RMN C11 Frightened the Little Rabbit Away

Mei Chao Bing’s hands lifted involuntarily as if hugging this little rabbit to his chest was the normal thing to do. He stopped himself though and his hands remained awkwardly hanging in the air while a certain someone clung to him.
His lips parted. He should say something, shouldn’t he? But what was he to say? Why had his little junior even come? And why was he so flustered? His fingers tugged into Mei Chao Bing’s robe and his frantic heartbeat couldn’t be missed. Something was up.
Well, the first thing should be to calm him down …
Mei Chao Bing hesitated but finally, one of his hands landed on Yun Bei Fen’s head and gently patted him. “There, there. You’re looking as if the sky would come crashing down any moment now. What got you so flustered?”
Yun Bei Fen lifted his head and stared at Mei Chao Bing, spellbound. His senior martial brother didn’t look down at all. Could it be he didn’t know what had happened? It wasn’t impossible. His master hadn’t said anything about that either …
Yun Bei Fen’s eyes teared up and he hugged Mei Chao Bing even tighter, burying his face at his chest. His poor senior martial brother! If there was anything he could do for him …
Yun Bei Fen had no idea that he was already doing that. Mei Chao Bing stroked his back and the last bit of resentment he had felt vanished just like that. Yes, his master was a traitor but he wasn’t. There were still people who cared about him. It might not be many or, no, most likely it was just this person but that was enough.
He bent down and hugged Yun Bei Fen back, startling him. “You probably heard about what happened with my Master. Don’t worry about it. It was his decision, not mine. Whatever happens in the future I’ll just continue to walk on my own path. As for everything else … Well, there is nothing I can do about it if people talk behind my back, saying that I might also have something to do with it. I’ll have to live with it. It’s alright as long as the people close to me know that it isn’t the truth.”
Yun Bei Fen froze and his eyes widened. He didn’t even hear what Mei Chao Bing was saying. He only noticed that something was really wrong. He was … standing in his senior martial brother’s courtyard and his senior martial brother was hugging him! He could clearly feel the muscles of those strong arms and the heat of that chest and the soft sensation of a few strands of hair that were loosely hanging down from his shoulder. The worst was the warmth of his breath caressing his cheek though.
Yun Bei Fen’s face flushed red and his hands that were still tightly clasping the back of Mei Chao Bing’s robe trembled. Eh? What was going on? His knees were suddenly so weak too …
He looked up through his lashes and came face to face with Mei Chao Bing. His senior martial brother had closed his eyes. Despite the thing that had happened he seemed relaxed, almost content.
Yun Bei Fen blinked. He couldn’t help but look at him longer. Mei Chao Bing was … really handsome. Uh, well, he had always been dashing but he had never had the opportunity to observe him from this close. He had only ever looked at him from afar. But now … Yun Bei Fen’s gaze flickered and his hands stopped trembling. He was tried to reach up but held back at the last moment. He couldn’t just touch him, right?
Eh? Yun Bei Fen froze again. Wasn’t he … already hugging him? The tips of his ears also turned red. His lips parted but the apology got stuck in his throat. Maybe his senior martial brother hadn’t noticed yet? He could slowly let go and then … then …
Mei Chao Bing’s eyes cracked open when he didn’t get any response. What he saw … was a little rabbit that was even more frightened than usual. Unlike the other times they had seen each other, Yun Bei Fen was staring straight at him though. His dark eyes were opened wide, his lips slightly parted as if he had wanted to say something but couldn’t decide on what that something should be. The most notable was the blush across his face though.
Mei Chao Bing’s lips curved up unknowingly. Could it be his cute little junior … was running away from him because he was getting shy when they saw each other? Was he afraid of being rejected? Ah, he didn’t have to worry about that!
Mei Chao Bing carefully grabbed Yun Bei Fen’s neck and leaned down. He might not know this little rabbit very well but he liked him. He had always felt warm when he met him. Now that he had finally figured it out, why shouldn’t he show him that his feelings were being reciprocated?
Their lips met and Mei Chao Bing’s eyes closed once more. Mn … How sweet this was. A disaster had happened but surprisingly it led to something this beautiful. That wasn’t too bad. Heaven was fair, balancing good and bad in such a way.
Yun Bei Fen stared up with widened eyes, one question mark after the other popping into his head. Senior martial brother Mei … hugged him? And … kissed him?! What had only been a light blush before darkened at this realization. Ah! Senior martial brother Mei was kissing him! Uh … Uh … What should he do?! He froze again, all thoughts in his head coming to a stop.
At that moment, Mei Chao Bing hugged him closer and his grasp on Yun Bei Fen’s neck tightened. His lips left Yun Bei Fen’s for a moment and he couldn’t help but mutter his name. “Yun Bei Fen …” Then he leaned down once more and kissed him again, his heart beating wildly. His person. His most important person. He wouldn’t let go of him ever again.
Unfortunately, his voice finally pulled Yun Bei Fen out of his stupor. Ah, his senior martial brother had kissed him! What would he think of him now?! He couldn’t let this happen!
As quick as lightning, Yun Bei Fen slipped out of Mei Chao Bing’s grasp. Then he ran away.

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