OMF V6C43 What to Do?

Fu Min hurried as fast as he could. Even though Xiang Yong had said that he hadn’t seen any demons, he didn’t want to take any chances. He was married now! He couldn’t be careless and make Fu Heng and widower. Ah, no, Fu Heng had bound his soul to him so he would die with him. He definitely couldn’t take any chances.
In the end, Fu Min made it to Jing He’s palace without encountering a single demon. He hadn’t even seen a single trace of a demon. Hm, very strange. Could it be they were all lying in wait around the palace? He looked around but still couldn’t detect anyone. With a strange feeling in his heart, he entered and found himself faces with Qiang Wei, Yi Zan, and Xiang Yong.
Fu Min stopped. Uh, it seemed those three didn’t know about Fu Heng and him yet? Would they find it strange when they found out? Ah, but even if they wouldn’t know if he didn’t tell them, right? Right? He wasn’t acting weird, was he? He definitely didn’t want them to find out while Fu Heng wasn’t around! At least then, he could still hide behind his husband.
Xiang Yong indeed thought that Fu min was acting strangely but then again, this person always acted completely different toward him depending on whether Fu Heng was around or not. Thus he didn’t think anything more about it. “His Majesty wants you to deliver a message to the dragon realm.” He motioned for Qiang Wei to take over.
The other dragon nodded and took out the message. “It’s this one. You’re supposed to bring it to An Bai.”
Xiang Yong frowned. Wait! This didn’t make sense either. Hadn’t An Bai be imprisoned in the demon realm? Don’t tell him His Majesty had already gotten him out of there? It couldn’t be that His Majesty forgot about that too, could it?! He wanted to speak up but seeing the message change hands, he kept quiet. They had already contacted His Majesty because of this task before. After pointing out to him that he had given out two tasks to the same person, he should have noticed that something was off. If delivering this message to An Bai was impossible, he should have noticed and amended his plan again. Since he hadn’t done so, there had to be something he didn’t know. An Bai had probably returned already. He shouldn’t question his king like this. Thus Xiang Yong kept quiet while Fu Min took the message with a bewildered gaze and went back outside.
Why did he have to deliver a message? Weren’t there transmission stones for this? Well, if his king insisted on it, then there should be some kind of reason. He shouldn’t think too much about it. Especially since he was already here and couldn’t change it anymore. He should just hurry up. The sooner he finished with this task, the sooner he could reunite with his husband! With that thought in mind, Fu Min sped off to the dragon realm and soon arrived in An Bai’s study. To his surprise … it was empty.
Fu Min looked around in a daze. Why wasn’t An Bai here? No, even more important: How was he supposed to deliver His Majesty’s secret message if An Bai wasn’t here? He couldn’t just leave and search all over the palace for him, could he?
Fu Min furrowed his brows. What should he do? He walked in a circle, not noticing the person crouching on the beam above his heads whose expression worsened with every second.
“Ah!” Fu Min finally came up with an idea. He took out a transmission stone and a moment later the voice of his husband sounded.
“Are you finished yet?”
On top of the beam, Qiu Ling’s expression turned as black as the bottom of a pot. This bastard! He not only dared to delay with picking up the message with the note he had prepared for him, but he also contacted his husband to sweet talk while his king was still not married and had even lost his beloved to a fallen god temporarily!
While Qiu Ling raged at him in his mind, Fu Min happily talked to his husband. “No! You won’t believe this but when I arrived in the dragon realm just now An Bai wasn’t in his study! What am I supposed to do now?!”
Qiu Ling searched through his spatial ring and took out a gem that he had picked up for Jing He but never gifted him because, well, his beloved didn’t need any gems. He was perfect without them. Mn, something ordinary-looking might suit him much better. Nobody should be able to dispute his beauty then. Not even that stupid demon king!
Anyway, since this gem didn’t have any more use to him in regard to his beloved, he might as well use it now. Thus a gem dropped onto Fu Min’s head.
“Ah!” Fu Min crouched down and rubbed his head with tears in his eyes. What had happened?
“Fu Min! Are you alright? Did something happen to you?! Wait, I’ll come over!”
“No …” Fu Min picked up the thing that had rolled in front of his feet. “Something dropped onto my head. It’s … a gem?” He furrowed his brows and then looked up to see where the thing had come from.
The room turned quiet and the connection with Fu Heng was cut off. Fu Min couldn’t keep up his spiritual energy. Just what … was happening here? Why was His Majesty crouching on a beam above his head?! How had he missed this before?!
Qiu Ling pursed his lips and glared at him. “Still not picking up An Bai’s message?”
Qiu Ling pointed at the table where he had put the message An Bai had been supposed to give Qiang Wei, as well as the note saying that An Bai was out.
Fu Min looked over and picked the note up. His expression derailed. The note said ‘I’m out. This is the message I’m supposed to leave for you.’ But the squiggly handwriting obviously had nothing in common with the elegant strokes of An Bai. Fu Min looked up at the ceiling again. He really wanted to ask his king just what he was playing at but Qiu Ling’s dark look made him flinch. Uh, it was probably better to pick up the message that ‘An Bai’ had left for him before something else than a gem would hit his head.

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