’t have any face left if one of them came to harm while the Jin Shan Sect’s Master, Grandmaster, and one of their Elders were present. No, he had to subdue these demonic cultivators swiftly!
Black and white energy were thrown about, blasting the interior of the inn into smithereens. One of the demonic cultivators was hit in the head and fell, not getting up again.
At the side of the room, Su Yan clapped his hands. “Go, Elder Yue!”
Nie Chang couldn’t help but be thankful that he had trained to use his spiritual energy. If Su Yan managed to attract the demonic cultivators’ attention, he would at least manage to keep them safe for a while.
Su Yan didn’t worry at all. He even reached over and tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. “Ah Chang, do you think we should help?”
“Why? You think Elder Yue can’t handle it on his own?”
“Well … I guess he can but I’m the protagonist, right? And you’re the male lead. How come we’re just standing around while one of the side characters is doing all the work?”
Nie Chang coughed. “Darling, Dou Fang Hai and Ziju An are the protagonist and the male lead. We’re just two unfortunate transmigrators who need to solve a mission that was given by the system.”
Su Yan pondered and finally nodded. “That’s true but shouldn’t we still get involved then? What if You Mu Gang gets injured? Then wouldn’t the Sect Master be sad instead of happy?”
Nie Chang looked at the Elder that had just taken out another of the demonic cultivators before glancing at his so-called junior martial brother. Xue Chang Fu was sitting behind a more or less intact table that had been overturned in the fight, conveniently hiding him from view. Well, it almost hid him from view. The Sect Master had clasped the edge and was peering over it intently, watching every move of Yue Mu Gang, his eyes sparkling brightly. He was obviously enjoying himself very much.
Nie Chang smiled wryly. He didn’t feel that there was a need to worry about that. Elder Yue could keep himself safe and Sect Master Xue looked very happy right now. “Actually, I think this is even beneficial to our mission.”
“Hah? How come?”
Nie Chang pointed over to Xue Chang Fu. “He got into trouble and can’t fight back since he’s drunk so he has to hide. What is this if not a damsel-in-distress? And that there.” He pointed at Yue Mu Gang. “That’s the hero saving the damsel-in-distress. Afterward, the Sect Master will be happy and use the opportunity. And looking at the Elder’s expression right now, he has already drunk so much vinegar before that he won’t hold back this time.”
Su Yan furrowed his brows. “The Sect Master doesn’t look like a damsel-in-distress though. Actually, I think he looks like he’s enjoying this very much.”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. Yes, that was exactly how Xue Chang Fu looked. At least for now. “Don’t think too much. He’s just pretending. In a minute, when Yue Mu Gang has finished the last two guys off, he’ll show us a very terrified and obedient expression for sure.”
“Oh. So it’s actually like that.” Su Yan thoughtfully nodded his head. “Then this task was really very simple.”
Nie Chang sighed. “Well, that’s good for us. Let’s hope those two don’t mess up at the last moment.” After all, he didn’t think that the system would be so lenient to count their task as accomplished just because Yue Mu Gang decided he wanted to be with the Sect Master. No, with how things had progressed, they’d probably have to be a little more direct.
Not that he was afraid Xue Chang Fu wouldn’t try to take things further. He definitely was the type of person that would take a mile after being given an inch. No, in fact, one mile might not be enough. He’d rather ask for ten.
Nie Chang smiled and rubbed Su Yan’s head. This kind of unreasonable person … He understood very well how hard it was to refuse them.

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