LWS V4C51 Isn’t This a Date?

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[From sweet to spicy, from vanilla to kinky. — A bl novel can come in many variations in regard to the degree of explicitness.
Deciding which way to go with your own novel might depend on your own preferences just as much as it could be influenced by the kind of characters you’ve planned. You might also want to take into consideration the kind of story you’ve written. Some element of the plot might make a certain degree of explicitness necessary.]
Su Yan grinned from one ear to the other. So this meant that he had finally finished with that stupid novel?! Ah! Life was beautiful! Su Yan plopped to the side. Nie Chang let go of his phone and hurriedly caught him.
“What happened?” Nie Chang worriedly bent down and tried to see if anything was wrong.
In response, he got a big grin and a pair of claws clutched his cheeks. “I love you! Give me a kiss!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. So this was just the happiness about finishing that task? Well, Su Yan had hated that novel … Nie Chang sighed and indeed leaned down to give Su Yan a kiss. “Satisfied?”
“No!” Su Yan clung to his neck and pulled him down again. “Give me another one!”
“Mn.” Nie Chang hugged him back and did as he was told. “So, what happened?”
“I finally finished the stupid task! Isn’t that great?! I’m so happy right now!”
“Mn. That’s certainly great. You must have read the rest of the novel really fast.”
Su Yan got up again and grinned like a fox. “Actually, I didn’t. I just skipped to the end and the system even counted it. Ah, I’m so lucky!”
“Then do we continue with our date now?”
Su Yan widened his eyes. “How could that be? I have to find out what the next task is at the very least!”
“Alright, then.”
Su Yan hugged him once again before lying down on his lap. He didn’t look at his phone though and instead watched the clouds drift along above them. “Eh, Ah Chang, isn’t this also like a date?”
“Look, we’re lying on the lawn and the sun is shining and there are fluffy clouds above us … That’s totally a date!”
Nie Chang also looked up at the sky and smiled. “Well, I guess that’s true.” He patted Su Yan’s head and nodded to his phone. “You should still look at your task. The sooner you finish, the sooner we can resume our real date.”
“Hmph.” Su Yan snorted. “I just said this is also a real date. Why won’t you believe me? I’m sure I’ve seen something like this in some movie before.”
“In that movie you watched … Was the female lead also looking at her phone?”
“Of course not.” Su Yan frowned. What was Nie Chang even talking about?
Nie Chang poked his nose. “Then how come you think it’s acceptable if you do so on our date?”
“You’re being ridiculous. I’m not the female lead in a movie. First of all, I’m not female, and this isn’t a movie anyway.”
Nie Chang really had trouble not to laugh out loud. Who was the one who had stated that this was a date based on what he had seen in a movie? But he was afraid he would regret it if he did indeed laugh. “Of course, this isn’t a movie. But I’m your boyfriend. Doesn’t that count?”
“Hm …” Su Yan lifted his phone and clicked for the next task. He definitely wouldn’t argue with Nie Chang. He wasn’t stupid, after all. It was obvious Nie Chang would win if he did. Thus he just ignored the question and read the first part of the next task.
[Not only the degree of explicitness varies from novel to novel. Another big distinction is made by the set-up of the novel. Especially the time in which it is set will have a large influence on what is possible within the plot.
Generally, a story could be set in the past, the present or the future. Of course, you as the author could limit the time frame even more and let the novel take place in a specific century or maybe even year.
The stories you’ve written so far are judged to be set in ancient times while your own life could be used as a reference to novels set in the present.
To get a feel for novels that deal with happenings in the future you should read at least one story as an example. While reading pay special attention to the differences between a futuristic and a contemporary or historical story.
Hint: To add a novel that fits the requirements to the library of your account Lao Gong Says I’m The Best click on the help button.]
Su Yan tightened his lips but still clicked on the help button. Ah, he really hoped that the example this time wouldn’t be as shitty as the last time! Just when the website started to load Su Yan had a sudden insight.
His eyes started to sparkle and he looked up at Nie Chang, his lips curving into a smile. “Ah Chang, did you just say that this isn’t a very good date?”
Nie Chang’s brows raised. He somehow felt that it would be wrong regardless of how he answered. “Uh … It’s a little unusual.”
Su Yan grinned only wider. “Then how about doing something really, really romantic?”
“I guess I don’t have a say in this?”
Su Yan sat up and cupped his cheeks again. “Ah, how can you say that? We’re only going to do it if you say you want it!” To make sure that Nie Chang didn’t feel coerced Su Yan even took the pain to lean forward and give him a smack on the lips. “What about it?”
Nie Chang sighed. “Alright. What am I supposed to do?”
A phone was shoved into his face. “Read me a story!” And then a happy little cat rolled up on his lap again.

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