LWS V5C40 I Feel I Should Say a Few Words

Xue Chang Fu’s eyes widened incredulously. He opened his mouth but didn’t know what to do. In the end, he rapped Su Yan on the head. “Dou Fang Hai! What are you suggesting there?! Did you lose your marbles together with your memory?! Why would I even think of drugging Elder Yue?!”
“Ah!” Su Yan held his head and pouted. What was he getting angry about? Hadn’t he been the one who said he wanted him to put a powder into Elder Yue’s drink later on that would make him lose control? What was that if not drugging him?! “Drugging someone is bad. You definitely can’t do that!” He should know. He had been drugged once and it had been horrible. He hadn’t been able to remember clearly and his head had hurt and Nie Chang had also gotten angry at him. Regardless of how Elder Yue had behaved until now, he didn’t deserve to experience something like that!
“You!” Xue Chang Fu trembled. He grabbed Su Yan by the ear and twisted, lowering his voice. “Do you think this is funny? I worked so hard to come up with that plan and get all the ingredients to create that powder and now you’re ruining all of it! Don’t you feel ashamed at all? You’re so cheap! Just because I said some not-so-nice things yesterday.”
“What are you even talking about?!” Su Yan furrowed his brow and tried to get out of Xue Chang Fu’s grasp. “You were the one who wanted to drug someone! I’m just trying to be the voice of reason here!”
At the table on the other side of the inn, Nie Chan rubbed the space between his brows. Ah, he certainly wouldn’t have thought he’d ever hear his little darling call himself the voice of reason. Although he had to say that Su Yan wasn’t completely wrong. What kind of shitty plan was drugging Elder Yue?
Speaking of that … He lowered his hand and looked at the person in question. Considering that someone had just blurted out that he was supposed to get drugged, he was surprisingly calm. In fact, Nie Chang wasn’t even sure if Yue Mu Gang was watching him or the two people behind him that were discussing their plan. This guy wasn’t easily stumped, was he?
Well, no wonder. The Sect Master certainly had been going after him for quite some time. He probably expected him to pull some crazy stunt at every moment. Wasn’t he himself doing the same with Su Yan? He just knew his little darling too well. And Yue Mu Gang should be the same. Which left the question of why he still wasn’t together with him.
Nie Chang ignored the tumult behind him and looked at Yue Mu Gang. “I hope Elder Yue won’t hold it against my junior martial brother. He likes you very much.”
Yue Mu Gang slightly raised his brows. Normally, the Grandmaster wouldn’t get involved in this. Could it be this person would finally give himself away? Unfortunately for the Elder, Nie Chang was much more careful than Su Yan.
“I know this doesn’t concern me and I should stay out of this but since my disciple carelessly got involved I feel I should say a few words.”
“Please go ahead. I’d very much like to know what the Grandmaster thinks about this situation.”
Nie Chang lowered his gaze. He had to tread carefully now. This person had at least a general understanding of Ziju An even if he didn’t know him closer than that. If he did something that was out of character, then he would be mistaken for one of the heretic practitioners the Sect Master had mentioned. But this opportunity was too good. Not only could he gather some information Su Yan and he might be able to work with, but in the best case, he might also succeed in swaying the Elder’s attitude a little. And this attitude was the key factor. After all, the Sect master already knew very clearly what he wanted. So what should he say?
Nie Chang took a deep breath and glanced behind him where the Sect Master was still twisting Su Yan’s ear and angrily scolding him. Nie Chang winced inwardly. Su Yan would certainly complain how badly he had been treated and that he was a bad boyfriend for not coming to save him.
Ah! Considering that Su Yan always modeled his protagonist and male lead after themselves, Ziju An would probably feel the same when seeing Dou Fang Hai in this situation.
Nie Chang turned back and smiled. “He loves you very much. If I’m not wrong, you also have some feelings for him.”
Elder Yue kept quiet. This was something he could neither deny nor admit.
Nie Chang didn’t mind and continued. “We certainly have our reasons for holding ourselves back and they might be valid reasons. Maybe being together with the person we love would be troublesome and raise issues we feel unable to face. But sometimes if we keep holding back for too long and let those issues influence our decisions, then we will lose what is important to us. Maybe … Maybe Elder Yue should ponder carefully whether those issues are more important or whether seeing that person smile is more important.”
He didn’t wait for Yue Mu Gang’s response and instead got up. “I’ve already said more than I should. Excuse me now, it seems I should get my disciple out of trouble.” With that, he turned around and walked over to where Su Yan and Xue Chang Fu were still arguing.
Yue Mu Gang’s gaze followed him all the way and his eyes flashed. The way the Grandmaster had said this … Could it be he himself had also faced this issue once? Could it be he had regretted the way he decided back then?
He glanced at Xue Chang Fu who was angrily pointing at Dou Fang Hai’s nose. That special person’s smile … Would he also regret it if he didn’t do everything he could to keep it safe?

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