LWS V4C71 I’ll Take a Look Myself

“You should make his boyfriend break up with him! You know when you’ve gone and figured out how to take revenge on that guy from the bar then you should also get back at the guy from the workshop at the same time. After all, if not for him, you might have told me much earlier that you were in love with me. We wouldn’t have needed until Sunday to get together then.”
“Right. We … might have become a couple by Saturday then.” But did that warrant destroying a relationship? Furthermore … “Considering how he reacted to us kissing, I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have a boyfriend.”
Su Yan blinked. “You mean he was jealous because he thought we were a couple already and he’s single?”
Nie Chang bit his lower lip and nodded very, very seriously. Yes. Yes, that guy had definitely been single. It couldn’t be that he was a homophobe who was into women instead. Nah, definitely impossible.
Su Yan pursed his lips. “I guess we can’t have his boyfriend break up with him then. Hmph. We should think of something else.”
Nie Chang sighed and pulled his little darling along again to finally get rid of the tandem that Su Yan didn’t like. It really was in the way now. He couldn’t even hug him without putting it away even though he would have liked to. Hiding his laughter would have been so much easier then. At least, Su Yan wouldn’t be able to see his face.
“Well, he certainly did something nasty but don’t you think he’s pitiful enough already? After all, he’s single while we’ve still become such a great couple despite his effort. Isn’t that payback enough?”
Su Yan considered for a while and finally nodded. “That’s true. Then let’s talk about the list again. What you just explained is obviously what I wrote down as the second point. What’s the new thing you mentioned?”
“Well, it’s not just society as a whole that has expectations, right? Every person has some kind of expectations for their life. So maybe that could also be a reason to break up. After all, what if two people get together but have completely different expectations of their lives? That could prove difficult for their relationship.”
Su Yan once again took some time to ponder his boyfriend’s words. In the end, he nodded again. “I think you’re right.” He raised his phone, tipped on the screen and added a fourth point.
When Nie Chang took a look … He stumbled. “What? Darling, what do you mean ‘house’?”
Su Yan looked up at him and blinked. “Why are you asking? Wasn’t this your idea?”
Nie Chang’s mouth opened and closed a few times. Excuse him, but when had he used the word ‘house’ just now? Hadn’t he been talking about every person’s outlook on life? “Darling …” He shook his head, not even able to form a coherent question.
Su Yan frowned. “You’re so strange today, Ah Chang. It’s obviously what you said just now. But I’ll forgive you on the account that you had a good idea and got us a step closer to our goal.”
“Yes.” Nie Chang nodded and stared at the bullet point again. Should he ask again? But what if his little darling got angry at him? He didn’t want to ruin their date. Spending a nice day together was much more important than understanding whatever Su Yan was trying to sell as an idea for a breakup to the system.
Su Yan noticed that his boyfriend wasn’t completely convinced yet though. Mn, maybe he had fallen harder than he thought. He should keep an eye on him. “Let me explain it to you if it’s so hard to understand: If you had insisted on buying an apartment instead of a house, another person that isn’t such an understanding boyfriend as I might have left you. So if you can’t arrange yourself with buying a house, then that might lead to a breakup.”
“Oh.” Nie Chang nodded but didn’t say anything else. Well, he didn’t even know what he could say. Su Yan’s way of thinking was just too unique.
While he was still stumped for words his little darling had already continued to ponder the issue and noted something else down.
This time, Nie Chang felt like he was sufficiently prepared for any kind of surprise Su Yan could have come up with. When he took a look … he was still floored and his lips twitched. “Darling, what do you mean with ‘taste’? And don’t tell me that I was the one who suggested this because this time I’m sure I didn’t.”
Su Yan frowned. “Why would you be the one who suggested this? It was obviously my own idea!”
“Alright. Then … how did you come up with this? And what does it mean?” It seemed the further down they got on the list, the stranger the ideas got. He was a little afraid of what the tenth point would be now.
“It’s obviously about the taste of the couple. If I imagine I got together with someone and that person turned out to be like the system, then I would definitely leave that person!”
“Like the system?”
“Yes. You know. Someone who is always only thinking of birds.”
“Ah …” Nie Chang’s mouth opened but he didn’t get anything else out. No, he didn’t really know.
Who knew if his expression had been somehow strange but Su Yan stopped walking again and narrowed his eyes. “Ah Chang, be honest with me. That novel with the birds and this one with the male lead that wasn’t really a male lead … You really weren’t the one who put those into my library, were you?”
“No.” Nie Chang hurriedly shook his head. He definitely wouldn’t let his little darling pin this crime onto his head! Wouldn’t he be single then?
Su Yan’s eyes narrowed further. “Are you sure? I remember you telling me that you’ve read BL before.”
“But nothing like that!” Nie Chang tried to look as honest as he could. He definitely wouldn’t admit that he had read worse things.
Unfortunately, his most honest expression didn’t seem to be good enough in this case because a certain someone extended a paw.
“Give me your phone and open the website for me! I’ll take a look myself!”

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