OMF V5C49 Let’s Talk About That Outside

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Leng Jin Yu almost fell down. What did he mean after he used him?! He really wanted to turn around and ask but as things stood that would make matters worse. The looks on the other two men’s faces were already as ugly as they could get. Leng Jin Yu hurriedly tugged at his sleeve but Jinde held onto it with a death grip.
Don’t think I’ll let you get away! You owe me for all the years with that woman! And what about the time you left me alone? Make up for it, damn it!
Leng Jin Yu’s expression darkened. Great, just great. Now, what was he supposed to do? He looked from his Master to Grandmaster Zhangsun and finally to the pale fingers clutching his sleeve. Alright, he had to clear this up now or the situation would get even messier. And with how things had gone until now it would probably be better if he did so while Jinde was not next to him. After all, he tended to have trouble concentrating when he was. That couldn’t happen in such a situation!
Leng Jin Yu lifted his other hand and took a dagger out from his spatial ring. He turned around and carefully cut off the part of his sleeve that Jinde was clutching. Then he got up in a swift motion and walked over to his Master and Grandmaster Zhangsun. He cupped his fists and bowed. “I’m sorry for making Master and the Grandmaster wait.”
“That …” Yuchi Bing Xia stared at the bed where a certain golden-haired beautiful god was lying in a way that very obviously screamed ‘something happened here’. That long hair was scattered everywhere, that robe was ripped at his shoulder and the creamy skin could be seen through the tear. If you wanted him to believe that nothing ambiguous had been going on here … you really needed to think he was an idiot.
He still couldn’t help but hope that there was a good explanation for everything. After all, it was his favorite disciple they were talking about here. He turned to look at Leng Jin Yu but didn’t say anything. He really didn’t know how to word this. What kind of question should he ask?
“It’s really not what it looks like!”
Zhangsun Xun Yi looked from Leng Jin Yu’s face to the dagger in his hand and finally to the piece of fabric that Jinde was still clutching. “Which is why you cut your sleeve.”
Leng Jin Yu tensed. Ah … Heavens! What had he done? He just hadn’t wanted to wake Jinde up because … well, it wouldn’t be a good idea. But now the Grandmaster had misunderstood even more. There was no way he could explain this anymore!
Yuchi Bing Xia blinked and also turned to look at the fabric in Jinde’s hand. “Cut his sleeve …” He couldn’t help but repeat the words. Wait … Didn’t this mean … he was in that kind of relationship with the beautiful god? But … Yuchi Bing Xia’s eyes widened. “You only met each other yesterday!”
Leng Jin Yu winced. “Master, please let’s discuss this outside …”
Zhangsun Xun Yi indeed turned away and stepped back into the corridor outside. He didn’t care where they talked about this. Actually, he didn’t even care if they talked about it. After all, it wasn’t like this was his matter.
He had brought that person to the Yun Zou Sect back then because he could provide him with the place he needed to rest and because that man could add another layer of protection to their sect. It had been a deal beneficial to both sides and one with clear boundaries.
He admired that man for his strength as it was considered normal and he felt that the other also had good feelings for him but they weren’t very familiar and he definitely wouldn’t get involved in his private matters. He didn’t mind listening to them if he wanted to talk about it but he wouldn’t pry into it if the other didn’t want to divulge them.
The only thing he was slightly curious about was just what made that Yu Jin so charming. First, he had managed to wrest the fiance out of his disciple’s hands and now he had even managed to spend a night with this man, even making him call out for him like this in the morning. This really was astonishing.
Yuchi Bing Xia was thinking completely different. Fuck! First, his disciple didn’t listen to him when he said he shouldn’t get close to the beautiful god. Not only that Yu Jin had even spent the night with him. And then he actually had the guts to cut off his sleeve in front of him and the Grandmaster and ask them to step out so as to not wake up his lover! Was this a rebellious phase or something?! How could he just do the complete opposite of what he had promised yesterday?!
As much as Yuchi Bing Xia raged inwardly he could hardly stay in the room and erupt if even the Grandmaster stepped out politely. Furthermore … even though Yu Jin had disobeyed him and deserved punishment he could hardly take care of that now while the beautiful god was sleeping in the same room. Wouldn’t he wake him up then? Who could bear to do so?
Yuchi Bing Xia stopped right behind the door when that thought crossed his mind. Uh … It seemed he couldn’t put all the blame on his disciple’s head. Part of that was only because the beautiful god just had such an effect.
Leng Jin Yu closed the door behind him, taking a last look at Jinde who seemed to have fallen asleep again. He sighed lightly and motioned to the other side of the corridor. “Why don’t we go into the study? Maybe Master and the Grandmaster would like a cup of tea?”
Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded and followed his invitation. Yuchi Bing Xia murmured another curse but still went on his way. Leng Jin Yu sighed. It seemed it wouldn’t be easy to calm down his Master. He shook his head and followed the two of them into the study. Or rather he followed them until the door because they had both stopped in their tracks there.
Leng Jin Yu blinked and took a glance at the study. His ears flushed in shame. Oh, damn. He had completely forgotten about that. That frivolous painting of Jinde was still lying on the table.

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