LWS V5C38 I Forgot

While the two men at the table stared at each other to figure the other out, Xue Chang Fu dragged Su Yan as far away as he could without making too obvious that he wasn’t going to get them drinks at all.
Su Yan wondered why they were still walking after passing two waiters though. “Uh …” He wanted to ask but suddenly found himself faced with a difficult problem: How was he supposed to address this person? Martial uncle? This was his Master’s junior martial brother, after all. But he was also the Sect Master and everyone besides Ziju An called him Sect Master or Sect Master Xue so maybe it would be best if he also called him Sect Master?
Before he could decide, Xue Chang Fu whirled him around and pushed him into a corner. He drew himself up to full height and leveled Su Yan with a dark look. “Xiao Hai, you better be honest with me! Are you still angry because of what I said yesterday? Is that why you want to sabotage my plan?”
“Ah?” Su Yan stared at him blankly. When had he tried to sabotage somebody’s plan? He didn’t even know about any plan!
“What ah? Speak clearly! Do you want to hinder me from getting together with Ah Gang or don’t you?”
“Of course, I don’t! Why would I hinder you? I’m totally in favor of this!” Su Yan’s eyes sparkled. So his characters weren’t as undependable as he had thought, after all! At least the Sect Master still knew how to help his creator out a bit!
Xue Chang Fu was taken aback. How come Xiao Hai was suddenly so excited about his plan? Hadn’t he still been hemming and hawing the last time they spoke about this? He narrowed his eyes. “Are you really saying the truth? You’re not just pretending you’re on my side to disturb me and Ah Chang at the last moment, are you?”
Su Yan hastily shook his head. “Of course, not! Sect Master, your love for Elder Yue is so obvious it would be a pity if you couldn’t find happiness!”
Xue Chang Fu nodded happily. “Yes, yes, indeed. That’s indeed true. I totally deserve being happy with him. Nobody deserves this more than me.” He grabbed Su Yan by the shoulders and stared at him. “This is why nothing can go wrong today. You still know what to do?”
“Uh?” Su Yan blinked. Was he supposed to do something?
“Xiao Hai! Don’t tell me you were kidding just now? How can you say I deserve to be happy and then pretend you all forgot about our plan?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and shifted on the spot. “That … I … I indeed forgot.”
Xue Chang Fu frowned. “Do you think I’d believe that?”
“But … It’s the truth!” Su Yan raised his chin and looked into the Sect Master’s eyes. As long as he pretended to have forgotten what could this guy do to him?
Xue Chang Fu frowned even more. “How can you forget something like that? And we even talked about it yesterday!”
Su Yan froze. Right! They had talked about the plan yesterday and he had pretended to know what it was about back then. Oh no! Now what? “That … That was before!” Su Yan slipped out of the Sect Master’s grasp and tried to look as pitiful as he could. “I forgot about it afterward.”
“How could you have forgotten about it since yesterday? Xiao Hai, don’t be ridiculous! If you don’t want me to be together with Ah Gang, just say so! Wait!” Xue Chang Fu’s eyes widened. “It couldn’t be this isn’t what you think but what my senior martial brother thinks instead, could it?!” He followed Su Yan and grabbed his shoulders again. “Tell me the truth! Now! Did senior martial brother say anything about Ah Gang and me? Could it be he doesn’t tolerate our relationship? Could it be senior martial brother actually fell in love with me too and thus wants to separate us?!”
Su Yan slapped his hands away. “What are you even talking about? He would never do something like that! Fallen in love with you, tch. Why would he?!” He really wanted to tell this guy not to even think about it. Nie Chang already had him. Why would he fall in love with someone as unreasonable as this Sect Master?!
Xue Chang Fu didn’t feel like the words of a disciple about his Master were worth much. No, he couldn’t trust him with this. But he had to somehow get the truth out of him!
He crossed his arms in front of his chest and raised his brows. “Is that so? Then tell your martial uncle how you forgot about something this important in such a short amount of time.”
Su Yan’s eyes bulged. What was he supposed to say now? That he had suddenly gotten amnesia? Eh? Su Yan blinked. Wasn’t that what happened in novels all the time? In that case … he might as well! Su Yan raised his chin again and looked at the Sect Master provokingly. “I fell. That’s how I forgot.”
“You fell?”
“Yes. I fell and hit my head. Weren’t you there when I told my Master this morning? Since then I can’t remember some things.”
“Like what?”
“Like martial uncle’s plan.”
Xue Chang Fu continued to look at him questioningly. He obviously didn’t buy it yet.
Su Yan pursed his lips. It seemed he’d have to give some more examples before this guy was satisfied. “I also can’t remember Master’s favorite food.”
Xue Chang Fu stared at him, not knowing how to answer for a while. In the end, he furrowed his brows. “But … your Master is a cultivator. He doesn’t need to eat anyway. Why would he have a favorite food in the first place?”

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