LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (3): It’s My Pleasure to Make You Happy

While Yun Bei Fen had already found the answer he was looking for, Luo Lin couldn’t help but ponder the question once again. Saying that he wanted to be pretty for the person he liked wasn’t wrong but then again, he had also liked to be pretty before. After all, why wouldn’t he want those senior martial brothers to look at him with fervor? So what was it that was different now?
He turned around and rubbed the warm chest below him. “Ah Lei?”
“How do you like someone?”
The man opened his eyes and raised his brows, pulling Luo Lin closer. “Why is my fairy asking?”
Luo Lin lightly scratched his skin. “Ah, it’s nothing much. Just that Luo Lin’s junior martial brother asked him that question today. And Luo Lin didn’t know how to explain well. So what does Ah Lei think?”
“Hm …” The man interlaced his fingers behind Luo Lin’s back and pondered. “Liking someone … I think there are many different ways to show that. No person is the same. What’s most important is what’s in your heart.” He smiled and kissed Luo Lin’s hair. “You know when I see you my heart beats faster and I feel happy regardless of how bad my day was before. And I feel even happier when I can see that my fairy is also happy. So I’d do anything to make sure that my fairy can be the happiest.”
Luo Lin smiled back and snuggled up closer. “So it’s like that. Ah Lei is always thinking on my behalf. That makes me very happy already. No need to do anything more.” He craned his neck and their lips met, their tongues entangling for a moment.
Finally, the man pulled back. “It’s my pleasure to be able to make my fairy smile.” He brushed through Luo Lin’s hair with his fingers, making Luo Lin sigh.
He burrowed into his lover’s arms and laughed. “Ah Lei, say, was Luo Lin pretty today?”
“My fairy is always pretty.”
“But was Luo Lin especially pretty today?”
The man thought back to the bright red flower that had ended up who-knew-where and nodded. “Mn, even prettier than yesterday. I’m afraid I won’t be able to let my fairy go later on. What if a bad person comes and steals my fairy away?”
“Then Luo Lin will need to stay here.”
“Ah, I’m troubling you.”
“It’s alright as long as Ah Lei stays with Luo Lin.”
The man turned around, trapping Luo Lin below him, and cupped his cheeks. “Then I’ll do so. It’s my pleasure to make you happy.” And with that, he leaned down and kissed him again.

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