OMF V6C46 I’ll Call You Mother

Jinde wasn’t happy with his stepson’s behavior either. “Qiu Ling! What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you ran over from the dragon realm this fast! Could it be you just wanted to lure my husband away from here and were lying in ambush?!”
Qiu Ling stopped clamoring. Shit! He had completely forgotten that the old geezer was also here! He hurriedly looked around and finally pushed Fu Min away. “You go and make sure that no spy comes close!” Then he pushed the door open and hurried in, slamming it shut behind him.
“Old geezer, I’m sorry! I forgot about you!”
Jinde’s brows twitched and he hurled the comb Leng Jin Yu had just used to do his hair at Qiu Ling. “Stop calling me old already! I’m your stepfather!”
Qiu Ling caught the comb, hurried to Jinde’s side and gently placed it down again, nodding as earnestly as he could. “I know, I know. If you want, I’ll even call you mother!”
“Who wants to be your mother?” Jinde kicked the child away and looked at his husband, demanding an explanation. “Just what is going on here?”
Leng Jin Yu rubbed his brow. “I’d like to know that as well.” But this certainly wasn’t just a courtesy call of his previous life’s son. “Longjun, why don’t you sit down and tell us slowly what happened?” He motioned at a chair and sat down next to Jinde himself, gently taking his hand to make sure he wouldn’t get angry. Ah, this wasn’t how he had imagined this day at all.
Qiu Ling didn’t need to be told twice. He sat down and looked at the two of them with sparkling eyes. “I need your help!”
“I figured.”
Qiu Ling ignored the ill-tempered person and focused on his father instead. Don’t kid him. The old geezer obviously didn’t even want to listen to him anymore now that he had his father back. Being his stepfather or what not was just empty talk. In fact, he just wanted to look good in front of his father.
But since that was the case, why shouldn’t he make use of it? His old man still owed him from his previous life anyway! He should better listen attentively and help him out.
“It’s really very important. You know that the demon king kidnapped my Jing He, don’t you?”
Leng Jin Yu did him the favor and nodded.
“I tried to get him back but that despicable bastard used Jing He to threaten me. And it’s even worse! He didn’t pay enough attention and there’s a fallen god in his palace and now my beloved got kidnapped again!”
Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brow. “You want to say … the Son of Heaven is currently in the hand of a fallen god?”
Qiu Ling nodded. “Yes! So you have to help me free him!”
Jinde put a hand to his forehead. “Qiu Ling, you do realize that Jin Yu is a mortal, don’t you? How is he supposed to deal with a fallen god?”
“Actually, I’m an ascended deity. Not that I think that would be enough to deal with a fallen god.” He sighed. He didn’t know too much about the fallen gods but he had at least the vague notion that they were something even the trueborn gods thought of as terrifying. An ascended deity like him who didn’t know much about the races would be even worse off than them.
“It truly doesn’t change anything. And you promised not to go to the demon realm anyway.”
“Nobody wants him to go to the demon realm! Can’t you two just listen to me?” Qiu Ling looked from his father’s reincarnation to his so-called stepfather and frowned. “I just want you to contact Xin Lan. He has been in the demon realm for so long, he should know where to find that fallen god.”
Jinde heaved a relieved sigh. “That’s right. There’s still Xin Lan. If anyone has even a slight chance to contend against a fallen god, then that would be him.”
Leng Jin Yu looked away. Ah, it seemed he should celebrate that Jinde had fallen in love with his past life’s identity before meeting Xin Lan, otherwise things might not have turned out the way they were now. This guy was too formidable a rival. Well, there was no need to think about it. Jinde had already married him. “Longjun certainly hasn’t come here without reason. Could it be that you want us to contact him?”
Qiu Ling blinked. Uh … Actually, he had planned all of this differently but, well, that also wasn’t bad. “Mn. That would be great.”
Jinde sighed and took out the pendant that Xin Lan had given him, handing it to Qiu Ling.
“Huh? Why are you giving it to me?” Qiu Ling took the pendant but only looked at it in confusion.
“What? You think I’ll use the bit of spiritual energy I still have to do that for you? Forget it! It’s nice enough of me to even give you the pendant.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “I thought you were my stepfather. Shouldn’t you treat me like family then?”
“You mean you want me to educate you? I’m not sure you’d like that. Now stop griping and contact Xin Lan. I don’t have the whole day.” He decisively turned to Leng Jin Yu and moved closer. “You didn’t finish before.”
“Well, it seems that you didn’t like the way I was doing it anyway.” He reached over and ran his fingers through the hair that he had braided the whole morning. Somehow, Jinde had managed to disentangle the strands in the few minutes he had talked to the blond dragon.
“Ah, that’s not it. Quite the contrary. I liked it so much that I wanted you to do it again.” He leaned closer and pursed his lips.
“Heh!” Qiu Ling kicked Leng Jin Yu’s leg. “What are you trying to do? I’m still here! That kind of thing shouldn’t be done in front of your children! I’ll be traumatized if you have me watch!”
Jinde glared at him. “Turn around for me and go call Xin Lan. Your father and I are obviously busy.” With that, he ignored the child and cupped his husband’s cheeks, leaning in to finally get that kiss.

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