LWS V5C41 How to Cheer Him up

“Senior martial brother!” Xue Chang Fu pursed his lips and stomped his feet. “I was clearly the one being wronged! How can you shamelessly take Xiao Hai’s side? Don’t you think this is unfair?”
Nie Chang didn’t pay him any attention. Just one glance at Su Yan’s face let him know that he had to very, very quickly ruffle his feathers or he’d be the one to take the blame. He hurriedly stroked Su Yan’s back and ruffled his hair. “Are you alright?”
Su Yan pursed his lips just like the Sect Master but managed to look even more aggrieved. “No!”
“Mn, it’s all my junior martial brother’s fault. I’ll have him apologize to you as soon as we’ve caught those heretic practitioners! Will that make you feel better?”
Su Yan pursed his lips even further. Who cared if that guy apologized or not? That was his own creation! If he wanted him to apologize, he could just write it down when they returned home! Ugh, speaking of that … how long would they need to return? Had they still not made any progress?
Ah, he really wanted to complain to his boyfriend but because that stupid person was still standing next to them, he couldn’t even talk to him freely! He looked at Nie Chang with a wronged look. Being inside a book wasn’t as much fun as novels wanted people to believe.
Nie Chang sighed and turned to Xue Chang Fu. “Still not going to complain to Elder Yue?”
The Sect Master froze and then ran over, slipping onto his seat and latching onto Yue Mu Gang again. “Ah Gang! They bullied me!”
Yue Mu Gang didn’t notice. He stared transfixed at the two people on the other side of the room, trying to wrap his head around the thought that had just flashed through his head. It couldn’t be, could it? Grandmaster Ziju … and Xiao Hai? But they were disciple and Master!
He paused when he thought of that. Ah, wasn’t this exactly like him and Xue Chang Fu? He glanced at the person next to him that still looked up at him with a wronged expression. He had always feared that people would talk about him behind his back if they got together. The Sect Master of a righteous sect and a traitor to the demonic path … Naturally, tongues would wag.
Then the Grandmaster … had also been worried because of what people would think if it got out that he had fallen in love with his disciple? He looked back to the other side of the inn where almost the same scene was taking place: Dou Fang Hai was looking wronged and his mouth moved continuously, probably recounting just how he had been bullied by his martial uncle.
The only difference between them was that the Grandmaster didn’t ignore the person next to him. He very earnestly listened to his disciple’s complains, nodded and encouraged him, unhesitatingly pushing all the blame onto his junior martial brother. Under his care, the person next to him soon cheered up and those pouting lips turned into a careful smile. The Grandmaster coaxed him even further and finally, Dou Fang Hai happily followed him to the counter where they ordered the drinks Xue Chang Fu had completely forgotten by now.
Seeing Dou Fang Hai beam at his Master and follow him back to the table with a spring in his step, he couldn’t help but envy them. Maybe … he had really thought too much. Maybe it didn’t matter what others thought as long as being together could make the other person happy.
He glanced at Xue Chang Fu who was still rambling on about how unfair his senior martial brother had treated him while continuously tugging at his sleeve.
Yue Mu Gang gulped. Could he really do this? Then … what was he supposed to do? Just how had the Grandmaster managed to resolve the issue so soon? Would just paying him attention be enough? Well, he should just try.
Yue Mu Gang stared at Xue Chang Fu, hoping that he would cheer up. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to be the right approach. The Sect Master continued to complain until he noticed that he finally had the attention of the person next to him. Seeing that Yue Mu Gang was actually listening and looking at him … he fell silent.
What was going on here? Why was Yue Mu Gang looking at him so intently? He never did that! Had something happened? Was there something on his face? No, wait, that person didn’t care about his face. Could it be … there really was a heretic practitioner behind him? But hadn’t he just made those rumors up to lure him out to the inn?!
Yue Mu Gang tightened his lips. It seemed he lacked the required skill for coaxing the person he liked. Well, or maybe Dou Fang Hai was just much easier to handle? Ah, what could it be Xue Chang Fu wanted to hear? He furrowed his brows, making the person opposite him tense up.
Ah, just what had he done wrong? How come Yue Mu Gang was suddenly giving him this silent treatment where he looked at him but just frowned? It was still better if he didn’t pay him attention after all! Could they please just go back to how things had been before?
Yue Mu Gang took a deep breath. Alright, he would try it one last time. “Your senior martial brother … is very biased.”
Xue Chang Fu’s eyes bulged. Wait. What? Had Yue Mu Gang just said that his senior martial brother was biased? Didn’t this mean … he agreed with him?! Xue Chang Fu’s lips parted and closed again. In the end, he lifted a hand and held it against Yue Mu Gang’s forehead. “Strange. Your temperature is normal though.”

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