LWS V5C50 My Martial Uncle Told Me to Do It

While Nie Chang wondered how their future would turn out, Su Yan was working hard on making a future on earth possible. Hearing Xue Chang Fu mention drinks, he had immediately hurried over to the counter where one of the waiters was putting food on a tray and asked for four flasks of wine.
“Four flasks?” The waiter raised his brows but still pulled out another tray from below the counter and put the four flasks on it. Who was he to judge the guests’ habits?
He took the money Su Yan handed him and wanted to leave when he saw him pull out a small paper from his sleeve and unfold it, exposing a white powder. The waiter froze. Wait. Wasn’t that …
“You … What do you think you’re doing?”
Su Yan looked at him and blinked, dropping the powder into one of the flasks. “What are you talking about?”
The waiter looked from Su Yan’s face to the flask and back again. The person in front of him seemed to be barely twenty years of age and his expression basically screamed ‘utterly clueless’. It really was hard to think this kind of person would do anything bad.
He gulped and pointed at the flask. “What did you put in there just now?”
Su Yan looked at the flask and then at the paper in his hands, blinking his eyes. “That … I also don’t know.”
“You …” The waiter rubbed his brow. He didn’t know? What was this supposed to mean? “Then why did you put that in there?”
“The S—” Su Yan stopped himself and looked over at the table. Right now, they were using fake identities. He definitely couldn’t call him the Sect Master! “It’s my martial uncle. He told me to put it in there.”
“Your martial uncle.”
“Mn! Over there!” Su Yan pointed at the person in question that was currently staring at the artifact Yue Mu Gang had given him.
Being occupied like this and for once not harassing Elder Yue, he seemed like an honest and upright person. The waiter let out a sigh of relief and relaxed. “Ah, so it was like this. Then you should hurry and bring the tray over.” Who knew? That might be some medicine his martial uncle needed to take or something. Ah, he shouldn’t have suspected such a cute boy! With that thought, the waiter walked away.
Su Yan didn’t think about it any longer, picked up the tray and walked back to the table. He smiled at the three men while putting it down and reached out to give the flask with the drug to Yue Mu Gang. Then he froze.
Uh … Which one was the flask with the drug again?
He blinked and examined the four flasks but they all looked the same. Even if there was anything different about one of them, he hadn’t paid attention to such details before! How was he supposed to know which was which?
He turned back to the counter and tried to remember how he had put the drug in there. The only thing he came up with was the face of the waiter though. Damn this! Why had that stupid guy diverted his attention?! If not for him, this never would have happened!
He stared at the flasks as if he had been wronged, making Nie Chang raise his brows. The other two people didn’t notice though.
“Finally!” Xue Chang Fu didn’t wait and grabbed the flask closest to him. He didn’t even bother to fill a cup and just directly downed the content of the flask.
“Ah!” Su Yan reached out to take it from him but it was already too late. Uh … That shouldn’t have been the one with the drug, right? Nah, his luck couldn’t be that bad. Su Yan nodded to himself and shrunk into the seat beside Nie Chang.
Huh. This hadn’t worked out too well. He pursed his lips and watched as Yue Mu Gang took the flask next to it. Ah, maybe that was the one with the drug?
He watched on as Yue Mu Gang filled his cup and tasted the wine. He didn’t have any special reaction and just continued to sip with a slightly blank gaze. So … either the drug couldn’t be tasted even by a cultivator like him or … the drug was in one of the remaining flasks.
Su Yan gulped. He definitely couldn’t let Nie Chang drink any of that! He hurriedly reached out and grasped his wrist to make sure Nie Chang wouldn’t get any ideas. He didn’t say anything when Nie Chang looked at him questioningly though.
Hmph. He wasn’t an idiot. Xue Chang Fu was sitting right opposite him. Wouldn’t he get angry when he found out that he didn’t know which of the flasks had the drug?
Ah, but actually, there was no need to worry, was there? Su Yan straightened up and took a relieved sigh when he thought of this. Right. Why was he worrying so much? Their task was to make Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang get together. In other words, as long as one of them drank the drugged wine, it would be alright. Everything else could still be worked out afterward.
Thankfully, Xue Chang Fu was cooperative. He put his flask down with a bang and grabbed the next one. “You’re still so young, Xiao Hai, it’s not good to drink too much in the years when you’re still growing. Your martial uncle will be so nice and drink this flask for you.” He smiled patronizingly but at least he remembered to take a cup this time instead of drinking directly from the flask.
Yue Mu Gang looked at him worriedly but didn’t say anything in the end. Never mind, if Xue Chang Fu got drunk, he could still carry him back to the sect. After all, the Jin He City was right at the foot of the mountain. There was no need to worry.
Thus the two of them silently emptied the four flasks of wine together, making the other two people feel superfluous.

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