LWS V5C39 I Didn’t Plan That!

Su Yan furrowed his brows. “How would I know? Anyway, I don’t know his favorite food! I forgot all about it! Why do you still not believe me?!”
Xue Chang Fu looked at the disciple in front of him that was pursing his lips in anger and pursed his own lips. “How was I supposed to know something like that happened? That’s such a stupid story. Everyone would think you’re trying to make up a lie.”
“You!” Su Yan trembled. How dare his own character say something like that to him? He was also something he had come up with! He should better be thankful or he would make Yue Mu Gang the Sect Master instead when he got back! Well, not that he could. He had already published the first chapter, after all. Hmph. He’d think of something else he could do to him. Maybe Nie Chang had an idea. Anyway, he couldn’t let this go unpunished!
Seeing that his only available helper was getting even angrier, Xue Chang Fu hurriedly restrained his own temper. He definitely couldn’t lose Dou Fang Hai’s help! How would he implement his plan then? He took a deep breath, patted his martial nephew’s head and imitated his senior martial brother’s way of dealing with things. “Alright, alright, it’s your martial uncle’s fault. Don’t be angry anymore. How about I explain the plan to you again?”
Su Yan wanted to reject at first but then remembered the special mission. Maybe the Sect Master’s plan wasn’t bad and they could use it to make him get together with the Elder? “Mn, well, since it’s you, I’ll forgive you. So what is the plan about?”
Xue Chang Fu smiled and glanced in the direction of the table where Yue Mu Gang and his senior martial brother were sitting. Mn, it seemed they were busy. Great! He should still make sure they couldn’t be overheard. “Let’s go a little further. Ah Gang is too good. He’ll definitely overhear if we’re too close. Come with me.” He pulled Su Yan even further away until they had widened the distance between them and the table as far as they could. “Alright, listen closely.”
Su Yan nodded and stared at the Sect Master. This might be the key to getting back home! He couldn’t miss anything!
Seeing that he had a willing audience, Xue Chang Fu puffed out his chest and raised a finger. “Looking at the situation closely, it’s obvious that Ah Gang is already very much in love with me. He’s only holding back because he’s so uptight. So we just have to make sure that he’s less uptight, then it won’t be a problem for him to accept his feelings and act on them.”
“Eh?” Su Yan blinked. “But why would he think that it’s a problem to be together with you now? You’re not even martial brothers, are you?” At least, he couldn’t remember that he had planned them to be martial brothers. But he shouldn’t have. After all, this story was supposed to focus on the forbidden love between Master and disciple. He certainly wouldn’t have wanted to have another complicated relationship in there, would he? And anyway, the Sect Master had never called the Elder his martial brother while he had with Ziju An. So they couldn’t be martial brothers. What was the problem then?
Xue Chang Fu sighed. “Ah, you also forgot about that? Isn’t it all because I’m the Sect Master and he was part of a heretic sect once? He still believes people would talk about me behind my back if we got together. ‘The Sect Master of the Jin Shan Sect giving himself to a heretic practitioner!’ Oh, what a great topic. Those gossip mongers certainly would have fun with that.” He pursed his lips. “Hmph. I don’t care. I want Ah Gang and I’ll get Ah Gang. Other people can say whatever they want about it.”
“Whoa! Sect Master, you’re so —” Su Yan’s eyes widened. “Wait. What? Elder Yue was part of a heretic sect once?! I didn’t plan this at all!” He certainly would have remembered if he had thought about something like this! Don’t tell him the Lovely Writing System had dared to put such a subplot into his story?!
Xue Chang Fu rapped him on the head. “What are you even talking about? Who cares whether he was in a heretic sect or not? And the one who came up with the plan was definitely me. It had nothing to do with you. I was just so nice to let you know about it because you confessed you were also in love with somebody difficult. You’re just benefiting from my genius!”
Su Yan had a lot to say to this but finally just pursed his lips. Whatever. He could still torture this guy when he came back home. For now, he had to endure his idiocy and make sure his plan worked so he could indeed benefit from it and gain lots of experience points!
Seeing that his martial nephew had turned obedient, Xue Chang Fu nodded with satisfaction.
“So what is your plan? And what am I supposed to do?”
The Sect Master pulled something out of his sleeve with a triumphant expression. “This is my plan!”
“That is …”
Xue Chang Fu wanted to complain about Dou Fang Hai’s slow brain but then remembered that the poor boy had lost his memories. Ah, what a bad time for such an accident! Couldn’t he have waited until the plan was implemented before falling down?! Alas, there was nothing he could do besides explaining it again. “This is …” He looked at Su Yan’s puzzled gaze and sighed. “Never mind what exactly it is. Anyway, we’ll stay here for a while. We’ll bring back tea now and later, you’ll go and get two rooms and some wine for us. Put this into Ah Gang’s wine. That’ll be enough.”
Su Yan nodded and wanted to reach out when he suddenly seemed to understand something. “Wait. What? You want to drug Elder Yue?!”
At the table on the other side of the inn, two men raised their heads and looked over in their direction.

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