LWS V5C1 Look at Yourself First!

In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain female official facepalmed. How stupid! Just why had Su Yan been her favorite author?! He didn’t deserve that high spot in her heart at all! Since she had given him a system, he was only making trouble! It hadn’t even been two weeks but he had managed to thwart her plans several times already!
Just why had he used the Dimension Ticket before taking that hot shower? Or, even better, couldn’t he have waited until tomorrow and tried it after they had had sex? How was she supposed to get her story back on track now?!
Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do besides hoping that Nie Chang would set things right soon. She opened the drawer of her desk and took out another bag of chips, ripping it open forcefully. A handful of chips flew out of the bag in a high arch and landed on the ground.
Shen Lu looked at them pointedly. Seriously? Was some kind of higher power trying to ruin her day or what? Oh, please if the great God of BL had the time to personally play tricks on her to punish her for her interventions, he should rather go and help Su Yan to realize the joys of being a shou! Hmph.
The shou in question was lying on the ground groaning. This time he hadn’t landed in a heap with Nie Chang but it didn’t hurt any less. Ugh, just why was the system so rough with them every time? Couldn’t it get normal doors? And what was with that transportation without warning? That was a fucking trap door! Did he deserve to be treated like this?!
He propped himself up on his elbows and rubbed his bottom before turning his attention to his nose. Ow. It wouldn’t be broken, would it? He touched it for a while but wasn’t sure. Mn, he should ask Nie Chang to take a look later.
Ah! Right! What about his boyfriend?! He looked to the side where Nie Chang had been before but was faced with a … desk? Su Yan blinked. This seemed to be some kind of antique desk? There were an ink slab and a brush rest with different kinds of writing brushes hanging on it. Huh? That brush with the jade handle looked awfully familiar. Come to think of it, the ink slab next to it did too. No, he felt like he had seen the whole desk before!
Su Yan stared at it until, finally, a light bulb went off in his head. Wasn’t this the normal-looking but very special desk he had crafted for Ziju An’s study?!
He sat up and looked around. Indeed. This was the study he had crafted for his test. Tch, so the system hadn’t actually rewarded him but instead shrunk his special dimension again? Wasn’t this unfair?! He had worked so hard to get to the next level and now he used that stupid ticket and the system had even stolen the rest of the dimension, only leaving him with a space as big as the study. It was as if it had made him regress one level!
Su Yan pursed his lips. This wasn’t acceptable! He had to find a way to make this undone! “Ah Chang?” He looked around for his boyfriend. If anyone knew how to set this right, it would be him!
From the other side of the desk sounded a groan and Nie Chang also sat up.
Su Yan looked at him blankly. Huh? Huh?! His lips twitched and finally, he doubled over in laughter, pointing straight at Nie Chang’s nose. “Ah! Look at you! What happened to your hair?! And your clothes? Don’t tell me you were trying to come up with a reward for me after the system screwed me over?”
He felt a little mean laughing when Nie Chang had made so much effort to cheer him up but, ah, he just looked too stupid! What was with this white robe that looked as if it was two thousand years old? And where had he gotten that white wig? It didn’t look like him at all!
Nie Chang’s brows twitched. “Darling … before laughing about other people, you should probably take a look at yourself first.”
“Huh?” Su Yan rubbed at the corners of his eyes. Ah, this was too hilarious! If he looked any longer at him, he’d start crying!
Nie Chang stood up with a frown, almost stumbling over the hem of the robe. He looked down and lifted it up with a harrumph, walking over to a stand at the side of the study. He picked up the mirror and turned back to Su Yan.
“Ah! No! Don’t touch that!” Su Yan immediately stopped laughing. “That’s the super special spiritual energy mirror of Ziju An that will allow him to detect any kind of spell or trap that was laid down with spiritual energy! If you break that, will the shitty system replace it?!”
His boyfriend was unsympathetic though and walked over, holding the very special mirror in front of his face. “I don’t think that’s the worst problem we have right now. Take a look.”
Su Yan blinked and looked at the mirror. When he saw the face looking back at him … He jumped to his feet, only to get tangled up in the hem of his own robe. Nie Chang reached out with a sigh, grabbed his arm and pulled him back onto his feet.
“Careful. If you break anything, I probably won’t be able to drive you to the hospital.”
Su Yan wasn’t in the mood for any jokes. He cupped his cheeks and stared into the mirror with horror written in his eyes. “Ah Chang, what is this?! Why am I looking like Dou Fang Hai? Don’t tell me we’ve actually transmigrated into my novel?!”
Nie Chang just looked at him. Did his darling really need to ask?

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