The Project after Lovely Writing System

We’re already about one-third or maybe even halfway through the last volume of Lovely Writing System (😥) so I’ve been pondering what to do afterward. There are three options I currently have in mind and I’d like to know your opinion 😉

Here’s some info on what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Do you remember the security guard Li Ming from the railroad station where Su Yan worked? I already said I had a special planned for him. It would probably be shorter than a novel (~25-30 chapters maybe) and will feature Li Ming and a character you don’t know yet (but I’m sure you’ll love him!). There will be a short reunion with Su Yan and Nie Chang too.
  2. Shen Lu was the one making LWS possible thanks to gifting Su Yan with a system. Her journey isn’t over yet though. This project would be a full-length novel or maybe a short series that will feature completely new main characters and shed some more light on the Heaven Corporation. There won’t be a system this time but lots of fujoshi-power!
  3. Starting something new is fun but maybe you’d rather see me finish something else first? If most people vote for this option, I’ll increase the release rate of RMN so that we can finish it before I start anything new.

Do you like any of the options or do you have a different suggestion? Please tell me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The Project after Lovely Writing System

  1. I’ve been real busy these last months but I’ll soon be back to binge reading your works, honey!

    As for the options, I’d like to help but since I haven’t read LWS buuut option 1 sounds nice (and cute) soooo /o/

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