OMF V6C26 He Just Needed to Wait

Having received his mother-in-law’s consent, Qiu Ling threw himself into setting up arrays around Jing He’s bed. He made sure their cores didn’t overlap and that they were of different sizes so that they couldn’t be broken at the same time.
Arrays weren’t his strong suit but it would be enough to hold off that bastard Jin Ling for a while. In fact, he wasn’t hoping for these arrays to accomplish much but he had made sure that they would be as flashy and loud as possible upon activation. That way someone would definitely hurry over at the speed of light and save his beloved from Jin Ling’s evil clutches.
Ah, he was such a genius!
Qiu Ling turned to smile at Jing He. “I’m sorry, my love. I know if he really comes here and triggers the arrays, it’ll disturb you. But it’s the only way for now. As soon as I’ve managed to free your mortal self, I can swap them for something else you like.” Qiu Ling blinked. “Uh, actually, there’s no need to swap them. I’ve already thought it through. After I free Jing Yi, I’ll bring him here so you can wake up again. Naturally, we won’t need the array anymore then. No, you’ll be able to open your eyes again and then …”
He smiled and leaned over, gently stroking Jing He’s head. Ah, he couldn’t wait for his beloved to wake up. It had really been too long since they spent time together.
Qiu Ling sat down at Jing He’s bedside and took his hand again, earnestly examining his face. His beloved didn’t look any different from the day when he had left for the mortal world. It was as if he had just fallen into a long sleep.
Qiu Ling bent down again and kissed his beloved’s cheek, his lashes brushing against his skin. Thinking back to the day when his beloved had left, his heart beat faster. With how proper Jing He had always behaved, it shouldn’t be wrong to say that he had initiated a kiss for the first time that day. Even though it hadn’t been one they shared and just a peck on the cheek, that was already more than usual. After all, before that, it had always been him who prompted Jing He and his beloved only let him do as he liked. Seeing him take the initiative really was nice. Especially since Jing He had also said that they would marry immediately after his return.
Qiu Ling couldn’t help but smile. So finally, after ten years of wooing him, he would be able to take him home. He had always known that this day would come but with all those years passing, he had really started to wonder just when that would happen.
Qiu Ling gave a sigh. What a pity that the moment it could finally happen had also been the moment Jin Ling had picked to make trouble for them. But soon, it would be over.
Thinking of the plan that had already started to form in his head and just needed him to wait a while before he could implement it, Qiu Ling lay down next to his beloved and wrapped his arms around his waist. The little beast from the mortal world scrambled away and eyes him warily. When he didn’t do anything, it carefully inched closer again and finally snuggled up against Jing He’s neck, making a nest out of that silky hair. It happily pushed its snout into it, its eyes curving up. Mn, this really was comfortable. Hopefully, the terrible person couldn’t see it here. It didn’t want to leave again.
Like that one dragon and one beast fell asleep pressed up against the crown prince of the Nine Heavens. As for that person’s reincarnation …
Jing Yi had been brought back to the room in Jin Ling’s palace where he had been held captive before. The demon king, after laughing for a while and telling him not to overthink what he had seen on the battlefield before, left him alone and hadn’t returned in the past hours.
Jing Yi still sat on the bed, his knees pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. He really wanted to laugh at himself. He knew he shouldn’t listen to that person but still … His thoughts continued to circle around those moments. He couldn’t forget Qiu Ling’s torn expression. And then there was his uncle’s prompt decision to kill him off. Just what was up with that? Sure, he himself had said that he wouldn’t mind dying for Qiu Ling but did his uncle have to be that decisive? Couldn’t he hesitate at least a little?
Jing Yi sighed and propped his chin up on his knees. There was no use in thinking about this. He also knew that. As long as there was nobody he could ask, he wouldn’t find an answer.
Since that was the case …
Jing Yi closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, trying not to think of these things any longer. Qiu Ling had said that he didn’t need to worry. He had promised to get him out of here. And obviously, he knew where this place was. He even knew the person that had taken him away. He would come. After all, Qiu Ling had never disappointed him. When he needed his help, then Qiu Ling would certainly lend him a hand.
In that case, he should also try and help Qiu Ling in the only way he could: Getting stronger so that on the day when Qiu Ling came to rescue him, he wouldn’t be a burden. Maybe that way, he wouldn’t make trouble for Qiu Ling in the future either or maybe … even stand next to him as his equal, not lacking compared to the person he had been in his past life.

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