LWS V4C79 What Reward Did I Get?

Su Yan really wanted to scold him for saying such a stupid thing but his lips involuntarily curved into a happy smile. Awr, his boyfriend was such a nice person! He leaned over, cupped his cheeks with his chopsticks still in hand and gave him a lingering kiss.
Nie Chang chuckled, put his own chopsticks aside and encircled his waist. Mn, he should try to sweet-talk his little darling more often if this was what he’d get in return.
Finally, Su Yan leaned back and happily devoted his attention to his bowl again. His thoughts stayed with his boyfriend for a while though. Mn, Nie Chang was so great it was no wonder that he couldn’t come up with any reason why they might have a breakup. They never would! It was as simple as that. He would need to be an idiot to let someone like Nie Chang go.
Wasn’t it the same in movies or novels? If the male lead and the female lead really got together, there was nothing from the outside that could separate them anymore. Well, except maybe death but which main character would …
Su Yan blinked and his hand froze in the air, suspending a few noodles in the air.
Eh? Could it be that he had just found the last reason for the list? Could it actually be … the famous sacrificial love?! That moment in the novel where the female lead was diagnosed with a terminal illness or where the male lead was pressured by a love rival that threatened to release some compromising material about the female lead if he didn’t break up with her? The moment that would then lead to them indeed breaking up with their partner who wouldn’t understand their decision since they refused to explain and then question it until they finally got behind the true reason?! And then the male lead would search for a way to cure the female lead or steal the material from the love rival and get revenge on him before they finally got together again and lived happily ever after.
Ah, that had to be it!
He threw his chopsticks down and took out his phone, not caring about thugs anymore. Actually, he didn’t even think of his previous worries. He immediately opened the Lovely Writing System and navigated back to the list.
His fingers trembled slightly when he clicked on the tenth point and … froze. Shit! How was he supposed to condense this into one word? He definitely couldn’t mess up now and write two! No, he wouldn’t fail because of such a stupid reason!
Su Yan looked up at the ceiling and furrowed his brow. Sacrificial love … Uh … Sacrifice? Yeah, that sounded good. He typed it in and pressed the [confirm] button that appeared below the list.
Ah, he had finally finished the task! This felt so great! Now, how many points would he get for this? He stared intently at the screen, not even noticing when Nie Chang leaned over to take a look too.
The two of them weren’t the only ones looking at a screen. In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, Official Shen Lu also stared at a screen while hurriedly stuffing chips into her mouth.
Ah! She couldn’t take this tension! Su Yan had converted Nie Chang’s ideas into such strange notes. Would the system still judge that he had passed the task? She really hoped it had! Wouldn’t the tasks become even better when he leveled up again?
She stuffed some more chips into her mouth to fight the anxiety and clicked on the button at the side to see the computations of the system that were also displayed to Su Yan.
[Processing answer]
[Checking database]
[Computing frequency]
[Evaluating originality]
At this point, Su Yan’s eyes widened. What?! Evaluating originality?! The system had never told him that his list had to have ten original ideas! Wasn’t this just about what could make a couple break up?!
Nie Chang saw his little darling’s expression derail and hurriedly patted his shoulder. “Just wait for the final result. The originality might just be a small part it checks. Maybe it doesn’t even add to your score.”
“Mn. I hope you’re right.”
The system didn’t let the two of them wait for long.
[Organizing results]
[Congratulations, host, on finishing a special mission! With this result, you have shown that you understand the inner workings of couples. This will help you to craft convincing couples for your stories.
You may now accept your reward.
Reward: 1 Dimension Ticket]
Two buttons appeared at the bottom of the window. Su Yan snorted when he saw [decline reward]. Naturally, he clicked on the other button before putting his phone on the table and hugging Nie Chang.
“Ah Chang! Did you see that? I finally finished that task! And I even got a reward! Ah, life is great!”
Nie Chang chuckled and patted his back. “Yes, yes. You did well. So what is that reward about?”
Su Yan froze. Uh … He straightened up and looked at his phone again. The system had already issued the next messages.
[Reward accepted]
[Issuing reward]
[Reward received]
After that, the main page was displayed. No word of explanation. The system didn’t even remind him what kind of reward he had gotten!
Su Yan frowned and turned to his boyfriend. “Ah Chang, what kind of reward did I get? Was it something good? A lot of experience points? Some cheat that I can use to skip a level?”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “I don’t think the system works like that.”
“Then what did I get? Don’t tell me it was something useless!”
“I think it said ‘Dimension Ticket’ so it should have to do with the Special Dimension you showed me. Did the system mention something like that previously?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and pondered. “No. I don’t think so.” He shook his head and wanted to navigate to where he could enter the special dimension.
Nie Chang hurriedly clasped his hand. “Are you crazy? You can’t enter your dimension here. You’ll disappear, did you forget already?”
Su Yan pouted. Ah, how mean! He wanted to know what this ticket thingy was about!

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