LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (3): Presenting the Swords

Two weeks went by in a flash and Baili Chao finally went to knock on his disciples’ doors to call them to his house and have a look at the swords they came up with.
Seeing the weapon Zhi Guan presented, his heart calmed down and he nodded. “Very well, Zhi Guan! This really is a suitable weapon for Fen’er!”
Just as Zhi Guan had planned, the sword he made was shorter than a normal sword, only about as long as a man’s lower arm. The thin blade shimmered white and the edge glinted in the sun. It was sharp enough to easily injure someone even before Yun Bei Fen could control his weapon well, so even if he got into trouble, he would have a chance to ward his enemy off and flee or at least gain a little time. Mn, indeed very suitable for Fen’er!
“What about you, Yan Hong Min?”
His second disciple took out a sword with a mischievous grin. “This is the sword I made, Master! Have a look! I’m sure it’s the most suitable for our little junior martial brother.”
Baili Chao furrowed his brows. The sword … looked incredibly normal. It was just as long as a normal sword, the width was also the same as a normal sword, not even the color seemed different. Was this really something his second disciple had created?
Baili Chao glanced up. That smile on Yan Hong Min’s face unsettled him but he really couldn’t see anything strange about this weapon. “Uh … Give that to your Master for a moment.” He took the sword from Yan Hong Min’s hand, turned around and waved it.
A gale burst out of the sword’s tip and uprooted the grass on the hill, blowing it into a heap in the valley below. The sound of bell chimes accompanied it as if Yan Hong Min had wanted to make sure that eradicating all living things with one sword strike wouldn’t look too gruesome for his little junior martial brother.
Baili Chao lowered the sword and turned back to his disciples, looking at Yan Hong Min expressionlessly. “You do remember how old your little junior martial brother is?”
Yan Hong Min nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes! That’s why I put a talisman in there so it’d be more potent. Even if he doesn’t know how to use a sword yet, he can just wave it and kill every enemy below the stage of the talisman. The best thing is that he can exchange the talisman if he wants to. Look!” Yan Hong Min took out a stack of paper talismans. “I prepared some more for him so he can train with them.”
Baili Chao rapped his second disciple on the head. “Don’t you dare show this to your fourth junior martial brother! Hmph.” He rammed the sword into the ground and turned to look at Luo Lin. “What about you?”
Luo Lin smiled and offered a sword with both hands.
Baili Chao squinted his eyes but the expected visual attack on them failed to appear. He blinked and looked at the weapon. Surprisingly, it wasn’t made of any fancy material or studded with gems. There wasn’t even a ribbon tied to it. In fact, the sword looked nothing like the things Luo Lin preferred. It wasn’t just plain, it even looked a little old. The handle was worn out and scratches crisscrossed the blade. This looked … just like a used sword.
Baili Chao cleared his throat. “Uh … That’s quite the good sword, Luo Lin.” He nodded his head. At the very least, it wasn’t anything strange. For Luo Lin, this result was quite good. The Elder straightened his shoulders and looked at his disciples one after the other. “You’ve all worked hard the last two weeks. Overall, I think Zhi Guan’s sword is the most suited for Fen’er. You can decide on what kind of reward you want, Zhi Guan.”
Zhi Guan nodded but before he could say anything, Luo Lin cleared his throat.
“Master, didn’t you say it would depend on which sword Fen’er chooses? How can you decide for him? At least give us the chance to present our weapons to him. Maybe he’ll like second senior martial brother’s sword or mine better than first senior martial brother’s.”
Baili Chao sighed. If his fourth disciple wasn’t an idiot, there was no way he’d choose any other sword but … well, he had promised them. “Alright, then let’s go and show him. We’ll see which one he chooses.”
Luo Lin smiled and patted the handle of the sword in his hands. “Mn, we’ll see.”

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