LWS V4C50 Don’t You Think It’s Too Much?

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“Hm …” Su Yan pursed his lips. Nie Chang was so optimistic, he probably shouldn’t worry too much.
But even if Nie Chang was able to earn the money they needed, he still felt that he should do his part. After all, he wasn’t a woman that could just let her husband take care of everything. As a man, he should also pay for his house!
Mn. Su Yan nodded to himself. Actually, earning enough money through writing was the way to go. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be doing his part, would it? He was working at Nie Chang’s repair shop, after all. It would just be Nie Chang giving him money that he could put in their shared pot of money afterward. So in the end, Nie Chang still would have been the one to pay for the house. He definitely couldn’t let that happen!
Su Yan stared at his phone as if he could hypnotize the system into giving up the secret of how to earn money by writing this way. Unfortunately for him, the system didn’t seem like it wanted to help. It just continued to show him the front page with the same tasks as before.
“Hm …” Su Yan frowned.
This was illogical. The system might have a questionable taste but it had always helped him to improve. And letting him know how to earn money should be a kind of help, shouldn’t it? So why wasn’t there even a hint of how to do that?
Nie Chang leaned back and looked up at the sky. He wanted to tell Su Yan that there was no need to worry about this but he knew it wouldn’t help. Just looking at Su Yan’s face it was obvious he had already made up his mind. “Maybe it will only tell you when you’ve learned enough about writing? After all, earning money should only come after you’ve managed to learn your job.”
Su Yan perked up. “Yes! Right! Why didn’t I think of this?! I’m still in the third level so it’s really not that strange that it won’t tell me how.” He turned the phone around to Nie Chang and pointed at the system. “Ah Chang, what do you think I should do to get to the next level as fast as possible? There are different types of tasks but I’ve already done so much and I still haven’t gotten enough points.” He pouted. Wasn’t this too mean? He had really worked hard!
Nie Chang patted his head and took the phone from him. He first took a look at what kind of tasks there were and then looked for Su Yan’s current score was. Seeing the result … He suppressed a sigh so as to not make Su Yan feel even more miserable and searched for an abstract of the experience points Su Yan had gotten for each of the tasks. He didn’t need to look for long. Scrolling down to the tasks Su Yan had done before …
“I’d say the most experience points are given for the main task. Practice tasks come in second and the last one would be the rewards for reaching certain stats.”
Su Yan stared at him his features twisting slowly. “So all that practicing yesterday didn’t have any use at all?”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched and he handed the phone back to Su Yan. “I didn’t say that. I merely said it doesn’t give you as many points as the main task does.”
“Isn’t that the same?”
“How could that be? Practice tasks probably won’t take as much time as the main task does. For example, reading that novel is part of the main task. How long would you need for that? It’s definitely much longer than any practice task, right?”
Su Yan blinked. “Right! That novel! I’ll just have to finish reading it!” He lifted his phone to go to the website but Nie Chang covered it with his hand.
“Darling, did you forget that we’re on a date right now? I don’t mind talking about our future house and pet but reading a novel you don’t even like is a bit too much, don’t you think so?”
Su Yan pouted. “How can you say that? I’m doing this for us so we won’t only talk about our house and our dog but can actually get them. Can’t you be a little more understanding?”
Nie Chang sighed and leaned down, cupping Su Yan’s cheeks. “What am I going to do with you?” He closed his eyes and leaned down and kissed him. Ah, he really didn’t want to give in but this gaze … He was helpless against it. “Well, we wanted to take a break anyway, didn’t we? Then read a bit. I’ll take a look where we can get rid of the tandem, alright?”
“Mn!” Su Yan beamed and rewarded him with another kiss. Ah, his boyfriend really was the best! “Don’t worry, Ah Chang. I’ll finish this really soon and then we’ll be one step closer to our house. And after we get it we can spend every single minute together. I promise you’ll love it!”
Nie Chang laughed and ruffled his hair. “Alright, alright. Start reading already or we’ll never get that house.”
Su Yan nodded eagerly and really opened the website this time. The way the corners of his lips stayed curled up made Nie Chang a little wary though. Just what was his little darling up to? This didn’t look as if he wanted to read at all?
He stopped with his own phone in hand and watched as Su Yan opened the novel about the four birds and … scrolled down chapter after chapter until the website displayed a notification that he had reached the end.
Su Yan very decisively clicked the request to like the novel away and closed the website. Then he opened the system again and stared at the front page unblinking.
Please tell him that it had worked! He couldn’t continue to read that shitty novel! Never mind that he needed to get to the next level fast so he could move in with Nie Chang he also didn’t like it one bit.
Thankfully, the system seemed to have heard his prayers this time. It actually checked the task and displayed the appropriate message when he clicked on it.

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