OMF V6C45 The One Crying Wolf

At the same time, Fu Min left the dragon realm in a daze. He couldn’t help but wonder about the message that ‘An Bai’ had left him. Never mind that that had obviously been His Majesty’s handwriting too, why had he needed to travel to the Nine Heavens and then the dragon realm for this kind of simple instruction? In fact, his king only wanted him to go to the Yun Zou Sect and tell the person from the gods that he should go and see him.
Uhm … Excuse him? His Majesty could have gone there by himself and just talked to him directly. Even if he felt that this was beneath his dignity as the king of the dragon race — which he certainly didn’t, considering his usual behavior — he could have just contacted one of them with the transmission stone and told him to go over there instead of leaving messages like that.
Fu Min shook his head. Well, he shouldn’t think too much about it. His Majesty wasn’t someone he could understand. Anyway, it was good that the task had turned out to be so simple. He could just go and inform that guy and then return to Fu Heng’s side. Ah, hopefully, the crown prince would pass his trial soon. After that, His Majesty certainly wouldn’t bother them as often.
With that thought in mind, Fu Min finally arrived at the Yun Zou Sect. Thankfully, he already knew who that person from the gods was. He hurried over to the house he had visited together with Fu Heng the last time and knocked on the door.
Right now, it was in the middle of the day. Even though Jinde loved to cling to his husband to make up for all the years they had missed out on in his previous life, he still knew that Leng Jin Yu wasn’t too thrilled about rolling around in bed all day. Thus he kept the rolling around to the nights but made sure that he could monopolize his husband in another way in daytime. At the moment, Leng Jin Yu was busy combing his hair and braiding part of it because ‘It bothers me if it keeps getting in my face’.
Leng Jin Yu looked up when it knocked and glanced at Jinde’s hair uneasily. He was only halfway through this braid but he couldn’t make that person wait until he finished, could he? If he didn’t do it right, Jinde would certainly demand him to do it again. “My dear …”
“Mn?” Jinde’s golden brows raised. “Is something the matter, husband?”
Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. Don’t kid him. Jinde had definitely heard that knock. “I should go and see who it is. How about …”
“Doing my hair again when you get back? Don’t worry. I can use the time to unravel that braid.”
Leng Jin Yu sighed but still got up. “I thought so. Then take your time.” He leaned down and kissed his cheek before hurrying to the door. Ah, hopefully, this wouldn’t take too much time. He opened the door and raised his brows when he saw the same blond dragon in front of it as the last time.
Fu Min glanced at Leng Jin Yu’s clothes before looking up at his face. This time, he didn’t seem to have disturbed the two of them. “His Majesty sent me! I’m supposed to tell you that he wants you to come to the dragon realm to discuss something with him.”
“Come to the dragon realm?” Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. He could imagine what Jinde would have to say to that.
Indeed. In the house, Jinde straightened up and stopped undoing his hair. What was his stepson thinking, suggesting something like that? He definitely wouldn’t allow Leng Jin Yu to leave just like that!
Fu Min had no idea that his king’s suggestion was even worse than his interruption the last time and happily nodded. “Mn. It seems to be very important so you should hurry. Why don’t you go right now?” Then his mission could be counted as accomplished and he could return to his husband!
Before Leng Jin Yu could say anything, Jinde stepped in. “Husband!”
Leng Jin Yu coughed. “I’m sorry. You also heard, I … can’t hurry over right now. Please Longjun that I’ll come when I find the time.”
“Ah? But —”
The door was shut in his face and Fu Min could only stare dumbly. Shit! What now? He should probably inform His Majesty, shouldn’t he? He winced but still took out a transmission stone.
Qiu Ling didn’t look pleased at all when the connection was established. “What? Why did he close the door in your face? What did you say to him?!”
Fu Min blinked. Uh? “Your Majesty … How do you know he shut the door?”
“I have eyes!”
Fu Min flinched and dropped the stone but he had no trouble hearing his king’s angry roar. His gaze slipped toward a tree not far from the house and he grimaced. Why was his king squatting on a branch and observing him when he had sent him here himself? Don’t tell him this wasn’t an actual mission but instead a hidden test to make sure he was still dependable after marrying Fu Heng? The hadn’t he failed the test now?! Damn this! Why had that guy from the gods have to close the door in front of him?!
Fu Min looked back in anger but what could he do? Before he had the chance to think about it, Qiu Ling already appeared next to him and knocked himself.
“Open the door! It’s really important! How can you just ignore me like this?! Don’t you have any love for your family?!”
In the house, Leng Jin Yu who had just wanted to appease his husband stumbled. Come again? Who was the one making trouble for him even though he knew damn well that he had married not long ago?! If anyone was making trouble for his family members here, then it was the one crying wolf outside of his door!

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