LWS V4C49 Don’t Talk about That in Public

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Nie Chang cleared his throat. It probably wouldn’t get as bad as he imagined, would it? Well, he’d see about it. If Su Yan really tried to curl up in his own room, he’d find a way to get him out of there. In the worst case, he’d just bribe him with food. But Su Yan probably wouldn’t be as bad as that. After all, there was much more room in a house. He would certainly want to explore everything and would then start to slowly occupy every nook and cranny. He just was like that. Mn, come to think of it …
“So if we have a big house, how about getting a pet?”
“A pet?”
“Mn. Yes. How about a cat?” Nie Chang couldn’t help but reach over and pull at Su Yan’s sweater. This really reminded him of the one they had brought on Monday. Wasn’t there a fat cat on it too?
“A cat?” Su Yan’s expression twisted. “No! I don’t want one! If anything, we should get a dog.”
“Why that?” They had never talked about this but he would have thought Su Yan liked cats. But this attitude …
“Cats are stupid. They never listen. Having a dog is much better. You could even teach him to bring you stuff.”
“Oh. I see.” Nie Chang looked in the other direction to hide his grin. Well, upon closer thought his little darling was a lot like a kitten. Naturally, he wouldn’t want another cat in his home. He’d much rather have a pet that would understand that he was the most important person in the house and treat him accordingly. Mn, it would probably be fun to watch Su Yan with a dog. “Then do you know what kind of dog you’d like to have?”
Su Yan raised his chin and curled his lips in a satisfied smile. “Of course.”
Su Yan’s smile turned into a triumphant grin. “Naturally, I want a big one!”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Are you trying to tease me?”
Su Yan grabbed his arm and snuggled up to his side. “Aw, how could that be? I love you so much! I would never get any strange ideas. I really want a big dog. How about a white one? I think that would look cute.”
“Sounds as if we’d have to bathe him every few days.”
Su Yan blinked. Bath a dog? That couldn’t be too hard, could it?
Nie Chang just sighed when he saw his expression. There was no use in telling him this. If Su Yan wanted a big, white dog for their big house, then he’d get one anyway. “I guess we should try to find a house first.”
“So we’re going home now?” Su Yan’s eyes seemed to sparkle as if he really couldn’t wait to pick out a house.
Nie Chang ruffled his hair again. “I thought we wanted to do that after we’ve had sex or —”
A hand clasped shut over his mouth and muffled the final words. Nie Chang raised his brows but didn’t get an answer. His little darling looked around stealthily. Only when he had observed all directions did he lower his hand and turn back to him to glare at him with reproach. “How can you just say that in public?”
Nie Chang’s brows rose. Hadn’t they talked about this in public before? It didn’t seem like such a big deal. But, well, if his darling insisted … “Alright. Then I thought we’d only look for a house after doing that super secret thing we can’t talk about in public on Friday.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. Why did he feel as if he had been tricked even though Nie Chang had done exactly what he wanted?
His boyfriend didn’t give him the time to ponder the issue any longer. “I don’t think it would make sense to look for the house no anyway. After all, just as you said we don’t really have the money yet. Or at least we don’t know how much capital we have that we could use for it. We should take our time to calculate things. And when we’ve done that we can go and look for houses.”
Su Yan nodded. “If you say it like that, it sounds logical. Well, I guess that also gives me time to find out how to make money from writing.”
Nie Chang sighed. So Su Yan hadn’t forgotten about that. He probably should have expected that. “Well, if it’s possible, then your system will probably tell you how to do it.”
“Eh? That’s right! Isn’t that what the system is about in the first place? I am supposed to become a real author if I follow everything it says, right?”
“I guess so.”
“Great! Let’s sit down!” Su Yan grabbed Nie Chang’s hand and pulled him to the side of the path.
They weren’t the only ones sitting on the grass although there were fewer people than normal. Su Yan didn’t care about them anyway. He slipped his hand into Nie Chang’s pocket and fished around for his phone before sitting down cross-legged. Nie Chang raised his brows but in the end, he just put the tandem to the side and sat down beside him.
“What are you doing?”
“Searching for a way to earn money, of course! It should be somewhere in here, right?” He clicked around but his initial fervor soon diminished. Why was there no hint at all? There was the information about his level, the information on the normal, the special, and the practice tasks and the writing stats but nowhere was anything about money to be found.
Su Yan turned around to Nie Chang was furrowed brows. “Ah Chang, don’t tell me it isn’t possible to earn through writing after all. Then how will we ever get enough money to buy a big house?”
Nie Chang chuckled and kissed his temple. “Don’t worry about that. We’ll find a way to get the house you want. In the worst case, I’ll just code some timers more.”

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