LWS V4C72 Happily-Married Grandmaster

Nie Chang gulped. He certainly didn’t have ‘The Adventure of the Four Birds’ or this ABO-story in his library but Su Yan would still be angry if he saw the other books he had in there. Not handing over his phone wasn’t an option though. After all, that would make him even more suspicious.
There was no other possibility.
Nie Chang took out his phone, opened the website and logged into his other account. Don’t kid him. He had always feared that Su Yan would someday glance at his phone and accidentally see his username. Even before they had gotten together, he had known very well that he would get hell for reading Su Yan’s stories and a wide variety of BL at the same time. Thus he had very conscientiously put one type in one account’s library and the other type in the other account’s library.
And look at this: Today was finally the day when all his precautions would pay off. Even though he would have to explain a lot anyway, Su Yan at least wouldn’t consider breaking up with him. Thus he wordlessly handed over his phone and waited for his little darling’s judgment.
Su Yan took the phone with narrowed eyes and scrolled through the library. It seemed … there wasn’t even one suspicious book in there.
He blinked. Wait! Those weren’t just non-suspicious books! Those were all his stories and the stories he had recommended! His eyes widened and he scrolled through the library again, making sure that he hadn’t seen wrong. No, this … It was indeed as it had seemed. How strange!
Su Yan furrowed his brows. He would believe that Nie Chang had just opened the library of one of the people following his old novels to dupe him but there even were his two new stories inside this library. And the only one who knew that both accounts were his … was Nie Chang.
With a suspicion in mind, Su Yan scrolled upward and took a look at the profile picture in the corner. It was a weirdly-shaped heart in a ring. The thing seemed strangely familiar as if he had seen it a hundred or even a thousand times already.
His suspicion got even more nagging. He had definitely seen this account around before! But who was it? He clicked on the picture and was instantly dumbfounded.
“Happily-Married Grandmaster is your account?!” He turned to Nie Chang incredulously, not even knowing what to say.
Back when he uploaded his first fanfiction, Happily-Married Grandmaster had been the first person that liked the story and put it into his library. It wasn’t just that story either. For everything he uploaded afterward or every update he posted, the first person to read and like it had always been this Happily-Married Grandmaster.
Nie Chang just smiled wryly in response. He could imagine what was going on in Su Yan’s head right now. “Well, I did say that I read everything you wrote.”
“You did.” Su Yan blinked. Right. There hadn’t been anything Happily-Married Grandmaster didn’t read, even though the guy had almost never said a single thing.
Well, considering the latter … He hadn’t commented on the chapters but he had been pretty harsh when people talked trash about his stories. Gosh! He had never seen anyone with a more poisonous tongue!
Nie Chang tightened his lips. Why had his little darling stopped talking? Don’t tell him this revelation had shocked him that much?
Su Yan actually wasn’t that shocked. He hadn’t expected this but it needed a bit more to make him tongue-tied. No, instead, he was having another, more important revelation: Unexpectedly, Nie Chang was even eviler than he had thought. Woah, now that he thought about it, he had always been very, very gentle when he teased him. Should he be really thankful now?
He considered this option but before he could decide, something else occurred to him. Wait! If Nie Chang was Happily-Married Grandmaster … Then he had let him gush about that reader of his that defended him so vehemently against every attack while he knew full well that it was him all along?!
Su Yan furrowed his brows and glared at his boyfriend. “Bastard! Why did you never tell me? We spoke so often about my stories and the comments I got! Why didn’t you say anything?!”
Nie Chang gulped. Ah, he had known that this would become a problem. “Darling —”
“No! Don’t call me Darling! I want an explanation!”
“That was —”
“Wait! Happily-Married Grandmaster? Happily-Married?! What else did you forget to explain to me?!” Su Yan grabbed Nie Chang’s shirt and shook. Or at least he tried to. The only thing that happened was that the fabric stretched and the buttons were strained dangerously.
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. “Darling, it’s just a username.”
“How is that just a username? You also chose my username and it’s clearly about you! Bastard! I’m going to call my mom!” He wanted to pull out his own phone but Nie Chang grabbed his wrist.
“Ah Yan, my username was also about you. Please, take a moment to think about it. When did you upload your first story?”
“How the hell would I remember something like that?!”
“But you do remember that we were still in school back then, yes? How could I have been married at that time?”
Su Yan stopped struggling and blinked. Eh? That was right. How could Nie Chang have been married back then?
Seeing that his little darling had calmed down a bit, Nie Chang took a sigh of relief. Ah, it seemed the first danger was over. He hurriedly pushed the tandem aside and pulled Su Yan into his arms. “Darling, actually, I was thinking of you when I chose that username back then. You had told me that you were going to upload your very first story and I was already in love with you so I thought … I should support you, as your friend and maybe as your future lover. So I chose a name that suited that purpose. It was something like my wish for our future. So don’t be angry, yes?” He leaned down and kissed his little darling’s cheek.
Su Yan pursed his lips but finally tiptoed and kissed his boyfriend back. Alright, he could probably admit that this was romantic and all. Mn, as expected of his boyfriend.

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